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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

341-360 of 1242 Results

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k. Eggerding

December 28, 2019

Apollo twin mk2

Awesome interface. The ad conversion just blew my mind. Also console together with unison works amazing. Still have to check al the different flavours.

B. Mckenzie

December 25, 2019


Exactly what I was expecting!

T. Roberts

December 24, 2019

I should have bought this years ago

I am astounded by the quality of this unit. The zero latency is killer. The Unison plugins are crazy good. I’m using it with Logic Pro X - and it has doubled my productivity and quality.

s. waneph

December 13, 2019


I've replaced my hardware without regrets, solid sounding.

B. Grant

December 12, 2019

Apollo twin mk2

Recently bought this, absolutely brilliant, sound quality is something else. Definitely recommend

A. Paulos

December 11, 2019

Simply Amazing!!

Everything sounds so cool!!!
All the plugins sounds incredibly real!!!
Best purchase ever!!

J. Cross

December 9, 2019

Blown Away.

Blown away by this thing. I upgraded to this from a Presonus Audiobox, so the stock preamps on the Apollo were enough reason to upgrade, but with the Unison abilities, the possibilities for this little box are almost endless. I love it.

V. Millar

December 4, 2019

Incredible product

I love my Apollo, Works incredible for live performance

E. Morgan

December 3, 2019

Couldn't get it to work with my imac

So I sent it back. I can see how amazing it would be, but after four hours of messing around only to realize that for something at this cost I think they could make it work without the need to do what I am unsure and four hours is enough, then instead I bought the fabfilter mastering bundle in black Friday sale I am happy with that. I wasn't going to review this and since I had prior emailed the company to say I was returning it I am surprised that I was sent a link to do a review. I am now having trouble removing the plethora of resulting unwanted links to a hundred or so bits of software that I didn't buy but I can cope. Gearformusic did not quibble on the return and paid in full and I will always use them

G. Livingston

November 28, 2019

Best Choice for Stepping up

Honestly, This was such a good purchase. It has opened my ears & helped me understand audio production in new concrete ways.

The hardware itself is a tank. Perfect for home and road use.

D. Martin

November 28, 2019


One word... AMAZING.

H. King

November 28, 2019

The wait is finally over!

I’ve procrastinated for years in buying the Apollo Twin MkII the quad core version, mainly because of the price. I’ve recently purchased it and after 10 days of getting use to it, I had a vocal recording session with a Canadian Vocalist and WOOOW!!! The tones of the plugins and the ease of use of the unit and console, is a real pleasure to use. I really had to question myself why I waited so long. My only concern is that the unit gets really hot, and I wonder how healthy that really is for it in the long run.

N. Kazakov

November 25, 2019

Best bang for buck

This is my second Apollo Twin! I first got a duo but a year later found 2 dsp chips not enough... so I got a quad! Apollos are the best, you may argue with yourself)

T. Bolz

November 23, 2019

the best Interface that i ever have

ich liebe dieses Interface seid dem ersten Einschalten .Besonders gut finde ich die Möglichkeit die Plugins im dem Interface zu nutzen und dadurch die Rechnerleistung meiner DAW zu schonen.Schade finde ich das bei einem so Edlem Gerät kein Thunderbolt Kabel beigelegt wird. Ich überlege mir gerade ob ich mir zusätzlich das Apollo 8 quad zulegen soll ,damit ich mehr Physikalische Eingänge zur verfügung habe und mehr Plugins laden kann. Der Sound ist einfach umwerfend. Mfg. Thomas Bolz klare Kaufempfehlung!!!

R. Tuominen

November 22, 2019

High-End gear for home studio

This is my first one from UAD and I just love it! It’s so great sounding and love the unison system.

S. Remizov

November 19, 2019

Apollo twin

Such a great piece of gear! It’s been a thrill and a pleasure using it.

S. Schneider

November 15, 2019

just excellent...

About 2 weeks after I bought my Apollo FW Quad I bought the Twin MKII, mainly as an extension for mobile use. Back in the studio I just use it as a monitor controll unit by feeding the mix out of the Apollo FW Quad via optical into the Twin and out into my monitor speakers.

Only thing on my wishlist so far: when clock is set to optical, why not auto clock to incoming signal without having to switch sample rate manually!

D. Hernandez

November 14, 2019


Funziona muy bien y muy buenos los plugn- in

G. Grosso

November 13, 2019

Superior Clarity

I was impressed by the Hi z port and how it brings to life the character of my guitars. The option to use directly classic preamps, gives you several tonal options, very warmth sounds.
The construction feels super solid and it looks like its made to last. The big knob its really handy and easy to get used to, making adjustments to input gain and monitoring super easy and on the fly.
The session mode is really cool, saving presets and being able to use the last one used without even connect it to my mac has helped me to get a faster practicing set up.
It feels like a complete universe within this box, and I just can't wait to continue discovering all the good stuff it has inside.

F. Guerrier

November 11, 2019


I believe that it's a great piece of hardware, however, that thunderbolt connection its not convenient at all old mac users like me and i had to return my Apollo Twin Duo. Universal Audio needs to think twice

341-360 of 1242 Results