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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

461-480 of 924 Results

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S. El Hammami

March 28, 2021

Higher level

Now I have all I need to produce mix record. The DSP helps me mixing on any computer even weak in terms of power. And the sound quality is just amazing. And it perfectly works on my 2015 computer with Windows 10 and using a thunderbolt 3 pcie card, so for those who have issue just keep your Windows updated and it should work perfectly

M. Wagen

March 27, 2021


I absolutely LOVE my Apollo Twin X... everything has been seamless. UA is doing it the right way.... All day.

M. 805 Clicka

March 27, 2021

highly recommend

This Apollo Twin X is definitely up there with the top dogs when it comes to quality. I highly recommend.

P. Minckler

March 26, 2021

No love for Windows

I Absolutely love this interface. The plugins are great, the workflow is great, and it sounds great with everything i plug into it. HOWEVER! The windows compatibility is far from great. I had an Apollo Solo but because I am a windows user with an AMD card, I had to get this. I ordered a thunderbolt card and got it to work, but I am still having issues. Outside of a DAW, the microphone is nothing but pop, cracks, and distortion. I found a work around, but UA needs to update their windows drivers so people don't have to spend HOURS finding a fix, when it should work natively. If you run windows aren't prepared for constant road blocks, get something else.

J. Moatti

March 22, 2021

Upgraded from Arrow to Apollo Twin | X

I initially started with the Arrow when it first came out. While the Arrow appeared to be more "forgiving", the ApolloTwin | X is the exact opposite. It reveals EVERYTHING and look out if you make a mistake in you config. I found out after an arduous search, as to why ALL my tracks were looping back into my new ones. Well, my I/O Matrix and my "outs" going into my "ins" - Output Mon L/R => Input Mon L/R. Stupid mistake but apparently one which happens often from what I read.

The Console 2.0 app is brilliant and everything works with such tight precision that you can't help but loving the build and tech. Some really good plugins came with it too - just wish a few more were included.

Love this tech! Thank you UAD.

G. Gaia

March 19, 2021

killer hardware!!!

I am very pleased with how well my Apollo twin X records and manages all my UAD effects.

E. Alexis

March 16, 2021

More than I expected

I intially got the Apollo Twin X to replace my previous interface solely to just record my voice and move on. When I got used to using Console, downloaded and authorized all my plug ins and connected my computer with the i/O setup; I have been using the Apollo to watch TV, listen to music & even play video games now that I can change the sound through a preamp preset or have fun and throw on a bunch of plug ins! Even listening to Youtube music channels sound better now that I have the power to EQ so much easier with a button. I never even mentioned how easy the set is once you learn everything. So happy I purchased this as my first Universal Audio product. I've had mine for over two weeks and I still haven't made a decision on the free plug in bundle. Every single plug in is useful and the quality is amazing. The Apollo Twin is definitely one of my favorite hardware upgrades in my progress to record myself from home or anywhere I go. Thanks team.

M. Butler

March 15, 2021

Best quality interface you can find at this price

I recently purchased an Apollo Twin X Quad core because I needed a high quality interface that was easy to travel with. I knew it would function the way I needed it too and the built in Dsp would allow me to take my mixes on the go, but what I didn’t expect is that the D/A converters would sound so good. There is an obvious and quite noticeable difference from my old converters (which I had no issue with before) to the Twin X. There are a few features I’d love to have on this, like word clock and ADAT outs, but overall, it’s the best interface available at the price. Very glad to be part of the UA universe.

D. Cárcamo Alvarado

March 13, 2021

Increíble la UAD!

Tremendo sonido y flujo de trabajo, los preamps son una joya!


March 12, 2021


The Apollo has instantly upgraded the quality of my recordings. Making demos sound more like records, and records sound better.

G. ONeill

March 10, 2021

What can I say?

Let's face it, most of us mere music mortals will never aspire to use hardware such as Manley Voxbox, Avalon 737, Empirical labs Distressor, Lexicon 480L to name but a few. Most of us still will never aspire to owning such hardware. I can't comment on an A/B comparsion, but the above mentioned hardware in UAD plugin form sound very, very good. Really good. The preamps in the twin are excellent too. The fact that I can run circa 14 plugins on the quad is unbelievable. Try getting that amount of hardware in your back pack! I use a Presonus Quantum in my home studio, which I love (the finances won't stretch to a bigger Apollo X) and I use a UAD satellite quad. What you can do is use the Twin as a pseudo analogue interface if you want to use the preamps (or the unison features which I haven't really used as the Quantum is so fast and can deal with realtime monitoring and tracking through plugins and with my mics I haven't really noticed the difference (probably my ears!)) or you can obviously aggregate or unplug devices (which I hate doing being lazy :) ). To be able to have a quality interface though packaged up with the DSP platform of the Twin is absolutely fantastic for a mobile rig and I'm loving it. Yes, it wasn't cheap. But if I weigh up what I spent on a smaller thunderbolt interface and a UAD Satellite quad to carry around, the spend is the same and this is far more portable. It's a quality product through and through. It's robust. It looks great. It oozes quality. Most of all, it sounds great. Thoroughly recommended.

N. Powell

March 10, 2021

Fantastic product

Integrates seamlessly with Ableton Live 11 on a powerful Mac Mini running Big Sur. A fantastic product and a clear step up in sound quality and workflow. I love this machine and the UAD stuff is fantastic. Kudos!

s. oh

March 10, 2021

uad is crazy

good audio interface and good plugins

C. Thompson

March 9, 2021

Apollo To The Moon

I’m using the Apollo Twin X with Studio One and have made the best sounding recorded music that I have ever made. CD Thompson Music has leveled up tremendously with this incredible interface. I use the UA plug ins both in the UA console and in Studio One flawlessly. So many options to get where I want to go with my recordings thanks to this UA system. Here are a few of the pay offs that I have seen with Apollo Twin X Quad. I am recording in a home studio that is at times a noisy environment. I used the built in filter button on the interface and that feature along with a Neumann TLM 103 has ELIMINATED ALL AMBIENT INTERFERENCE allowing me to get some very clean pristine vocal recordings! Outside noise and noise from other sources used to destroy my vocal recordings yet with one push of a button on Apollo and that noise is history. This feature alone to me is priceless and mitigates all talk of expenses. I have been able to go to the moon and back with Apollo Twin X!!! Thank you Universal Audio for helping me make my musical life so much better.

B. Patterson

March 8, 2021

My 3rd apollo

I just got a new apollo twin x. From Sweetwater who i appreciate very much. I had the first silver one then the mark 2 quad a few years ago but had to sell it unfortunately. You know the old saying that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. And because I did not have any UA hardware I did not have access to there amazing plugins and i'm lucky to have a few that I consider an investment. What I like about this twin x is that even with the thunderbolt adapter it works great and I like how the mic Preamps sound.
Plus it's nice to control my monitors and headphones with the twin. Oh and it has 48 phantom power for condenser mics also. LUNA is now my DAW that i am using to record Only wish I could have more IOs, 16 would be nice. Buy what you can use what you have and make some music.

P. Tambe

March 8, 2021

Game changer.

I have worked on UAD devices previously those were apollo mk2 and 8p in the professional studio setups.
I decided to go for Twin x for my home studio because of (A) the converters and (B) The plugins.
That made me narrow my decision down to Twin x heritage edition with some Pultecs, LA2As Legacy edition and many others. The moment I did the switch from my existing soundcard to apollo
Man the sound just transformed, you can drive your monitors and it still retains that sweetness.
The plugins are super juicy exactly what they promise to offer and the device takes alot less space of my work desk.
It's a must buy if you are pursuing professional music in studio/home or travelling environment and Thank you UA team for such a prompt response in the need of any assistance.
Mathias K helped me get some clearer picture with LUNA thought the software has not yet updated with M1 but the look feel and the sound is awesome.

R. Bonifant

March 8, 2021

Extraordinary sound quality!

I recently upgraded from the Apollo Arrow to the Twin X. I was happy with the Arrow, but I wanted the expandability of the Twin X. Plus, I can take advantage of the digital out on my Ox Box now. Paired up with LUNA, the sound quality is unrivaled.

L. Carr-Maskell

March 4, 2021

Amazing Interface!

All I can say is it sounds amazing. Despite a bit of worry before purchase, with a few misplaced reports of it not working on PC very well - I can personally confirm it works flawlessly on my AMD Ryzen system. Just follow the instructions to the letter with setup, match your sampling rates and it just works. As long as you have Thunderbolt 3 of coarse!
Setup was a breeze - pretty much does it itself upon plugin. built in Preamps are a game changer for me and has improved my less than great Rode Mic immeasurably.
Love It! -- now please just bring LUNA out for Windows.

K. Cengiz

March 3, 2021

Upgrade to x

Upgraded from apollo twin to twin x and didn’t regret it

k. ketti

March 3, 2021


The APOLLO TWIN X is a great option. I use it to record the voices of actors on postproduction. Great sound, amazing plug-ins, two DSP of the new sample is quite enough, for more complex work PREMIX-MIX of course you will need a QUAD or OCTO satellite, but this is not a problem. Thank you to UAD for the great appliances and plugins!

461-480 of 924 Results