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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

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March 24, 2017

Had a problem right out of the box

I received the unit and started using only the LEFT channel for a few days to test it out. Everything worked great. When I tried the RIGHT channel, there was a consistent 500Hz ringing in the channel at about -18db - very noticeable. So now I without a unit for about 3 weeks while contacting tech support for 4 hours, and then eventually sending it back to the retailer. I am still waiting for a replacement to arrive.

M. Rosenqvist

March 24, 2017

Apollo Twin Duo MKII!

Very good sound, nice layout and perfect to have some more channels, DSP and functions to my Apollo 8 Quad.

K. Todorov

March 23, 2017

Apollo Twin mkII

This is my second Apollo. It sounds a lot better than the first generation Apollos. Perfect integration between them! I love talkback function!

Z. Tayne

March 22, 2017

Apollo Twin MkII

Apollo Twin MkII enjoying the flexibility saving a lot of time through the mixes a bit underwhelming at times feel like I need more functions.

M. Vancraeyenest

March 22, 2017

Pro DSP DEVICE !!! Service is exceptionally professional !!!

This is my first UA purchase and I am very pleased. The Apollo 8P is an excellent audio DSP interface. The audio quality is excellent. Having a quad on-board DSP and a close to zero-latency effects applied to audio inputs on the fly (for plugins that support this) is fantastic.
Just starting a few trials with plugins and the sound is top shelf and really opens up possibilities to be creative.
This interface works perfectly with my MacPro using the Thunderbolt connections.
Just missing a second Thunderbolt connector on the Apollo Twin MkII quad. But there service is exceptionally professional !!!

J. Barnes

March 21, 2017

Great Product

Really took my mixes to the next level. Overall I'm very happy that I purchased this.

Only issues that I have ran in to so far are the processing power and the thunderbolt port. The processor I got was the Quad and it still runs out of power very quickly. I was hoping for more power. It only has one thunderbolt with no way to run a series so I lost the use of all other thunderbolt products when using this device. I was using thunderbolt for my display so It really caused and issue for me. I found a work around with a USB to HDMI box.

D. Butler

March 20, 2017

Death of the Big Knob

The MKII, with the added monitoring features. Its without a doubt the best investment anyone getting started in music can make. Added the UA plugins and you become boss of your own destiny. My Big Knob is unemployed.

A. Holovatyy

March 18, 2017

Great sound!!!

Thanks UA. Fantastic sound!!!

d. burnley

March 17, 2017


Stellar product

c. minwoo

March 17, 2017



D. Gallant

March 15, 2017

UAD Brilliance!

I've been using UAD since 2000. I was a beta tester (without knowing it) before the official VS 1 was released. I loved it then... I love it even more now. 17 years of perfection. Never experienced bugs, crashed or any of those things we all experience with our gear. I've used UA on ALL my productions over the years. The new Apollo twin MK 2 is a marvel. I used it last week to record a symphony orchestra with a binaural head. Absolutely spotless! Great sound... Easy to use and carry around... No lag/latency... Loving it! Thanks UA... Keep up the great work :)

J. Di Guglielmo

March 15, 2017

Blown Away!

I don't think it gets much better, this thing is awesome. It's impressive not only in how terrific it sounds, but it's just built so well, looks great, and the library of plug-ins is outstanding. Very high quality product and software!


March 14, 2017

Vraiment parfaite

Cette version Mk2 est vraiment parfaite grâce au talkback. La console est bien foutu. Et merci pour l'entrée ADAT.

S. Murphy

March 13, 2017

Excellent Upgrade

love the MKII.. Great interface. Easy to use and sounds Great!!

P. Yun

March 11, 2017

Love It


T. Schirmer

March 11, 2017

Great audio interface: build quality, sound and unison

After owning several digital audio interfaces, I took a test drive of the Apollo Duo at my local shop with several mics. Tracking vocals and voiceovers with the Unison preamps was so much fun, that I jumped on board the UA train. Really love the different tones and harmonics you can get by overdriving with Unison and with the plugins afterwards. Haven't heard anything like this from other interfaces and plugins. Happy customer, please keep coming with innovative hardware and software, UA. Oh, and add some more processing power in the next device iterations, your new plugins demand a lot of power, but also deliver great, great sound. ;)

F. Wutti

March 10, 2017

Apollo Twin Quad

I'm really happy with it.
Converter's are HQ and all functions are on top!
The quad core processor is powerful and for a mobile recording solution i can recommend the MK II.

L. Britt

March 10, 2017

Nailed it.

Huge step up from the last model. I owned the original twin duo and it was a great piece of gear. I feel like the mkii has everything I wished that the original had (except a second headphone jack). It sounds amazing and is very intuitive to use. It connects and works great as a controller for my apollo 8p as well. 10/10 would buy again.

v. white

March 10, 2017

very satisfied with my purchase


c. nagel

March 9, 2017

Schwizer Taschemesse! Heiliges Blechle what a nice Apollo

Used it to expand my apollo setup, very nice gear and useable like a Schweizer Taschenmesser! On the Road- in the session room- anywhere!
So great!

1181-1200 of 1249 Results