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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

501-520 of 933 Results

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C. Hamilton

February 17, 2021

Excellent Interface

I love working with the Apollo Twin X. Getting to use all of the UAD plugins is great and is really helping my recordings and mixes. I switched over from Apogee and the converters aren't quite as good, but they're still great. I also wish the headphone amp was slightly better, but it's still fantastic. All around it's a great investment. I particularly love the portability of the unit.

G. Perez

February 14, 2021

Live it

Thanks learning and loving it

j. lee

February 12, 2021




February 12, 2021

Très déçu

Je me faisais une joie de passer sur apollo twin et surtout de pouvoir profiter des très réputés plug-in UA. Malheureusement je fus vite déçu :
- La machine est très chère.
- Le gros problème est qu'à partir de 2 ou 3 plug-in UA, l'appollo s'arrête et annonce qu'elle en surcharge à cause des plug-in. à partir de là, comment peut-on construire un morceau ? J'ai acheté plein de plug-in au début mais impossible de les utiliser ou alors un ou deux par morceau. Nul...
- J'ai tenté d'intégrer la console UA avec Logic, j'y ai perdu des nuits sans résultat probant.
- Ma déception est telle que j'en ai perdu le gout de la composition tellement cet appareil alourdi le process.

Le seul point positif pour moi est la qualité du son, indéniable mais cela ne rattrape pas les défauts cités.

Grosse arnaque !

F. Yu

February 11, 2021


This is my best purchase of the year! (so far)... First time to check out UAD products. I truly enjoy creating music with my Apollo Twin X Duo Heritage Edition. Still in the learning process though. I do all my tracking on it, No latency, No problem! This is GOLD!

R. Dobrev

February 9, 2021

Roman Dobrev studio Ponte records

The quality of ad / da surprised me, it's great. A completely different dimension of sound

L. Iturra

February 9, 2021

Un gran salto

Es un gran salto a lo que conocía.. las emulaciones corren muy bien, además el hecho que se puedan encadenar varias interfases y sumar canales es muy practico.. solo me faltaron un par de salidas más

C. Knight

February 8, 2021

Best interface for the money.

This is where you start and grow from, if you need more DSP you can expand it. Completely satisfied, 10/10, haters don't know how to use the hardware or software and it's a shame cause this is the only studio in a box. (M1 crybabies are seriously Einsteins for not checking system capability before upgrade, m1 came out after twin x. I guess losers can be losers.)

d. bapte

February 6, 2021

Bon produit

Excellent pour la MAO

J. Estremadoyro

February 5, 2021


Decidí hacer el cambio a Apollo Twin X después de muchos años y la verdad siento que he perdido el tiempo, debí hacerlo hace mucho tiempo! la calidad no tiene comparación. Trabajando en casa con mi laptop, la Apollo Twin y el UAD 2 Satellite más los complementos son la combinación perfecta para lograr un gran sonido profesional!

R. Manestar

February 5, 2021

Great !

great sound, quality build ! Very happy with it

A. Monpart

February 5, 2021

Amazing !

Great sound, amazing plugins, easy to use. What else ?

D. Harin

February 3, 2021

Best investment I’ve made

It has been a game changer for my mixing and production. It’s a no brainer. It comes at a cost for a reason

M. Coles

February 2, 2021


I’ve recently brought this expensive interface only to find out it does not work with my new Mac book pro m1 chip so I can’t use any of my plugins, would really appreciate ua audio giving us an update on this as I love there plugins but can’t use them? Be wary guys when choosing new gear as I am learning the hard way.

j. yang

January 30, 2021

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충분한 값어치가 있고 가격에 충분한 소리를 들려줍니다 감사합니다.

B. Cromartie

January 30, 2021

Best decision I could’ve made

As a professional musician/producer, making the switch from the focusrite Scarlett to the Apollo Twin X was something that I now realize was long overdue! Amazing sound quality, the plugins are incredibly comparable to the actual hardware I love, and I’m just very impressed and I don’t regret paying more for the quality that is displayed by UA. I see many more purchases in the near future!

A. Safak

January 28, 2021

Part time musicians

Its nice to have quality gear you can rely on.


January 26, 2021

Get this!

I have been trying for years as a novice to get excellent quality sound. i made the mistake in going for lower end products only to realize that the money spending on my apollo twin is worth it for the love of music that i now get to make.

J. revata adrianzen

January 23, 2021

Excelente interface

Me resulto súper fácil el poder registrarlo y ahora que lo uso estoy más que feliz ya que su calidad es muy notable

D. Estrella

January 22, 2021


This was my dream interface, I've wanted one of these since I was a sophomore in highschool (4 years ago now)! My computer 1000% exceeds the minimum requirements for this interface, however the drivers are so poor. I've tried every fix I could find,. For $900 I shouldn't have to find fixes and work-arounds. I wish UA would step up and fix the issue. Sadly I have to move on. If you're on windows, avoid UA. Lastly, I think its scummy to sell the Apollo Twin USB MK1 for $900 which is the same price as the X, but sell the MKII variants for $800. Leaving windows users who want your products paying top dollar, even though the MK1 isn't close to sounding as good at the X. Greed.

501-520 of 933 Results