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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

701-720 of 924 Results

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J. Ramos

July 26, 2020

A True Workhorse Interface

Whether you're just getting into recording and mixing or if you've been at it for years, the Apollo Twin X is a fantastic addition to your setup. Unless you have the actual physical hardware models, nothing compares to UAD's combination of top-shelf plug-in modeling and DSP processing. Using a single plug-in or even just the right turn of a particular parameter knob can take your tones and mixes to a new level.

Recording direct with my electric guitar is a breeze, and I get incredible tones from UAD's Diezel VH4 and ENGL Savage 120 plug-ins (which you can buy in UAD's plug-in store). The interface comes stock with some great mixing plug-ins included, and once you hear the difference these plug-ins can make you'll wish you had gotten your hands on them sooner. Also, the new Apollo interfaces come bundled with the Luna Recording System, which is not just slick-looking but also tightly integrated with the Apollo software. The end result is an incredible sounding setup at an incredible price.

Although the software drivers were initially a bit temperamental on my brand new iMac, I was able to get things running nicely by properly adjusting the system sample rates and paying close attention to how I have my computer and Twin X settings configured. Either way, I'm glad to have become part of the UAD family, and I'll recommend an Apollo over the competition every time.

M. Postnov

July 25, 2020

I should have got it earlier

As I upgraded my old trusted Mac Pro 2010, I got an Apollo twin X recently to upgrade from my old FireWire Audifire. I loved the preamps on that thing a lot and sweared not to ever change it. So first I checked Apollo’s unison pres and oh man.. what an upgrade! My regret was that I chose a Duo and it turned out I needed more juice, so a new OCTO unit is here already too! My Apollo, Octo and an OX box make a nice creative ecosystem in my home studio from now on!

b. koh

July 22, 2020

Apollo Twin X

This is the 4th Apollo that i owned. You may think that I am crazy, why buy 4? Well, I travel while I work so it's kind of convenient to keep 2 Apollo rack-mounted in 2 studios while keeping one at home & one in my bag to travel wherever I'll be. This way, I don't have problem with MY plugins setting if I would have to use someone else's UAD and mess up their setting. This new one comes with Thunderbolt 3 port which I am not crazy about it at all. You see, in spite of capable of transferring 40 Gbps for Thunderbolt 3, the UAD only need 5Gbps. So if you are still using the "non-X" series that works with your old Thunderbolt 2 port, stay with that. LoL.
This new one works just fine, like the old ones.

M. Carpio

July 21, 2020

La mejor.

Vengo de mi anterior interface Apollo Twin USB, por lo que puedo comparar. Apollo Twin X suena mejor, se escucha la diferencia. Me gusta que el mute sea en un botón a parte de la perilla principal, así mismo con la incorporación del talkback que ya venía de las mkii, algo realmente muy útil para los que tenemos estudios pequeños y cada canal cuenta. Otro punto que veo como una gran mejora es la entrada Hi-z, en la USB realmente no me gustaba ya que sonaba fuera de face y me obligaba a invertirla (lo cual nunca pude descubrir si era un defecto de aquella unidad o de todas las USB), y en la X por algún motivo el cambio fue rotundo, me resulta sumamente útil y suena realmente muy bien.
Gran trabajo de Universal Audio, creo que Apollo Twin X no tiene competencia.

ö. eryiğit

July 21, 2020


I use for VoiceOver. Sound is nice pure and perfect.


July 19, 2020

It seems ...

Looks good. Sounds good. Feels good.

L. Fishman

July 19, 2020

After 8 years

I’ve used Apogee, Focusrite and M audio interfaces. Nothing comes close to this thing. After having a 2i2 for 8 years the switch over to the Apollo is like a third world refugee coming to America. The difference in just sound quality alone was marginally better. Speakers sounded brand new. I’m getting married to my Apollo

G. Jennings

July 18, 2020

Loving It

This is an upgrade from the Apollo Twin, and having twice the room for plugins makes an amazing difference. I'm not having to freeze a bunch of tracks. And is it possible I have better sound in general? That's what it feels like.

M. Bond

July 16, 2020

Game Changer!

I’ve worked in many of the biggest studios in the world. UAD Gives me access to endless outboard that sounds the real deal! I mixed a record for the Jacksons this week and no longer feel the need to spend £1000’s mixing at massive studio like Abbey road etc.. smokes everything else for sure.

M. Lizarraga

July 13, 2020

Stopped working

After a week of having this this audio all of a sudden stopped coming out and I couldn't get it to work after extensive amount of trouble shooting. Research online before you buy, it seems this is a widespread problem.

K. Cattaree

July 13, 2020

Amazing product!

One of the best investments i've made for my studio, amazing quality and very scalable if I want a bigger system in the future.

K. Cattaree

July 13, 2020

Amazing product!

One of the best investments i've made for my studio, amazing quality and very scalable if I want a bigger system in the future.

S. Shin

July 11, 2020

Really good for recording.

Since Arrow has too small dsp, Now I feel free to complete my console insert chains.

K. McCormick

July 9, 2020

The Apollo Luna System and the Big Switch from Tape

I have always used outboard and tape to record. Scared of the shift to digital!
Apollo/Luna and my Plug Ins give me the sound and feel of my old systems but are trouble free and enable me to send my recordings to Vinyl Cutting Houses. So from England to my label in California its just a button away!

L. Fishman

July 6, 2020

Made The Jump

As a serious musician, serious about his love and freedom of expression via the musical arts; I made the jump from the 1st generation focusrite 2i2 (purchased in 2013)

Upon downloading the software, driver updates and getting my virtual channels situated in console; I went to my iTunes library. All I can say it WOW!... there is such a large margin of sound improvement, the details captured and low noise build make my headphones (Sony MDR7506) sound brand new. And they're definitely not new lol. My monitors also sound so more clearer in terms of sonic clarity (Yamaha HS5's and the HS8 sub). For that reason alone it may be worth it. But I have always been somewhat of an audiophile since working at a car sound installation store a while back. Being amongst professionals this interface is definitely one that I see a lot and its gotten to the point of being iconic like an iPhone almost. Besides the focusrite I've used an apogee in terms of desktop interfaces that I can compare the sound too and the apollo x is undoubtedly the winner.

Let's talk UA signature plug ins with actual hardware manipulation to achieve analog emulation of vintage signature classics. Having used a real Avalon 737 pre, I couldn't help myself and bought the UA 737. I demo'd it first of course and was absolutely blown away. Now I have friends who use waves plug ins and I've seen an A/B mix comparison. I think 10/10 times UA will clearly stand out as the better of the two. No offense to those who use waves plug ins.

Last but not least I do want to say that the team behind UA is an exemplary team of professionals who really know what they are doing beyond the average consumer and I don't care if you build your own computer. I've soldered PCB's and done hardware mods myself. But in terms of analog emulation you buy an apollo and you basically have a little studio in a box. Console, aux sends, virtual channels, cue mixes like what? And the DSP feature will ensure that the load is not on your computer resulting a latency free recording with or without your vocal effects. That alone is another reason to grab this. Anyone seriously considering this should just do it now.

Once you hear quality sound you never want to hear it any other way.
Theres so much more I would like to say but the Apollo will speak for itself.

c. glakas

July 4, 2020

Apollo Twin X is a game changer

So expensive, but worth it. I bought mine 3 months ago and it has completely changed how I record and what I sound like. The unison preamps + channel strip plugins are fantastic, and the analog classics plugin bundle will have you off and running on day 1. Buy it, you'll be making records all day!

J. Qi

July 1, 2020

Not only a interface! It's a piece of art:)

Saw plenty of reviews says how good the apollo is. before I got it today I thought its just a marketing thing. Now I'm regret to get my apollo twin x duo, I should just get x8! trust me! it is better than u think!!!

J. Qi

July 1, 2020

Not only a interface! It's a piece of art:)

Saw plenty of reviews says how good the apollo is. before I got it today I thought its just a marketing thing. Now I'm regret to get my apollo twin x duo, I should just get x8! trust me! it is better than u think!!!

J. Saghi

June 29, 2020

Great Interface!

The Apollo Twin X is the perfect solution for a low-latency 2 channel audio interface. Not the cheapest option out there but definitely worth its cost in performance.

G. Polito

June 27, 2020

Simply Amazing!

I can finally mix everywhere. This little guy is so powerful and gives me all that I need. I simply carry it with me. Train, airplane, hotel... now I mix everywhere with my plugins!

701-720 of 924 Results