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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

561-580 of 1249 Results

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P. Marshall

February 28, 2019

Amazing sound and easy to use

Amazing sound, easy to use platform. The plugins that it comes with are outstanding. Such a huge game changer for my home studio. I love all the videos and easy to access information on the products and plugins.

A. Araujo Cunha

February 26, 2019

My Point Of View (Apollo Twin)

Well, lets begin with the pros, I like the versatility of that unit, very easy to use, nice and beautiful controls, buttons, etc...this is a very nice peace of gear; Tracking become more easier and musician monitoring too using the virtual buses; Those Unison Preamps are really awesome, I like them a lot just need to run more tests and see whats the best for each situation...Im not expert on that yet and finally the only thing I don`t like is the temperature the unit reaches when plugins are loaded, I know it`s because of the sharc chips working but it really get hot a lot...I recommend to anyone this unit. It works like a charm as our friend Fab Dupont said it`s "bananas". No regrets for purchasing it. I should have done that many year ago...truth!

D. Denis

February 26, 2019


Cool sound card

A. Aghamohammad

February 25, 2019

Magic Box

Are you looking for Quality? Turn apollo on and go ahead...

P. Cassidy

February 24, 2019

Quality is there with one catch

No doubt that the quality of preamps and conversion is there but the limitations of the SHARC chips is hard to believe in 2019. Even the most CPU/RAM hungry native plugins can be stacked multiple times over on a base level i7 with 8gb of RAM, so why bother with limitations of the SHARC chips? Everyone is on the emulation bandwagon and many companies have their own method of creating a “perfect” emulation. Some better than others, and many are just as spot on as the UAD stuff. On the manufacturers side of things, I get it. Set yourself apart and create a lucrative world of recording hardware and software that is entirely contained. Once a customer commits to the hardware, the rabbit hole opens. From a customer standpoint, there are countless other ways to better spend the thousands it costs to be a part of the UAD world. A quality interface and a new Mac Mini with some dough for plugins will get you much further than an Apollo Twin MKII

A. Perez

February 23, 2019

It’s great

I’ve had every Apollo Twin MkII and the best by far is the quad version you won’t realize it until you hit that wall of not enough dsp but with the quad you should have enough for most projects it’s awesome!

b. berkovic

February 22, 2019

Apollo Twin MK II quad,great interface

Absolutely great interface,I have in my arsenal 2 PCI x card and one satellite firewire, all together function perfect with iMac 2017 of course OWC thunderbolt 3, 13 dock give me possibilities for my 3 old RME 800 and all together work like super family, of course cause MK II more plugins power, and practical for moving around with my MBP,excelent sounding interface.Thank you UAD

W. Feliciano

February 20, 2019

Amazing hardware

I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied about an Interface with the sound AUD has given us who love a clean and prestine sound.

C. Nichols

February 17, 2019

The One!!!!

Simply put the greatest audio interface I've ever used' elegant and stylish superb sounds and features and will last me a very long time' it's gonna help me spend more time creating music and less time scratching my head' worth every single penny.

T. Bowman

February 16, 2019

If you're on the fence, PLEASE READ!!! --- [Learn from my mistakes]

I have been writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering for almost a decade. One of the first things I bought for my home studio was an Apogee Duet 2, when it was first released 8 years ago. Between other studios and my own, I have used/experienced countless pieces of analog gear, as well as nearly every popular 3rd-party plugin on the market. Some good, some bad. I'll get back to that in a second.

A few years ago, someone told me about the Apollo Twin. But since I already had the Duet, I wrote it off as an unnecessary expense, and honestly didn't even give it a second thought until last year. For whatever reason, it came onto my radar, and I decided to do a little digging. I was not only impressed by the surface-level differences between the Twin and almost ALL other desktop interfaces on the market (ie. build quality, I/O's, esthetics, Thunderbolt vs. USB, etc.), but was fascinated by the idea of "true analog modeling" and dedicated processing power that UA was utilizing.

For years I was using a Mac Mini that would overload DAILY in Logic Pro. If you have ever experienced CPU issues within a DAW, then you know there is nothing more annoying and disruptive to your workflow. After reaching my breaking point (about 2 years ago), I decided to go all out and upgrade to a "fully loaded" Mac Pro, numerous external hard drives and SSDs. And while most of my CPU issues dissipated, guess what, not all of them.

Which brings me to the Apollo Twin (& the whole UAD-2 infrastructure). I'm not going to sit here and tell you that this is the be-all and end-all of audio interfaces. And while I still don't think the UAD Plugins are an EXACT match to their analog counterparts (that cost 10-15x more), I do believe, they far exceed nearly ALL other plugins/emulations. Not to mention the quality of the preamps, and features like talk-back, dim, etc. that really help it shine. Thus, in this price range, I believe the Apollo Twin, is THE BEST audio interface, hands down. I definitely recommend the QUAD, you'll thank me later.


REMEMBER THIS!!! You're never going to totally eliminate all of your processing woes. Just like you're never going to find that perfect piece of analog gear, or that one plugin that changes everything. A lot of musicians/engineers share this common misconception, and in turn, waste a lot of money, and more importantly, time, trying to figure it out.

My #1 piece of advice to all musicians/engineers, is to spend less time focusing on what you don't have, or what you think you "need" to succeed, and more time on what matters most; Making Music. "Continuous Improvement is better than delayed perfection." - Mark Twain.

A. Shearer

February 16, 2019

Apollo Twin MKII Duo

Can't recommend this more. Built to perfection like a small tank on my desk.The sound is magic. My only regret is that I didn't get this sooner for my home set up. Amazing!

F. Ståhl

February 15, 2019

Intuitive & functional

Love the little details, such as mono, dim mute... Its easy to navigate and the feeling is very hands on.

a. crotti

February 14, 2019


an improvement , before i had a solo focusrite.
very professional sound quality with my Neumann mic
now you can tell the differences between mics

M. Standley

February 13, 2019

Apollo Twin MkII Quad

I decided to simplify my setup. I had an RME Fireface & wanted to go for a great 2 in 2 out interface & ditch the firewire protocol. The more I read about the Apollo Twin, the more sense it made. Solidly built desktop unit with monitor control right there. But there was more. Mono, mute, talkback, dim. All there. Input controls at the touch of a button. ADAT in, alternate outs. This was looking perfect for me. Then I started to discover the UAD plugins and how many of them interact with the mic/line inputs. I thought I was getting myself a great interface and have realized I have embarked on a journey of sonic bliss. This interface and the system as a whole, is a revelation. I am having so much fun and my creativity is on fire. The UAD plugins are a revolution in audio production that quite simply has me hooked. Everything is rock solid and UA are a company that communicates well in the short time I have been on board. The product information, the forums, it has all left me highly impressed. I can even expand with a satellite, so no fear my Twin Quad will feel outdated soon.
The plugins I predict may keep me broke but UA seem super generous with sales & vouchers and it all seems a bargain compared to the hardware. What a time we live in!
In short, the single best equipment I bought for my studio. Thanks UA.
Happy customer.

I. de la Riega

February 10, 2019

BEST 2 channel interface around

I had the original, and now LOVE the mkII. In the future please add octo and the possibility to bypass the pre amps and it would be the PERFECT small interface in the market.

G. Shanahan

February 10, 2019

Best thing I did for my home studio

Hard to recommend this more. Every producer in LA has one, even songwriters pick these up for good measure.

D. Lutz

February 9, 2019

From great to greater!

Had the Apollo 8 Quad before, now downsized to the Twin MkII Quad. Downsize? Only in space! The all time best 610B, LA-2A or 1176 & Pultec make recordings, voices and guitars sound natural and strong. Thank you UAD-Crew!

A. Cruz

February 8, 2019

exactly what I expected !

I make tracks now for like 2 years, now I decided to upgrade my equipment an bought this incredible audio Interface from Universal Audio and I'm more than impressed.
the quality is just precious and It increase the quality of my songs, with the realtime plugins it makes a lot of fun to record stuff and get creative and get some new inspiration.
Great product and definitely worth the money!

M. Bendaoued

February 6, 2019

My Production is now 100 Magical

Amazing piece of hardware and software , works like magic! The sound is magic!
Thank you UAD!

e. mcmahon

February 3, 2019


Slowly starting to migrate from a protools hd/tdm system. Actually shopping for the 16 today!!

561-580 of 1249 Results