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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

341-360 of 924 Results

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M. Diaz

November 10, 2021

The Best Interface 100%

This is the best Interface, you can take everywhere and do you can do whatever.

E. Jordan

November 8, 2021

The Best

Love the sound quality.

E. Jordan

November 8, 2021

Good Quality Product

Love this device. Does everything advertised and more. Highly recommend.

E. Jordan

November 8, 2021


Top notch quality, worth every penny.
Very satisfied.

A. Mendoza

November 7, 2021

Good quality

It looks good

L. Drinkall

November 4, 2021


I picked up this Apollo twin x to augment the x8 I am running with adat , giving us 18 channels of inputs for tracking , plus an extra headphone mix without compromising outputs
Very easy to use ! and seamless integration

N. Natanael

October 29, 2021

Best sound and high quality


C. Jeong

October 28, 2021



J. Herron

October 28, 2021

Great Interface

Running this on my Mac M1 and it’s been the dream. Super high quality and the plugins I’ve used so far have been insanely good, and it’s been awesome to track vocals with the preamp and compressors on the way in.
My only moan would be that you should have the choice to use the UA plugins Native as well when you have the interface.

M. Kerlin

October 21, 2021


Does what it’s supposed to do.

N. Hamidi

October 18, 2021


I've had this product for nearly two years. When it works, it's brilliant. Like seriously, I loved when it works. But with every OS update, it has becoming a liability to my creativity due to having to constantly tool and re-tool my system(s) to accommodate for how incredibly terrible this thing is. Literally the most expensive paperweight in my collection of gear. I highly recommend AVOIDING this product. Stick with something cheaper and something that respects your time. The setup for this thing is horrible. Bad. The worst.

M. O'Tang

October 17, 2021


What a great interface to produce and mixed great songs..

D. Karolidis

October 10, 2021

A very interesting purchase

First time UAD customer. Apollo card connected and worked almost flawlessly with macOS Big Sur. I’m using Apollo Twin X with Ableton 11 and Cubase 11 and the card limits significantly CPU overload. Sound-wise, the results are top notch while the VSTs are really up to UAD quality. Major disappointment is the lack of midi learn on VTSs which slows down workflow

P. Wysota

October 6, 2021


My first Apollo card, works without any issues, hardware has great quality but software is just amazing. I’m using my Twin X for recording but with Unison technology I connect my guitars more often directly to Twin X insted of Kemper profiler or some DI-box.

M. Childs

October 4, 2021

Great choice for production

Amazing interface. I am very satisfied with the investment I made In purchasing this twin x

R. Herod

October 4, 2021


This literally changed the game entirely when it came to smooth tracking, no latency. Only complaint is not having enough money to afford all the plugins

B. Woźniak

October 3, 2021

Great sound quality

I wish I bought it earlier!


October 2, 2021

Amazing Interface

This interface will completely change your workflow. It gives you access to exactly what you need for a fast and intuitive recording experience. I find myself focusing on the music more than my computer. The unison preamps definitely add a bit of magic to amp sims, too. Being able to work in Luna is a huge plus. I find myself getting great tones so much more effortlessly than ever before.

D. Luthjohn

October 1, 2021

Medium sized sessions

This one gives you quite a bit more more DSP than the duo for not that much more in cost. It’s enough to run a moderate amount of plug ins in a session.

D. Purcell

October 1, 2021

You're not getting much for your money these days

It has been years and there is still no support for 32 bit WDM / MME drivers eg. zoom, discord, gaming, streaming. I sold my Apollo 8 for this reason hoping it would be different but there is still distortion in every app. Universal Audios excuse of "it is only intended for DAW use" really wasn't good enough back then, and it's a deal breaker today when we need to purchase a second interface just to be able to communicate and work remotely, which many of us around the world are forced to do due to the pandemic. Recording works, but it's not usable and UA have refused to fix it all these years. Do yourself a favor and buy something that works and has more than the DSP of a Nokia 3310. Buy a 16 core ryzen and go native. UA has fallen off.

341-360 of 924 Results