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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

201-220 of 930 Results

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R. Akins

October 16, 2022

Stellar Sound!

Just upgraded from the Apollo Twin Mk2 - noticeable boost in stereo image and the sound quality is excellent!

E. Peterson

October 11, 2022


I got the twin x to see what the uad experience was all about. I’m loving it the sounds are awesome and the plugins I’ve tried are unreal. I’ve really gotten into Luna and find it’s the perfect daw for me for most tasks and as they add the few missing features I’ve found my recording home. The twin x is only the beginning for me as I will add a couple satellites and an Apollo rack down the road. Thank you universal audio for an awesome piece of hardware. I do wish you could create a greater contrast between the dimmest and brightest of the front led indicators

S. Cordingley

October 10, 2022

Powerful and Complicated

The system is powerful in its capabilities and works well. The absence of latency is wonderful and the plugins are impressive emulations. The products have a pretty steep learning curve; for me, reading hundreds of pages of manuals was the only way to make sense of it all. I don’t know yet if I will continue to invest further in more plugins. The costs do add up...

a. fields

October 9, 2022

The best

Clear and straight to the point interface the best purchase I have made this year so far


October 8, 2022

Quality gear

Caught a great deal so I upgraded from my Twin Duo with thunderbolt 2 after 7 years. Four DSP chips is plenty now for me to not have to worry about running out of resources during my mixes.

C. Jacquot

September 28, 2022

One of my best investment

I’m a professional guitarist and I’m more than used to tube amps. My first amp was a Fender Hot Rod Delux, then a Marshall JCM 2000, then a Soldano ROS and I always heard my father playing on a Fender Super 60. Then, I learned everything on playing the guitar based on those amps.

Until now, I never considered amp simulations, because I could really hear the difference. But i discovered UAD and their Apollo Twin X… and oh boy, that totally changed the game for me. Everything is there, I don’t need miking (which is not my cours of tea) and I now really get what I was looking for when mixing on my computer. Not used to analog mixing gear, I now understand how they got things to sound the way they did back in the days. For those who want to record their guitar, I can tell you this is not expansive : you now don’t have to buy the right amp with the right miks in the right room through the right analog console.

Also, the way the console is separated from the DAW is great ! I now can really think my sound before recording and stick with it.

Now please, UAD, get Luna working on Windows, can’t wait to try that ! However, thank you, you really changed things for me. I’m grateful for the stuff you’re doing.

César Jacquot

C. Moulin

September 28, 2022


great sound card incredible sound quality vst plugin really at the top of the sound

L. Apan

September 27, 2022


Fantastic interface with top notch converters.

C. Özdemir

September 26, 2022


Changed the Duo to a Quad. Love to use the Plugins!

E. Toews

September 24, 2022

I was a huge Fan until now.

I was a huge fan of UA until now. This is a seventh! device from UA that I bought,
Living in Germany I ordered it in June while a promotion was active, unfortunately I received it in August, until now I was not able to use it completely it because Support is not capable to solve issues which occured during the registration. Even the announced Heritage Plugins are not fully running..
I can say you one thing - if you plan to invest in UA Soft and Hardware - the more you buy the more you will be disappointed at the end.

a. Bezos

September 24, 2022

Top quality interface and plugins

PRO: Easy to setup, very user friendly, top sound quality, Unison preamp (what a blast when I played my guitars trough the Fender 55 plugin!!!), plugins diversity and quality.
CONS: too pricy for two processors –SHARC processors can be overload very quickly when using big plugins, no TB3 cable !!!

j. Stewart

September 23, 2022

Apollo Twin X

I’m blown away ! The converters , the Unison pres , the Uad2 plug-ins . Did I mention the converters ?
I’m coming from an RME fireface 800 and aside from the loss of I/0 on the Twin , it’s leaps and bounds above the fireface . I can’t wait to upgrade to more unison pres !
Awesome job all around UA !

J. Gonzalez

September 21, 2022

Awesome Interface!!

The Unison plugins are AWESOME. So so close to the real thing...
The instrument input are great as well the headphone out.
If you want the best desktop interface get an Apollo.

R. Guerrero

September 18, 2022

Power cord does not work the first time the unit is turn on. The second time it takes about 5 or more seconds to turn on.

I wonder if anyone is having this problem
The Apollo Twin does not turn on the first time the on switch is turn on.
The second time it takes about 5 or more seconds for the Apollo twin to turn on, after the switch is turn off; then turn on again.

I contacted desk support support and desk support asked me if the unit was connected to the wall.
I told me it was connected to a Furman power conditioner.
Desk support asked me to plug it directly to the wall; as, sometimes the Furman units go bad.
Interesting, all my other equipment turns on right away.

I plugged the Apollo directly to the wall and same thing happened.
Desk support suggested for me to buy a new power cord; as, the unit but not the power cord is under guarantee.
I was not very happy to spend the money to buy a new power cord for a 6 month old Appollo Twin and having to wait a month to get a new one; given that, the power cord was on back order.

When I got the new one a month later it is doing the same thing.
I re-opened the ticket and I am now waiting for desk support to see what they will suggest for me to do next.

I like the unit quite a lot; however, I do not know if this a problem with the Apollo Twin USB or if I just got a defective unit.

S. Ishutin

September 17, 2022


Best transparent and warm sound for your studio!!!

R. Donnelly

September 16, 2022

UA email requested review

I have only had the Apollo Twin X for a short time, just received it. Worked on a few DAW projects with imported field recording stereo audio. The Apollo Twin X is the centre of my DAW. I enjoy this simple, small and compact, almost all in one DAW solution. That really grabs me. I am getting a fairly loud pop on my monitors when the Apollo changes audio resolution to fit with a Logic Pro session which I'm uncertain of the cause but otherwise I cant find anything worthy to complain about. Headphone monitor sounds great and plenty of volume! The unit fits perfectly right in front of my Mac with most cable jacks appropriately aft. I haven't recorded with it yet, most of my work is field recordings with a Sound devices and Q2n. I had a satellite and that came to an end with Mac upgrades sadly so I am enjoying having the UAD plugs back with the Apollo. Having the downloadable UAD plugs helps the workflow quite a lot as there's not enough CPU on the twin duo alone for all the plugs I like using on my stereo field recording projects. No regrets. The small issues and cost aside I really enjoy the UAD experience and products and would not want to be in a different camp. Thanks UA.

C. Özdemir

September 9, 2022


This is really a game changer. All my old records and interfaces are fading

J. Rawls

September 5, 2022


Again fantastic Unison Pres

J. Rawls

September 5, 2022


I love the unison mode on this thing. I really wish it was bus power though.


August 26, 2022

Great portability!

Excellent portable interface. I upgraded to the X from the first gen. I really like the flexibility of Console and the options it provides. My only wish is that it had ADAT/SPDIF in AND out. If it had that, it would tick all the boxes for me.

201-220 of 930 Results