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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

501-520 of 918 Results

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B. Cromartie

January 30, 2021

Best decision I could’ve made

As a professional musician/producer, making the switch from the focusrite Scarlett to the Apollo Twin X was something that I now realize was long overdue! Amazing sound quality, the plugins are incredibly comparable to the actual hardware I love, and I’m just very impressed and I don’t regret paying more for the quality that is displayed by UA. I see many more purchases in the near future!

A. Safak

January 28, 2021

Part time musicians

Its nice to have quality gear you can rely on.


January 26, 2021

Get this!

I have been trying for years as a novice to get excellent quality sound. i made the mistake in going for lower end products only to realize that the money spending on my apollo twin is worth it for the love of music that i now get to make.

J. revata adrianzen

January 23, 2021

Excelente interface

Me resulto súper fácil el poder registrarlo y ahora que lo uso estoy más que feliz ya que su calidad es muy notable

D. Estrella

January 22, 2021


This was my dream interface, I've wanted one of these since I was a sophomore in highschool (4 years ago now)! My computer 1000% exceeds the minimum requirements for this interface, however the drivers are so poor. I've tried every fix I could find,. For $900 I shouldn't have to find fixes and work-arounds. I wish UA would step up and fix the issue. Sadly I have to move on. If you're on windows, avoid UA. Lastly, I think its scummy to sell the Apollo Twin USB MK1 for $900 which is the same price as the X, but sell the MKII variants for $800. Leaving windows users who want your products paying top dollar, even though the MK1 isn't close to sounding as good at the X. Greed.

R. Velasquez

January 22, 2021

Very nice!

Perfect upgrade from my Scarlett 2i2!

t. jones

January 22, 2021

Very difficult to register and authoraize device.. it doesnt continue anything after restart

Very difficult to register and authoraize device.. it doesnt continue anything after restart.. piece of metal on my dest

M. Lee

January 22, 2021


If you are a guitarist or a person who does music, I recommend you!

The quality of the recording changes and the available UAD shows so much performance that I'm satisfied with.

M. LaVaque

January 21, 2021

Great gear!

I'm so glad I finally made the leap to a pro audio interface like the Apollo Twin X. Impeccable sound quality abounds. Access to UA plug ins is a huge bonus.

s. parchment

January 21, 2021

Apollo Twin x

It make digital music seem so effortless with the easy access to analog hardware that are expensive....apollo mad easy.

p. newell

January 21, 2021


Plungins too expensive your recording software should be able to use with any hardware


January 19, 2021


Considerably better than the Twin MKII and well worth the upgrade. Instantly noticeable improvement in sound stage, clarity and separation due to convertors. Headphones sound way better, too. Twin MKII held its value in the used market and was easy to sell. Twin X Duo cannot be beat for the $

A. Menems

January 18, 2021

More than an audio interface - eco system!

UAD Apollo Twin is more than an interface it is a complete eco system - from beautifully designed Console app with all the controls you might need for you rooting to clean AD converters and outstanding set of plugins.

Apollo comes with a good set of plugins as a starter pack, but it also allows you to grow your «virtual» studio in line with your particular demands.

If you plan to record vocals you can get best equipment emulations for that purpose and assemble your perfect channel strip. If you a guitar or bass player you have myriads of amps and cabinets to chose from. A great thing is that you can demo each setup before purchasing it and chose the one which matches the tone of your guitar perfectly.

Important notice - consider purchasing Duo or Quad if you consider extensive use of UAD plugins.


January 13, 2021

Was my dream Audio Interface

Bought this with my first income from making music, selling beats, and I don't regret buying it. Sound quality, convenience, all perfect. Though I really hope if it had an app to control uad console... via smartphone or tablet.

P. Wheeler

January 11, 2021

Simple Is Beautiful

Simplicity is sometimes the most beautiful thing you can experience. The Apollo makes everything exquisitely simple. Even so, it also has depth - enough depth that encourages and allows you to dive in and get fully immersed in what is possible. I'm still enjoying all the possibilities that this hardware and software is giving me. Perhaps most of all, I am enjoying the quality - clean, crisp, clear - both sonically and aesthetically. Just enjoy.

C. Lara Sanhueza

January 11, 2021

Lo maximo

Muy buena interfaz, ahora puedo producir con un autentico color análogo, y desde la comodidad de mi dormitorio.

S. Rehbein

January 11, 2021

Muy recomendable!

Venía trabajando con una silverface y opté por agregar la twin x. Se nota bastante el upgrade en la conversión. Tuve que agregar el adaptador de apple para usarla con thunderbolt 1 y funciona sin problemas. Para trabajar en mezclas es ideal funcionar con 4 o más núcleos (la Duo solo permite grabaciones básicas en estéreo si usas unison y alguna reverb)

A. Vargas

January 7, 2021

Truly amazing product

I went from Scarlet to the UAD and let me tell you, if you thinking about it. Don’t ! This thing gives you so much more depth to mixes you wont ever want to go back.

A. Vargas

January 7, 2021

Truly amazing product

I went from Scarlet to the UAD and let me tell you, if you thinking about it. Don’t ! This thing gives you so much more depth to mixes you wont ever want to go back.

V. Behr

January 6, 2021

Best audio interface

Best interface + best plugins!

501-520 of 918 Results