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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

281-300 of 1245 Results

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P. Coudoumié

April 21, 2020

The best audio interface I ever used !

Everything is in the title :-) I used to work with another very good interface in 24/96 but here's a new milestone with the Apollo Twin Mk II. The unison system and the console are very well made and the plug-ins, of course are without comparison :-)
I had first the Duo model which is good for light mixes but if you want to do more ambitious mixes (at least 10 tracks and all plu-ins in UAD), you need the Quad model.
My world as a sound engineer has definitely changed :-)

E. Ferre

April 19, 2020

And now I am so happy

Just turn up and connect and everything sounds great. It's very easy to work with. The list of plug-ins incredible and it's quality and sound more incredible yet. I would be great if I could arrange the vast list of plug-ins in different ways in the plug-in settings window.
Thanks guys!!


April 18, 2020

still using Monitor controller.

I use this gear with my x16. I need two preamp and Headphone amp!


April 18, 2020

High quality, useful function

I’m using it for producing and home recording. I had a little bit hard time to learn how to use it but it’s still cool Thanks for UAD

K. Korn

April 17, 2020

Good Audio Interface

Many Utility. Definitely worth.

А. Жданов

April 15, 2020

Apollo Twin MKII Duo Thunderbolt Review

This is my first introduction to UAD products. Impressed by the quality of sound and processing level of the UAD VST plug-ins! The quality of my works will be higher! Thanks!

m. marcori

April 14, 2020

Apollo twin mkii thunderbolt Review

I absoultely loved this interface right out of the box. Its the perfect size, good looking, robust built and easy to use. Very intuitive. Just a few minutes after installing software I was able to use unison preamps/amps and felt very comfortable right away. A/D D/A conversion is awsome in this unit, and Console software is awsome. Easy to use, straightforward, and you can route anything anywhere with ease. Great for recording, mixing, and also for streaming into and out of Pro tools in conjunction with desktop audio, thanks to the virtual channels. Overall, awsome purchase.

Y. Lee

April 12, 2020

Apollo Twin mkII Quad

I am much more satisfied than I expected.

N. Taylor

April 12, 2020

simply insane

This is the biggest jump up in quality my home studio has had in years. The processing power on vocals is as near to a big studio sound as possible. It is simply insanely good

M. Garcia

April 9, 2020


I scored the DUO, and I’m so stoked. I did my first recording with it yesterday and ran the stock Pre Amp is came with and it’s taken my sh*t to the next level.
I love how flawlessly everything runs. The plug ins are groundbreaking, and I haven’t even dug into the paid versions.

This is a perfect interface. I can’t imagine how much better it gets. I’m with UA for life now.

M. Powell

April 8, 2020

My New Apollo Twin, Finally Up And Running

I am no newbie to home recording. On the other hand, I am not a recording engineer either. This unit was very, very difficult to set up and get working. The documentation and videos, while informative, seemed to blow right through areas that I would have liked some more explanation and detail.
After maybe ten hours of pounding through vids and docs and lots and lots of trial and error, I finally have it working ok with Logic Pro. At lease I can record my guitar and my mic on channel 1 and 2.

All in all, it seems that the unit is strong and works well, but the developers seemed much more interested in providing a venue for selling their effect VSTs rather than providing good, instructional materials related to installation for non-professionals.

k. deuk

April 6, 2020

Best Sound

Best Interface
Number One

M. Maranzano

April 3, 2020

Finally Apollo Twin MkII Quad!!!!

Apollo Twin MkII Quad: Finally no problem to run multiple heavy DSP usage Plug-in at same time. Good, Solid and with a lot of Space.

J. Cook

April 2, 2020

Great interface

I highly recommend this product. Seamless connectivity low latency and great app plugins make this the best bang for your buck.

D. Byron

April 1, 2020

The very best!

Everyday I use it I stay blown away. It's powerful and all around the best of the best.

E. Gunnlaugsson

March 31, 2020

Love my apollo mkII

I realy love me apollo mkII Only thing that i would love to change is to be able to push down this lovley big button to mute :)

D. rajana

March 28, 2020

apollo twin mk 2

i didnt get the right answer from universal audio .....ur product is amazing and im happy with this but a small thing and the problem about the plugins .....i purchased this in the month december after seeing the offer 999 dollars worth plugins are free if purchased this ??? so, i got apollo twin mk 2 but plugins are not .....plzz somebody respond on what happened ...thank you

J. Gutierrez Valle

March 27, 2020


Lo recomiendo a todo amante de la música. El mejor comentario es decir: probarlo!!!

A. Komkov

March 26, 2020

This is one way ticket to world of pro audio equipment

I bought this to figure out why it is so expensive. And I understood everything after the first use. First-class hardware, fastest software, comfortable control, perfect performance — and it's all in one small device. Using plugins with no latency, it's something incredible! Thank you UAD team!

K. Schwarzer

March 25, 2020

New world

For me it's like diving into a new world. Fantastic tool!!!

281-300 of 1245 Results