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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

421-440 of 930 Results

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C. Steidl

June 6, 2021

Device under Win 10 only pain and headache ....

Only pain with this device, although as an experienced user in audio and PC, it was impossible to get the device running without beeps and glitches under TB3 and the latest win10. Spend 2 days trying, what a mess, makes no sense to offer superb Plugins but the TB /WDM drivers for Win 10 not developed star is too much for a device which is not running properly ...

W. Kreil

June 1, 2021

Apollo Twin X

... unbelievable interface !!!

W. Kreil

June 1, 2021

Apollo Twin X

Everything in this clip was recorded live with Apollo Twin X (mixed by Joerg Stoeffel at fifty311 music/Los Angeles) It’s our number one interface choice ever since the day we got it. We love it – thank you so much!

P. Marseglia

May 31, 2021

Do not buy if windows user

I had several complaints with my windows computer, which as I discovered later, seems to be a common issue with this device. Without these issues, the uad products and plugins are worth the price, but I spent over 1k to have a device which causes problems all the time.

A. Gibson

May 29, 2021


Everything I was hoping for and more. The experience of playing guitar DI into this is incredible. Great all-round sound too.


May 19, 2021


je suis agréablement surpris le son est nickel facile d'utilisation le son du casque est super claire J'ai regardé plein de videos maintenant je commence a comprendre pourquoi la plus part des musiciens producteurs ont des carte audio Universal Audio


May 18, 2021

Amazing piece of gear!

I started with the Apollo solo about 8 years ago and loved everything about it. From the ease of interface to the outstanding preamps. Now I've upgraded to the new Apollo X and its everything I loved from before and so much more. The new thunderbolt 3 is so much faster and the preamp sounds even better. UA has a customer for life.

P. Andrade

May 17, 2021

new level

more depth more clarity.more quickly to get to the point

D. Dalmasso

May 15, 2021

great gear

what to say about one of the finest audio interfaces??? nothing at all!!

C. Garcia Rios

May 14, 2021

Amazing performance. It's worth the payed price.

Excellent audio convertion and a punch of plugins. Love overall the amp simulators. Best option for Home Studios.

F. Balsarin

May 13, 2021

So good !

These are my first steps with the Apollo Twin X Quad but the feeling is really magical ! Recording and mixing take on new meaning ! So good

J. Fensch

May 7, 2021

No cable / No stars

When buying an interface for 1000 € is it too much to expect a cable to connect with your computer ? Seriously, what a bad first user experience with UAD.

E. Ramones

May 5, 2021

Good choice

Honestly, it a good choice for your recordings and mix, even mastering. I use it with windows, so be patient to configure, dont worry, worth it!


May 3, 2021

Over Priced Device for Suckers!

I won't waste your time with a long list of things I personally don't like. You'll buy what you buy for your own reasons. In my opinion...this device is selling for twice what it is worth. THEN you have to buy at a minimum of $1500 worth of plugins to use it at all. It comes with just barely enough plugins to get a shite recording done. Get a Scarlett 4i4 for $250 then use the savings to buy a new guitar or a few nice mics. This is a scam for people who are used to over paying for a new Mac every two years. At least when you buy a Mac they give you the OS updates for free. Not like UA and their plugin scam. It's all about the music/song/creativity anyway. If the song's good, then any interface will due. You can't turn a shit song into a hit by overpaying for the "top of the line, industry leading" audio interface.

N. Thiện

May 2, 2021


Verry Good :)

D. Rodriguez

May 1, 2021

The best investment and best interface for home recording

I previously owned a Focusrite, which I was content with but I had to updated. I also wanted to step up my sound recording. My Apollo Twin X definitely stepped my sound recording. I love the plugins too. best plugins...

H. Warmels

April 29, 2021

I love this one!

Being a guitar and bass player, I mostly play at home in my little "studio". I used to play over a scarlet 4i4 into a DAW and was always struggling with latency, and poor headphone amplification as well. After some hesitations (money) I finally decided to go for the Apollo.
What a nice piece of equipment that is!!
Latency is really absent, and the sound quality is truly amazing. I decided to go for Luna as well. As you would expect the Apollo and Luna work together very fine, and I'm now in the proces of discovering and exploring the plugins. The guitar and bass amp's are great, especially directly in Unison.
Thanx a lot UAD!

R. Readio

April 29, 2021

Bad for Windows 10

I purchased the thunderbolt version. I am sure it works flawlessly on a Mac. It did not work on my pc laptop. There was a crackling sound over all my recordings. This is a very common complaint in the forums, and after trying all the solutions except for installing third party software to either rewrite my audio codecs or software to suppress my cpu, I decided to return it. The three stars are for the company making a claim that the product is compatible with Windows and not disclaiming there are adjustments you may have to make to get it to work. The interface controls are easy to operate (other than windows issues with recording properly), intuitive, and the software was great.

h. kamal

April 28, 2021

universal Audio is Excellent

universal Audio is Excellent

J. Ledy

April 27, 2021

Killer for a home studio

I upgraded to an Apollo from an older mbox—wow, the improvement is vast. The preamps, plugins, and latency free recording are game changing to my workflow. Only bummer is there’s no midi input, but regardless this is a powerhouse interface.

421-440 of 930 Results