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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

61-80 of 923 Results

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S. Ford

November 14, 2023

Game changer!

I’ve had a studio for years, when I’m in there I create. Now I can create anywhere. Weather tracking or mixing, this box is outstanding.

R. Gordon

November 6, 2023

must get

It's a very awesome interface. Only problem I have with it I cannnot use all of my UAD plug-ins because of CPU problem.

M. Zub

November 2, 2023

Next level music production just laying casually on your desk

This thing rocks! It completely wipes out every audio interface I've had before. With bundled plugins you have complete toolset to create fantastic sounding music. Simple, easy to use, looks great, sounds amazing - well worth the price!

j. ehrlich

November 1, 2023


awesome interface, my main problem with my audient 1d14 was alot of hiss in recordings of quiet instruments like acoustic guitar. im not getting any off that with my new apollo

D. Parrish

October 31, 2023

Best purchase I’ve made in years!!

The unison preamps are amazing! Can truly hear the difference in every preamp you use the moment you touch the gain knob! And the ability to use additional plugins in realtime and print them increases the quality of the recording 10x making mixing a breeze because the recording is so great!

D. Thompson

October 26, 2023

Dig it.

Fun to play with. Nicely done.

s. riviere

October 26, 2023

L'une des meilleure carte grand public

J'utilise l'ancienne version de la Twin depuis 2017 et cette nouvelle variante version X est tout aussi qualitative sans changer le concept. Bravo encore UA !

A. De Siati

October 21, 2023

the best in the world

Apollo Twin X is the best audio interface in the world because the UAD technology with this gear are amazing

G. Usher

October 20, 2023

Completely Unacceptable

I have tried everything I have found on the piece of Sh!t Apollo Twin X at least 20 Times. It does not register, It does not work with Mac Mini M2 and OS Ventura. I got the Satellite to load and register but the Apollo Twin X is a complete Bust. No technical support from UA. This use to be the Industry Standard. Now it's complete SH!T!

L. Volley

October 18, 2023

FCP problems with PlugIns

When starting Final Cut Pro 10.6.10, it checks the audio-plugins. The following Plug-Ins where inkompatible:
UAD API 550A, UAD Cambridge, UAD Empirical Labs FATSO Sr, UAD Manley VOXBOX, UAD Neve 31102, UAD Precision De-Esser, UAD Precision Equalizer, UAD Precision K-Stereo, UAD UA 1176 Rev A
Why didn't UAudio solve the problems??? :-(((

T. Nelson

October 17, 2023

Happy with purchase

I purchased two gadgets this one in particular works better for me we were able to connect pretty easy however reaching somebody for the receipt invoice hasn't been great

J. Aguilar

October 16, 2023

the best preamps

everything sounds so nice throught those nice preamps. Thanks UAD once again

C. Georges

October 13, 2023

Support a revoir

J ai acheté une twin x duo usb, pour information, je suis sur windows 11 avec un bon pc core i9. L installation se passe bien mais impossible en fin d installation de s enregistrer sur le site avec comme conséquence de ne pas pourvoir utiliser les plugin HE et autre qui sont offerts en ce moment. Les plug in de base sont utilisables mais reste limité en nombre. Je contacte rapidement le support en leur précisant toutes les installations effectuées. Au bout de plus d une semaine, j ai eu 2 réponses qui m ont donné l impression qu il voulait gagner du temps et au final rien n' a avancé. J attends quelques jours et je retournerai la carte pour me faire rembourser (mon revendeur m a proposé de la changer mais le pb est logiciel et pas hardware .

G. Buche

October 3, 2023

Carte son au top

Super mais les plugs restent un peu cher !

J. Pineda

October 3, 2023

Apollo X


G. Broersma

September 28, 2023



c. choi

September 27, 2023

Good audio interface

Apollo Twin X Quad Core is the best Interface I ever had.

c. choi

September 27, 2023

Good audio interface

Apollo Twin X Quad Core is the best Interface I ever had.

m. fritsch

September 26, 2023

wish it work on Windows as well

While it works fine on my Mac, I cannot get it to work on my Windows laptop despite having read and implemented the instructions provided...

S. Lontano

September 19, 2023

What a beautifull interface

A game changer in my workflow.
The perfect companion for my Apollo x8

61-80 of 923 Results