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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

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t. xing

July 29, 2017

Very nice

The sound quality is excellent and the use is stable.

A. Stepanian

July 29, 2017

mute button

I wish there was a mute button for the line and mic input so when you want to take the 1/4 inch jack out of the guitar it would not pop in you headphones otherwise it is an amazing unit.

J. Ramström

July 28, 2017

Apollo twin MK II quad - Wow!!!

I bought The Apollo twin quad. The resolution is great. I've been using apogee duet 2 in my home studio before. The Apollo is definitely a level up! I dived in with a massive mix starting to use the plugins i've received and also bought the new SSL compressor (OMFG it is so amazingly good), the AMPEX 102, Neve 1073, Massive passive, 1176 collection and LA2. Oh the 610s are amazing too. I have just been using this system for a couple of days now but i think for me this is a game changer. The transparency of the plugins is exactly what i've been missing for all this time. I've worked as a producer and songwriter for 20years now and finally I can compare the in box mixing with the real world.. It's awesome! So is everything happy smiles? NO.. The problem is that after applying plugins to my mix i run out of processor power..... VERY frustrating.. I could do with and endorsement with 4 octo TB satellites. :D To sum everything up - What ever you do, don't go buying anything else than Universal audio. You will regret it ;) Go for UAD and start with some essential plugin you need.. My next will probably be the EMT 140. Life is good! Cheers / Johan Ramström, co-founder Dist Sthlm & RamPac

M. Kemaloglu

July 28, 2017


beautiful design, perfect sound, everything is amazing but why no midi input?

T. Braun

July 26, 2017

The best sounding audio interference

Just amazing. The only fear i have with it it's the's very hot after a few minutes

A. Trevor-Warren

July 26, 2017

The old guy learning curve

The old guy learning curve is rather steep. I've had this device for 3 weeks now and with a lot of help from UAD tech support folks, just got to record a track. Once all the right buttons were selected thing went smoothly. Initial setup was easy, but communication with the DAW was daunting. Playback was also difficult, until I was directed to select the correct button. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can hear what is going to be recorded, e.g., the guitar amp selected. I can only hear what it sounds like in playback. I want to know before hand what it sounds like. Do you feel me? As the kids say... There is a whole bunch of good stuff inside this little box. Accessing those sounds might not be that easy for somebody like me

A. jafarian

July 26, 2017

Something Normal !

Hardware design is very good. Plug-ins are too much expensive. Hardware preamp is not Acceptable in compare some other Competitors like Appogee. Zero latency is pleasure ! Price to quality balance is not very acceptable as this is not a cheap Soundcard. Compatibility with all DAW is Excellent.

A. Boulton

July 24, 2017

Great sound quality

The promise of running multiple plug ins without taxing my Macs processor was very appealing but in practice the DSP overload hits in with the channel strip and compression plug ins running on just a few channels. Enough heat comes from it to fry an egg and plug ins are expensive. Sound quality is excellent, console app is great and the almost Zero latency monitoring is very good obviously. Tech support has been good so far and it's a very robust unit. Does that justify the hefty price tag plus the cost of the plug ins? In my honest opinion it's overpriced you will have to decide yourself.

D. Roark

July 23, 2017

The only thing you need

I compared the API 1608 with the API Unison Mic Pres and evwrything was the same. The stock amplifiers are fantastic. Gave my midi bass some life. If you buy it, you won't be disappointed. If you don't get it, you're missing out.

d. barlow

July 21, 2017

Well Crafted

I've been through many interfaces in my home studio, but I can say without reservation, that this has been my favorite so far. I say so far because I haven't put it through all the paces yet. Right now I'm using it primarily for mixing, so I haven't recorded into it yet.

The build is excellent. When you touch the unit, it has all the right little things. It's sturdy, has a smooth matte finish, and a sleek design. The buttons have a satisfying click, the knob moves smoothly, and it has a very small footprint. Not the smallest in the market, but considering the chips inside, this is quite small.

The control center is fairly easy to use. It took me a minute to figure out how to record where the effects print, but we're talking a literal minute. The engineers of the unit and the software have clearly sweat the small stuff, which is good to know.

The unit heats up, something I've not seen people write about. I do not leave it on if I'm not working on a session. If it's using enough power to get warm, I don't want to waste unneeded electricity.

I've only had one issue with it loading up, but I turned the unit and the computer off and started them up, unit first and then mac, and that took care of that issue.

If I had to point out any negative, it would be the support. Don't get me wrong it's fine support, but the phone support hours are limited, since I work on mixes during the evenings, and the email support and take a little time. However, they do follow up and they are very knowledgeable and nice--I should note as well, that this is not uncommon in audio. Support is usually an issue.

Overall, I'm very glad I purchased this unit. It sounds great. The plug ins sound close to authentic and I've already mixed two LPs on the unit.

Well done, UA.

H. Hansson

July 21, 2017

Superb quality, expensive plugins.

Superb quality, expensive plugins.

A. Rankin

July 20, 2017


nothing compares

R. Meacham

July 19, 2017

Very Satisfied

A top tier professional grade interface in a portable form factor, phenomenal AD/DA, fantastic preamps, intuitive stylish software, no bugs, easy setup, and it looks great. Home run for UA. My one concern is that it runs hot but if that's the extent of my problems I'd call it a win.

F. Marcheggiani

July 19, 2017

Pretty Little Monster!!!

Simply the synthesis og perfection! Powerfull and portable, with the whole UAD bundle, I can mix my stuff everywhere with NO compromise.
Thanx God and thanx UAD

d. Martinez

July 17, 2017

Thank you guys I'm really enjoying

Simply amazing

N. Madsen

July 13, 2017

luv it

it is an amazing addition to any setup!

D. Keown

July 12, 2017

Fire, bad! Apollo, good!

There are so many great features with my new Apollo twin duo MkII, I don't know where to begin.

T. Stenkjær

July 12, 2017

Great update for an already awesome interface

Been using the MK I for a couple of years, and it's always been stable, great sounding and easy to use. The monitor switch functionality and quad processing of the MK II provided enough compelling reasons to make the switch. Converters sound stellar, and so far it's every bit as stable as the MK I.

J. Stringer

July 10, 2017

Apollo twin MkII

I love this new Apollo. it sounds good and look good

J. Chapman

July 10, 2017

Apollo Twin MKII

Excellent interface, outstanding sound and ease of use, and incredible plug-ins...5 stars in every way!

1061-1080 of 1249 Results