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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

201-220 of 917 Results

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R. Guerrero

September 18, 2022

Power cord does not work the first time the unit is turn on. The second time it takes about 5 or more seconds to turn on.

I wonder if anyone is having this problem
The Apollo Twin does not turn on the first time the on switch is turn on.
The second time it takes about 5 or more seconds for the Apollo twin to turn on, after the switch is turn off; then turn on again.

I contacted desk support support and desk support asked me if the unit was connected to the wall.
I told me it was connected to a Furman power conditioner.
Desk support asked me to plug it directly to the wall; as, sometimes the Furman units go bad.
Interesting, all my other equipment turns on right away.

I plugged the Apollo directly to the wall and same thing happened.
Desk support suggested for me to buy a new power cord; as, the unit but not the power cord is under guarantee.
I was not very happy to spend the money to buy a new power cord for a 6 month old Appollo Twin and having to wait a month to get a new one; given that, the power cord was on back order.

When I got the new one a month later it is doing the same thing.
I re-opened the ticket and I am now waiting for desk support to see what they will suggest for me to do next.

I like the unit quite a lot; however, I do not know if this a problem with the Apollo Twin USB or if I just got a defective unit.

S. Ishutin

September 17, 2022


Best transparent and warm sound for your studio!!!

R. Donnelly

September 16, 2022

UA email requested review

I have only had the Apollo Twin X for a short time, just received it. Worked on a few DAW projects with imported field recording stereo audio. The Apollo Twin X is the centre of my DAW. I enjoy this simple, small and compact, almost all in one DAW solution. That really grabs me. I am getting a fairly loud pop on my monitors when the Apollo changes audio resolution to fit with a Logic Pro session which I'm uncertain of the cause but otherwise I cant find anything worthy to complain about. Headphone monitor sounds great and plenty of volume! The unit fits perfectly right in front of my Mac with most cable jacks appropriately aft. I haven't recorded with it yet, most of my work is field recordings with a Sound devices and Q2n. I had a satellite and that came to an end with Mac upgrades sadly so I am enjoying having the UAD plugs back with the Apollo. Having the downloadable UAD plugs helps the workflow quite a lot as there's not enough CPU on the twin duo alone for all the plugs I like using on my stereo field recording projects. No regrets. The small issues and cost aside I really enjoy the UAD experience and products and would not want to be in a different camp. Thanks UA.

C. Özdemir

September 9, 2022


This is really a game changer. All my old records and interfaces are fading

J. Rawls

September 5, 2022


Again fantastic Unison Pres

J. Rawls

September 5, 2022


I love the unison mode on this thing. I really wish it was bus power though.


August 26, 2022

Great portability!

Excellent portable interface. I upgraded to the X from the first gen. I really like the flexibility of Console and the options it provides. My only wish is that it had ADAT/SPDIF in AND out. If it had that, it would tick all the boxes for me.

A. Mujic

August 24, 2022

Best audio interface I've ever had

Love everything

k. teawan

August 17, 2022

The best machine

Insufficient machine

M. Strub Jr

August 17, 2022

Apollo Twin X. Unbelievable!

This thing is blowing my MIND!
The quality, the portability, I don't know where to begin. I actually just wrapped a session where I took my Apollo, laptop and mic to a clients house for vocals. The Apollo has a friggin' talkback! I just fit an entire studio, with several thousands of dollars in outboard gear, in a small carry-on bag.

J. Costa

August 17, 2022

Amazing piece of hardware

There is nothing like it in the present market. Instantly improved my mixing and recording. Absolutely brilliant! Bravo!


August 13, 2022

The Amazing Apollo Twin X!

All my plugins in one place instead of having to patch outbound gear separately!!

S. Banga

August 11, 2022

Apollo twin x

Love my new twin x and I’m trying to save up for plug-ins plus getting more dsp ! Only issue is I thought all ua products came with the Heritage collection but I only had the classic collect ! I’ve had a few offer sent to me to buy more plug-ins but I just can’t afford to buy any at this time ! Hopefully this may change in the future!


August 9, 2022

Best Gear

This machine has a lot of amazing features.
Not to mention the unison free feature, if you want to use a dedicated vst with high functionality, I highly recommend it. Especially recommended for guitarists.

S. Komor

August 7, 2022

Blown away

It is my first UA unit and I am mighty impressed. I dare say it made my studio sound better. Previous MOTU user. The only thing I wish was simpler was the installing of the plugins part, as it installs every single UA plugin, and due to those issues I haven't really gotten to use the ones that come with the unit.

J. Raja

August 4, 2022


Top quality Affordable Audio Interface with print to tape using unison pre & Plugins for faster workflow. Much Love ❤️ to UA.

K. Kamonrat

July 30, 2022


excellent work fol

C. Preston

July 15, 2022

Apollo Twin Quad Heritage Edition

I’ve been so impressed with the Mic Pre’s and plug-ins. The sound quality, monitoring features and functionality are very hard to beat. We’ll worth the investment. Thank you!


July 13, 2022

Interface for guitarists

The unison feature is really great. If you have this machine, you don't need to buy a separate multi-effector. Sound quality is good, and because it uses DSP, it has great strength in latency.


July 5, 2022


UAD 플러그인 사용하면서 홈레코딩 용으로 최고네요

201-220 of 917 Results