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Apollo Twin MkII

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H. Simmonds

November 14, 2018

As good as it gets

Love it! Super easy to use, great access to plug, using the vocal “plug ins” built into the software can make a vocal recorded in a badly treated room on a Shure SM 7B sound great. Simple enough for a small home studio but could easily cope with a larger setup, cheers guys!

A. Sharapov

November 13, 2018

Best option in market!

I already had mark I
So i bought this also, now i have 3 processors, 2 on my old duo and one on my new one!
love them both, but this one is just so sexy design love ittttt!

T. Thompson

November 12, 2018

Powerful and great soundong

After a 20 year hiatus and coming back to recording with a decidedly analog skillset, I was aprehensive about how productive I would be with my new studio in a box. But after some fiddling and consuming some online videos I'm already getting really comfortable with the hardware and plugins, and getting great sounds. I love the approach of plugins running inside my UA Twin, and the unison concept works well. Now all this HW needs is a dedicated HW control interface for the studio! The SW interface on a macbook for portability is the reason I invested in this toolset, but if I could plug in a board back at home base that would sweeten the deal even more. Regardless, this is a great device and I'm very happy with my purchase.

M. muñoz

November 7, 2018

Buena construccion y sonidazo

Contento con la nueva tarjeta y plugins muy buenos

UAD User

November 3, 2018

As great as everyone says

This device has drastically improved the quality of my recordings, and the plug-ins are scary accurate. Fantastic.

C. Christensen

November 2, 2018


I didn't think I was going to hear that much difference when I switched over but it's incredible the difference with the sound card alone! Then with the plug-ins, it's mind blowing! A game changer!!!

J. Bishop

October 31, 2018

Revolutionize your recording

I cannot say enough about how much this interface has revolutionized my recording process. It sounds 1Million times better than my muddy, sad little Focusrite interface, and having 0 latency removes so much stress and annoyance from recording. It just feels so much easier to get a solid take with this thing. Not to mention how much it just steps up your sound quality. Being able to use UA plugins is HUGE for any DIY musician, as they give the sound of all kinds of highly professional equipment to you for wayyyyyy cheaper than owning the hardware. Not to mention, this helps to unclutter your studio, as so many important preamps and effects can run right on this one box. My biggest disappointment was that the SOLO had absolutely pitiful DSP power, so I had to upgrade immediately to the DUO. But I 100% stand by that decision, because now I can use UA plugins for tracking AND mixing at the same time without being too worried about DSP. Once you hear what a UA plugin can do, you’ll want to use them as much as possible.
One undersung perk of this interface is the BUTTONS. How lovely it is to have buttons on your interface to be able to control routing, gain, phantom, and more. It’s a very hands on interface that you’ll find strengthens your relationship with recording itself, as it just makes it easier and more fun to do overall.


October 31, 2018

Sérieux mais très limité. Serious but very limited.

Produit apparemment de bonne facture. Néanmoins, il produit des parasites sonores insupportables connecté avec des yamaha HS50. Le DSP demande grâce dès qu'on utilise plusieurs Plugs In. Les plugs in sont hors de prix. Dommage.
Apparently a good product. Nevertheless, it produces unbearable noise when connected with yamaha HS50. The DSP asks for pity as soon as we use several Plugs In. The plugs in are overpriced.

J. Polanco

October 29, 2018

This is it!!

There is no better interface. I love to be able to record anywhere. Recording through a pretty sweet signal chain in real time with zero latency has brought my productions up to an unforseen level of quality. If you need more that 2 inputs you can always add on to it. The talkback feature is amazing. I couldn’t imagen switching to a different workflow. Thanks UA

F. Mehdipour

October 27, 2018

Incredible Interface

The apollo twin mkii is very powerful and dependable interface. also it has very good AD/DA Convertor. thanks to UA team

S. Seo

October 26, 2018

Apollo Twin MK II Changes My Life

I don't need another word. It was a miracle. After using the perfect UAD plug-in for the top high-end audio interface, I started my mix-engineer career again. Before using Apollo and UAD, I had mixed and been frustrated for years without getting the sound I wanted. I thought the sounds in so many famous albums were just sounds I couldn't have. And I gave up mixing for a year or two. However, my thoughts and life changed when I was using Apollo and UAD. I found the sound that I had been looking for for for years. All my dream sounds were here. He entered the world of Mix again. And the road is like a dream. Thank you for everything.

W. Slater

October 26, 2018

Apollo twin mkII

Absolutely the best interface I ever used!! The pres and plugins remind me of alot of my old outboard gear!! Can't believe it didnt buy it sooner!!

J. Millner

October 25, 2018

The Real Deal

I was using a Focusrite interface, and it served its purpose. I kept reading/hearing about the UA interfaces and how much better they are than everything else out there. Now I understand the hype. The console has a learning curve to it, but the interface is easy to use and sounds great. Bought the Twin Duo.

W. Brejcha

October 25, 2018

From a totally non-audio guy

I'm mostly a drawing-board guy at an animation studio. Once in a while I need to record a little audio -- some voice, some foley effects. I know just enough audio stuff to get into trouble. After using USB microphones I decided to up the quality with a higher-end condenser mike and needed an interface that would do it justice. This thing is All That. Bit of a learning curve, if you are starting from zero like yours truly (who didn't know a thunderbolt connection from a display port, and didn't know you had to send power to the mike by pushing that magical Third Button from the left), but I'm getting what a good audio setup should have been from the start. Lots of room to expand its capabilities beyond 'just' getting that nice clean rich full sound I had hoped for. Nice job, UA engineers, it's as perfect and as easy as I could want, and you'll have to get any further pressure for perfection from those whose ears are better than mine.

R. Adams

October 25, 2018

Great for Home Studio's

I bought this as a replacement for a Mackie Blackjack, and all I can say is "where has the Apollo Twin been all my life. While I was curious about the plugins I didn't believe that they would be a viable option for recording guitars... I was wrong, the amp plugins are outstanding!! I am extremely stratified with the performance, ease of use, and quality. I highly recommend this to anyone. Really I am new to the use of plugins, and UA has really opened up a new world of options for recording!! Thanks.


October 24, 2018

Very good product.

I got the Quad version. Really happy in these first weeks, solid construction, no problems with software and interaction with Core Audio enabled applications different from DAW. A bit disappointed with the power adaptor and cable, which are a step down from rest in terms of trust that can inspire you.

S. Maheshwari

October 24, 2018

Twin Mk II

This is best sound card I’ve worked on so far. It’s been 10 years of me being a musician. But no other brand beats UAD.

R. Fyfield

October 19, 2018

The business

This little device is the doorway to pro studio sound. Endless possibilities. I researched audio interfaces to the ends of the earth and found my ideal creative outlet.

C. Paschall

October 18, 2018

Great small solution

Love the functionality and software this little guy offers. In particular the talkback and dim functions offer features that would normally require more money and more gear. Great piece!

A. Abduljabbar

October 15, 2018

Fantastic zero latency

I’ve tried a lot of apollo products but this one is simply great woth my kind of work
Thanks to MediaCast Dubai for help specially benjamin

61-80 of 664 Results