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Apollo Twin X

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G. Akashkin

February 26, 2022

Amazing sound card!

Excellent and high-quality. The idea of having your own processors is very cool and adds functionality. I use it for my home studio-enough for all my tasks!

A. Bailey

February 24, 2022

My first UAD device… but wont be my last.

What a great little box. The thing that immediately struck me going from a firewire MOTU ultralite was the quality of the convertors. The sound field of everything became more spacious and the bass timing greatly improved with far more punch and clearer transients. After over a year of using it, its left me wanting more IO - an set of digital inputs would be welcome to return an outboard DA or other stereo source, but beyond that i dont have much to add. It’s fantastic. Be warned though, the plug-ins are like Pokémon- gotta catch em all.

J. Demann

February 24, 2022

Perfect Interface

Love it since day 1!
Fits perferct for nearly everything!

J. Titus

February 23, 2022

Just Amazing!

The School I study at introduced me to UA and since then I've been dying to get my hands on some hardware! Finally, I have it and it's everything I could ever need and want! I thank God I was able to save up and buy the twin! best purchase decision ever!

t. bartlett

February 22, 2022

Apollo Twin Thunderbolt Review!

I love my Apollo Tein Thunderbolt!

A. Tyler

February 22, 2022

The best of the best

I use UAD interfaces in my work in studios all the time. Finally decided to replace my home mix/mastering workflow with a UAD twin and I am so glad I did. It has forced me to streamline a bit due to the smaller number of outputs but... I can always add on more Apollos if I feel like tracking anything that needs more than the two Apollo pres plus the 8 preamps that I have in a Cranborne 500 series ADAT rack. As should be expected the UAD workflow and quality is the most "analog studio" like of any interface system and honestly nothing else is better IMO.

A. Lappin

February 22, 2022

Amazing, a full studio in one little box

UAD really thought of everything with this. Talkback, alt monitor setup, hardware insert potential, alt headphone mix options...etc. This can be the centerpiece of a small studio setup and is amazing for travel. Love it.

S. Strong

February 21, 2022

Best interface made!

The Apollo Twin X (quad) is the best interface I've ever used and owned. It's a beast. A sonic monster. Easy to use and works with my two sets of monitors (speakers). It took me a minute to know how to set up the ALT out for my bookshelf speakers but now... And the plug-ins!! I can't afford them all or the ones I want, but what I have and the options are pristine. Thank you, Universal Audio, for making this. Now we need that 8-fader DAW controller for LUNA!!

I love everything about this box. I am looking forward to any updates and recording some heat with this. A loyal customer for life. A beatmaker/filmmaker.

P. Gunn

February 21, 2022

Powerful little box

To be fair, I'm a complete noob to interface devices and recording but I decided to jump in after going to a friend's place and recording with him. It was very impressive and thought I wanted in.

J. Anderson

February 19, 2022

Can’t believe I didn’t buy this sooner

I’ve become such a fan of the UAD ecosystem since I bought the Apollo Twin X, I’ve been researching the console and what I need to make better recordings. Since then I’ve been having a blast everytime I record vocals and NO MORE LATENCY. Thanks UAD for making such great advancements in the industry for easy recordings at home.

P. Lutz

February 18, 2022

My homies love my mixes

My homies said Im crazy for dropping racks on UAD, because they bought the stupid waves collection for 200 bucks and think they ballin. they listened to my uad mixes once and now they are trying to work night shifts for that uad

J. Elmo

February 14, 2022

Blown away

Man….the first time listening to a previous track not even recorded with it….and the sound was bigger, more depth…I was blown away. I’m learning how to use Luna and it’s a bit of a curve but in time I’m sure I will be most happy with the results. Happy I took the leap and joined the UA family. I did purchase the insurance just in case.

M. Fontander

February 14, 2022

Best sound

I'm always looking for the best sound for guitars in general. UA Apollo is the best so far.

J. Harada

February 13, 2022

Compact and Expandable

Reduced the size of my studio when I moved to a smaller place. I'm a guitar player and this interface is perfect for doing all my guitar tracks for myself of clients, whether I'm miking up an amp or working in the box. The only thing I wish it had was a dedicated S/PDIF coaxial input for connecting dedicated modelers. It's also great that it has room for future expansion. A winner all around.

O. Moreno

February 11, 2022

Works on Windows 10

Definitely needs windows optimization but it works for on my XPS 8930 with a dell thunderbolt 3 card. My old interface BabyFace Pro performed slightly better in terms of processing audio through a daw(vsts,instruments etc). I Hear way more pops and clicks with the Apollo and have to usually bump my buffer size to 128 from the 64 buffer size I used on my babyface. I thought I would receive a boost in cpu performance since I no longer used plugins in the DAW to record vocals. Overall, the apollo sounds and performs incredible but needs some type of optimization for windows.

S. Millea

February 11, 2022

Great when it works (broke twice)

when this thing works its awesome, but I have had it less than a year and it stopped powering on randomly, not once, but TWICE! There's nothing worse than being struck with inspiration and not being able to do anything about it because your 1000 dollar device doesn't work. The worst part is when it does break, you can send it to them to be fixed, but all in all you wont end up having a working device for at least a month. It happened twice in less than two months and still I had to pay for shipping. I asked them to cover it this time because they didn't fix it right the first time and they didn't answer me. I hate to be the one bad review but they really could have treated me better.

G. Peters

February 3, 2022

What an upgrade!

I was using a zoom r24 up until I finally had the means to pick up the Apollo Twin X, after loads of youtube reviews and speaking with other musicians I finally decided on this device. My biggest disappointment came when I realize the Thunderbolt cable is not included and for someone who lives in a rural area that is not a fun experience. However, once I got the cable and plugged it in it's evident why it is so popular, it's an amazing device. If anything I'd love to see a Midi capibility on the volume wheel so it could be used as the pan head in your DAW.

R. Millis

January 28, 2022


Absolutely love this device. Highly recommend the quad over duo for the additional dsp. Hooked on the plugins and the beautiful sound I’m getting. I regret wasting my time on recording on inferior equipment. Currently using on MacBook Pro with M1 Pro chip running Monterey, works perfectly.

J. Raippalinna

January 28, 2022

Great when it works on Windows 11

On Windows 11 in multi-user desktop, a lot of startup issues and computer crashes. still investigating best way to turn it on, but when it works great. I've had two times it doesn't appear in thunderbolt interface at all, 50% of restarts I get error code disabling all plugins.

But when it works it's sweet. Prolly best on mac.

A. Giana

January 28, 2022


Greta conversion and plugins

201-220 of 844 Results