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Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

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N. Dogu

January 2, 2022

Just amazing

Glad to be here


January 1, 2022

Just give the optical output port. Please~

Just give the optical output port. Please~
This is your only downside.


December 28, 2021

Disaster for Mac M1 pro And OS Monterey

Still can't use it.
Bad os software. Mac OS monterey Mac M1 pro
Stéréo out ok
Inputs Line or mic don t Work

A. Güner

December 23, 2021

Im just so amazed

All my production sklills get higher. Finally I got reach to this Pro sound on my works and loving the Console app, all interaction with my daw. Thanks UA

N. Szabados-Mavrák

December 22, 2021

Game changer

This interface is amazing. Absolutely game changer. My production has come a long way with uad plugins. It was totally worth the price.

V. Morency

December 21, 2021

Apollo Twin X Quad

Love it sold my Apollo 8 and Twin Solo to get more processing power when traveling. So far I haven't ran out of any DSP for my work flow!

C. Lewin

December 19, 2021

Great interface for creative recording.

Purchased as an upgrade from an old Roland interface. Love the tactile controls and ability to emulate different preamps, amps and hardware. The UAD console seems really useful but takes a little getting used to. Only shame is that the main plastic control knob feels a little flimsy compared to what is otherwise a really solidly built unit. All in all, really pleased with my purchase.

Y. Núñez

December 19, 2021

Great equipment.

I've had different audio interfaces, no doubt apollo x is the best one.

h. handtke

December 18, 2021

They Say it they prove it

I am a poor musician from Germany, Berlin. It is a very tough business here, to find a good Sound-Engineer, how helps you with your Songs. So you have to do it by yourself.
And even if I just master Songs recorded with my IPhone, I get a Sound close to the Idea I had.
I am very thankful for that!
I am Erron Rose.

P. Wandtke

December 16, 2021

Love the Apollo Twin X

I’ve had an Apollo Twin for over 6 years and it’s been on the road with me during tours/flights and; it’s never failed! Like I can’t believe how durable it’s been? I thought at one point it would need some physical repair. I finally bought a Twin X quad for more DSP and couldn’t be happier. Thanks UAD for making a great product

J. Susilo

December 15, 2021

Great product overall

Outstanding sound, robust, high-quality and easy-to-use interface. The only reason why I didn't give it a 5-star rating was because of the console. Firstly, there should be an option to disable all of the inserts and pre-amps at once. It is a waste of time for us having to disable the plugins individually once we are finished with tracking. Secondly, you should be able to 'monitor' certain inserts and 'record' other ones in the same effect chain. For example, I would like to 'record' and print with the 1176 but I only want to 'monitor' with the pultec.

J. Persson

December 15, 2021

Great but complicated

I'll guess everyone already knows that this is the shit when it comes to recording interfaces, and it certainly is a amazing piece of gear. But when you like me do the upgrade from a basic USB interface it can be a huge step up and it takes some time and patience to master this device. I can be honest that without you tube tutorials I would be lost for days trying to capture my musical ideas. But if you'll got the budget my advice is to go for it, be patient and stick to the included plug-ins.

G. Campbell

December 15, 2021

Best interface on the market

Set up was easy and I can instantly tell a difference in audio quality even before using any unison pre amps or processing. The Apollo twin speeds up work flow and instantly proves why it’s the favorite of so many pro producers and engineers.

T. Gol

December 6, 2021

Quad Core is killer

Great interface

Y. Ohya

December 2, 2021




December 1, 2021


I use my Apollo Twin X for 2 months now, and I'm glad...everything works perfectly on my Mac mini M1. the UA Console is great and very easy to understand.
professional gear for professionals

S. Walker

November 30, 2021

I don't care what it cost if it works!

I have been spending my hard earned $$$ on musical gear for almost 50 years and loving it!. I got the Apollo Twin just over a year ago and what a wonderful experience its been, and the Satellite Octo just arrived in the mail so things are about to explode yeah!. The Twin alone has inspired me, and lifted my game to a top level. My engineering course begins next year.
I don't think UAD's gear and plugins are at all expensive for what they do, and I could never afford all the real hardware anyway but I'm now gonna try!. Luna is amazing with all the upgrades and everything pretty much works seamlessly and that's where the gold is for me. Mismatched Software and Audio interfaces make recording too hard. Having this integrated system means "Workflow" but I don't do it for work I do it for fun!

r. rodriguez martinez

November 29, 2021

excelente equipo

la mejor opción fue obtener apollo twin

Y. de Bruijn

November 25, 2021

Not Apple M1 compatible

Still can't use it. After more than a year of waiting. Customer support tells me they don't even have a date by when they expect it updqte the software. Can't use any of the plugins withou crashing after a while even with the "workaround".

D. Bouresli

November 23, 2021

Best interface I owned

Great quality
Sound magnificent
Perfect memory for plugins
Looks nice

161-180 of 769 Results