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Apollo Twin X

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B. Williams

April 5, 2020

Awesome Interface!

So far I love the Apollo Twin X! Amazing sound, ease of use, and access to unbelievably great plugins! Why it took me this long to upgrade is a mystery...

A. Brown

April 5, 2020

Recording artist / engineer mixer

I always thought that Apogee had the best AD / DA converters But I'm totally convinced that Apollo has the best sound I've experienced yet great product.

L. Gaffney

April 4, 2020

A Great interface

The apollo is great on so many levels! The sound is wonderful and the plugins are amazing! Thanks for the quality effects to make great recordings.

A. Najar

April 4, 2020


I'm just learning to use my new Apollo duo x and I'm very impressed so far. I look forward to years of recording with my new interface.

N. Zadorojniy

April 4, 2020

Very cool device

So pretty , I’m so glad to look and use that monster

R. Barnum

April 4, 2020

Big Things Come in Small Packages!!

I'm loving this thing... such a marked improvement sonically for my home studio. Recording vocals with Unison Neve plugins are a snap. I took no time at all to become accustomed to the interface of the Console software. Also the buttons and switching are much more intuitive than I anticipated. It's just another solid purchase from Universal Audio, but that is not a surprise.

O. Usta

April 3, 2020

Tremendous quality!

I can criticize only 2 issues;
- As DSP, sound cards are a bit inadequate. Supporting with extra DPS cards offers a clear solution.
- I live in Türkiye and the dollar rate here is very high and DSP solutions required to support the plug-in can not provide for myself.

* Everything else is perfect!

J. Angulo

April 3, 2020

Leave Quality to Universal Audio, it's your turn to shine with your talent.

No more worrying about quality when tracking, mixing and mastering. Leave that to Universal Audio. Focus on your craft, music and make it better every day. I use to work with other great manufacturers for audio, but when I switched to UA (like 3 years ago) my music has evolved in quality and workflow. I enjoy making music with this unbelievable tools, plugins and hardware made by UA. Feel like a Pro Studio now and my music is reaching every corner of earth, now with Studio-Class Quality.

Thanks UA.
Recommended 110%

P. Enz

April 2, 2020

Very Good Interface

Form the beginning I was convinced. I really love this great interface. I have almost all plugins, but some of them I have now three times! This is very good, especially since I work on one system. I am really looking forward to buy the next interface.

K. Larsen

April 2, 2020

Getting real pro

Such precision all over the spectral. Amacing. Plugins that make outboard hardware superfluent. Finally my productions sound as I had in mind.


April 1, 2020

First Steps

Hello ! I did my first recordings few days ago, and I like the Apollo Twin, very easy to record my vocals. I appreciate the plug-ins too, but I'm a newbie and still have a lot to learn ! By the way, I don't received the link for the free plug-in after the confirmation of my email address, maybe a mistake ? Thanks for the Universal Audio team and see you later for a further notice.

C. Yoon

April 1, 2020

Best Of Best

Best Of Best

B. Stern

April 1, 2020

A No Brainer

Don’t try to save a few bucks buying the “other company’s” stuff. UA is the only way to get amazing mixes and huge smiles on your face. Apollo Twin X is the perfect start to a killer studio. The quad has enough DSP horsepower to keep you busy for a long time. Stop hesitating and just get one!

D. Naranjo

March 30, 2020

It is a great device!

I am very happy with the purchase of my Apollo Twin X, the conversion quality is incredible, in addition to its stability and handling. I'm not giving it 5 stars because my device came with a little scratch. In a nutshell, this interface is wonderful!

C. Xuan

March 29, 2020



P. Files

March 24, 2020

Fabulous piece of gear!

Just getting started using the Apollo Twin X Duo and my recordings have never sounded better. I am thoroughly impressed!

M. Masiarik

March 24, 2020

Apollo Twin X

Great DA converters! I use it with external gear and I can hear difference between Twin first gen and this Twin X. Perfect!

S. Anderson

March 23, 2020

2018 MacBook Pro 13"- Twin X Duo TB3

Love the fluidity of all the UA hardware. The Apollo Twin X is by far one of the most superior pieces of equipment in my studio. My only wish is to be able to control the headphone volume via Console. No biggie though. Great job UA!

E. Norris

March 23, 2020

horrible experience

spent 4 hours trying to get the apollo twin x thunderbolt to connect to my 2018 mac. no luck. tried EVERYTHING on the site. spoke to customer care and they couldn't figure it out either. now out 900 dollars and have to get another. guessing the software just isn't bug proof for newer macs and mojave.

c. kihun

March 22, 2020

Really really good

Simple, smart, and fast

721-740 of 850 Results