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Apollo Twin X

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O. Aunet

April 20, 2020

Ignore the negative reviews from PC users

I'm no ass kisser for any company, but if people have complaints about the Apollo Twin, they either got really unlucky and got a lemon, in which case Universal Audio would definitely remedy, or they have no idea what they're doing. There is absolutely no issue with Windows and thunderbolt. Yes, it is more of a headache to setup the Apollo with a PC given you have to add a thunderbolt slot to your motherboard and set things up properly in your BIOS, but that's all there is to it. The only negative i've found is that if you're ever in a situation where you're forced to turn your computer off via power supplies or front panel instead of using shut down or restart in Windows, it messes things up for thunderbolt and you have to clear the BIOS and redo the settings. It's kinda annoying, but the product is so good that it's worth it. It's not like you have to do that often either seeing as it's kinda a last resort choice. Anyways, I absolutely love my Apollo and am glad to be apart of the UA family. I do highly recommend spending a little extra to get the quad because you're gonna want more DSP asap. With the quad you don't really have to rush it and can try to be more careful with your production choices so you dont max out so fast, but I've had my quad Twin for a year now and saving up for more DSP. There are certainly great plugins out there that aren't UA, but there are a lot that I love from UA and some of them I almost wanna use on every single instance. Some DAWs don't handle CPU properly, so it is nice to have these all running on DSP. This isn't just some overpriced dongle to give you access to their plugins. It's powerful and takes stress off both your DAW and computer. My DAW craps out before my CPU or RAM are actually being taxed, so it's nice to add the Apollo with its DSP into the mix.

E. Hernández

April 19, 2020



A. Ray

April 17, 2020


REGARDLESS of what UA has recommended for compatibility with windows, UA is not a windows friendly company. I have 3 Experts, one with a degree in computer science, 2 audio engineers for over 10 years and myself with over 10 years experience, have yet to resolve issues with the Twin Duo X. My laptop is more than capable and we followed everything UA recommended plus the expert knowledge. We still have no results with getting rid of crackling, audio interference, and the ability to reach zero latency. There are still severe driver issues between the interfaces and windows. UA has a lot to work on as they have 1,000s of unhappy windows users. Just don't market your product to windows until it works as flawless as it does on Mac.

A. Guardado

April 17, 2020

The new heart for my studio

Due to the Coronavirus i was forced to work from home so i decided to purchase a new mobile interface (previously i had apogee symphony i o generation1) and i was very impressed with the quality of the AD DA conversion of the twin x. I love the fact that it has all the features that a producer like me needs (two preamp with unison, two sets of monitors with alternate function, etc) I'm very happy with my purchase.

A. Kaj

April 16, 2020

As good as it gets!

Starting recordings for a new album I wanted to upgrade my preamps and converters for tracking vocals, acoustic guitars etc. at my home studio. My research and several recommendations by audio professional friends lead me to the world of Apollo and UAD plugins.
So when Aprils Desktop Platinum Vocal Promotion was launched it was pretty much a no-brainer. The amazing quality of hardware and plugins has quickly turned me into a huge fan as well. Thanks for making such great products :-)
- Andreas Kaj

E. Alacayir

April 15, 2020

İm in Love

This is crazy the best interface ever, dont think buy it.

r. cappitelli

April 14, 2020

Waited far too long

For years I was using other cheaper brand cards, I thought what I was listening to was high quality. Not only does the twin x sound unreal, the capabilities, workflow, and plugins are superior and in my mind you just can't do better than this. If you take your music serious, I highly recommend you get a serious sound card like this one. Sonic Freedom!

J. Weijer

April 13, 2020

Apollo Twin X a good friend

The Twin X is a beautiful designed product and easy to use.
It matched nicely with Logic Pro X and share all plugins together.
When using too much plugins there is some latency.
The Twin X is like a stove and gets very hot.
I have been using it for a few weeks now and I like the thing.
Highly recommended.

D. Barkman

April 12, 2020

A True Workhorse, and built like a tank!

What can I say, sleek design, great functionality, incredible sound, portable, easy to use, kind of like an extension of my hand when working. I absolutely love having my Twin X, it never lets me down.

S. Ritter

April 11, 2020

Superb for doing small jobs on the road

From time to time I am in the situation were I have to track a musician outside my small studio. I decided for the twin because it‘s small, relatively lightweight, offers awesome conversion and the option to use the superb UA plugins on the road. Now my 19“ unit can stay at home and I donˋt have to make no compromise in soundquality.

K. Nevelskiy

April 11, 2020

Great device ;)

Very happy to purchase. This is my best sound card compared to MACKIE and MOTU.
1) Why is there no thunderbolt cable included? It was very difficult to find him in my village.
2) The main volume control has an unpleasant backlash.
Therefore, only four stars.

D. Jankowski

April 10, 2020

My music is happy

If you're looking for great quality nad mobility then Apollo Twin is the choice. Highly recommended.

J. Migchelsen

April 10, 2020

High-Quality conversion, Monitor Controller & DSP. Best in Market

The best!

S. Welton

April 10, 2020

Seems I chose well

Apparently I had good advice I making this interface my choice.

I can see continuing to select Universal Audio in my future as I grow.

M. Ahuja

April 8, 2020

High-Quality conversion, Monitor Controller & DSP. Best in Market

Universal Audio some of the best interfaces on the market since a while now. Their DSP systems is probably the most flexible in the industry allowing client and engineer to use plugins on personal systems while hooked up via a Thunderbolt cable. Don’t worry, they won’t get to leave with your expensive plugins, your plugins are safe and living within your interface.

M. Ahuja

April 8, 2020

High-Quality conversion, Monitor Controller & DSP. Best in Market

Universal Audio some of the best interfaces on the market since a while now. Their DSP systems is probably the most flexible in the industry allowing client and engineer to use plugins on personal systems while hooked up via a Thunderbolt cable. Don’t worry, they won’t get to leave with your expensive plugins, you plugins are safe and living within your interface.

J. Carlson

April 8, 2020

Happy Purchaser of a Quad

Ive wanted an Apollo for a few years, finally I pulled the trigger on a Quad and I couldn't be happier! As we all know the plug-ins are amazing and the ease of use is off the charts. Everything is a button push away and the sound quality is amazing. I use lots of plugins and can get about 70% of my DSP in use just playing around. Im glad I have something with the power I need that does not take up tons of space. Now that Luna is out I'm interested in playing with shape and seeing what it can provide. I couldn't be happier with an interface!

B. Selditch

April 7, 2020

No surprise . . . . . BUT

I was quite aware of universal audio is superior position in the marketplace. After using a late 2009 iMac at the Focusrite Safire Pro 40 Interface for 11 years, I thought it was time for an upgrade. I expected great results from my Apollo Twin X Duo, but was completely blown away by the results. Tracking vocals, live bass and guitars was stellar. Even the legacy plug-ins that were included were amazing. The GUI is extremely intuitive, and I was up and running with very little use of owners manuals or help videos. I’m very happy with the Apollo interface and will probably use it for years to come!

C. Hamilton

April 7, 2020

Nostrac Production

What can say but Excellence Art

T. Nogueira

April 7, 2020


Now we don’t have excuses. Apollo changes the recording world. We have pro quality in a bedroom. And plugins are the best, I don’t have enough words to descrive them. Just listen to the Oceanway or capitol chambers.

701-720 of 850 Results