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Apollo Twin X

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D. Purcell

October 1, 2021

You're not getting much for your money these days

It has been years and there is still no support for 32 bit WDM / MME drivers eg. zoom, discord, gaming, streaming. I sold my Apollo 8 for this reason hoping it would be different but there is still distortion in every app. Universal Audios excuse of "it is only intended for DAW use" really wasn't good enough back then, and it's a deal breaker today when we need to purchase a second interface just to be able to communicate and work remotely, which many of us around the world are forced to do due to the pandemic. Recording works, but it's not usable and UA have refused to fix it all these years. Do yourself a favor and buy something that works and has more than the DSP of a Nokia 3310. Buy a 16 core ryzen and go native. UA has fallen off.

J. Seiles

September 30, 2021

Step up

Coming from a scarlet 2i4 there are a lot of reviews on YouTube saying you can’t tell the difference but you definitely can. The sound is a lot smoother, deeper and more detailed. There is a smoothness to the volume gain where things sound even at all volumes and no dramatic jumps. There were a few hiccups with installation with Big Sur and if you plan on using one with windows there are quite a few optimisations you need to do in BIOS which can be a bit like pulling teeth and will leave your windows pc or laptop underpowered. Sounds recorded in sound more detailed etc, the plugins are incredible. Much easier to get to a better mix so far. Wish I got more cores though as 2 doesn’t cover much so forces you to bounce tracks more often.

F. Fons

September 29, 2021

The best audio interface !

Just perfect :)

s. Im

September 28, 2021

very good

very good

G. Tucci-Boissonneault

September 27, 2021

UAD Apollo Twin X

Awesome piece of gear and definitely a step forward in modern recording technology. The audio interface lives up to every expectation, apart from the fact that the Hi-Z input clips so easily when using Palm-mutes or even slightly harder picking. Even with the preamp set as low as it will go, even when all the rest of the playing is well within a reasonable level; as soon as the palm-mutes kick in, the red clip bar comes along. There's a Pad option for Mic and Line inputs, it's irritating that this function isn't available on the Hi-Z input. Even some cheaper Audio Interfaces, that cost a mere fraction of the price, have that option. It makes recording heavy guitars a real hassle. And if you throw in a compressor beforehand to try and tame the Palm-mutes, your signal will lose all it's dynamic character going into a distorted amp or amp sim. For an interface of that standing and price, that's simply unacceptable.

C. Dicapri

September 25, 2021

Best sound/ recording interface

I’m currently taking mixing/mastering classes online and I was using a Clarett 4pre interface from focusrite, the difference is 50% . I have 2 Adam A7x monitors and I thought I had a great wide spectrum until I connected my new Apollo twin x quad, wow!!! a huge difference in gain on the preamps , a huge difference with width of the spectrum in my treated room. I played many of my iTunes tracks that i know how they were mixed and compared to the old interface a huge difference in the way things are panned and also their space … I heard reverbs and their decay clearly. On my old interface I had my gain to 2pm and on my new Apollo I have my gain to 10am for my daw and 12pm if I’m playing music online . I have sonarwork reference 4 running as a calibration for my near-fields speakers ) Overall I think is the Best Buy I have made. You won’t regret it !!!!
The only downside to the Apollo is that you can’t use more DSP to run more unison plugins and inserts on the channel your instrument is plugged … my Apollo comes with 4 DSP and I bought a Satellite Octo which comes with 8 extra DSP. You think by having extra DSP you can use more Unison plugins and inserts until you get the message you’re maxed out . The only way to bypass this is to just use your unison plugins on the channel your instrument is plugged and use your Auxiliary channels to insert more plugins so you don’t run out of DSP …. I wish UAD fixes this issue…


September 23, 2021

Love it

Love it , best sounding interface, plugins, no latency .... just love it


September 20, 2021

I love It!

I spent my money right. I saved money for a long time but it was worth it.

S. Stephenson

September 16, 2021

Does it right

You can trust that you're going to get fantastic sound with no problems, paying a premium for security in your sound.

j. genta

September 13, 2021


UAD deliver satisfaction, almost zero limitations.
Apart from my home studio, I want to take all my live set through universal audio

j. park

September 13, 2021

Everything i wished for

It's a pity they didn't improve the old chip, but the sound is good enough to cover all the shortcomings.

j. park

September 13, 2021

Everything i wished for

Old chips are a bit disappointing, but great machine

Y. SeungHun

September 12, 2021

very good

One word dynamic range

L. Deane

September 11, 2021

Find Out

I can't get the same sound from my 7 other interfaces ! Plugin's are not the same as when you use the UA products ! Buy something else and your down in the pack ! Lift your music the right way ! Universal Audio !

A. Gray

September 11, 2021

Blown away

Kind of got cornered into purchasing this in order to work collaboratively with another producer, since he used several UAD plugins. So glad I did. I can already tell a drastic improvement in both my mixing quality and my recording workflow. I love that with the ADAT expansion, I can still use the other 8-ch pre-amp I have for extra input.

J. de Jonge

September 10, 2021

Best of the best

The Apollo Twin X is simply the best of the best of interfaces, audio quality and ease of use. 10000% worth it. Should have bought it way sooner.

UAD User

September 8, 2021

Working very well on ASUS PC/Windows 10

I had some configuration issues, mainly the ASUS Z-390A motherboard thunderbolt card (ThunderboltEX 3). But with some tips on youbube, Apollo twin X started to work excellently well and I can use all the power of this wonderful interface. The video at the link below helped a lot in setting the BIOS:

V. Basyul

September 7, 2021

Лучший из лучших

Профессиональный уровень , и качественные материалы делают карту самой лучшей среди конкурентов!

J. Henigson

September 1, 2021

Won't work with my 2015 iMac

I used my Apollo Twin X with no issues for about half a year but in the past six months an issue started where the interface wouldn't connect to the computer. I've tried reinstalling the software many times and nothing seems to help. When I contact support their response is "yeah, we know it's an issue and it's not fixed." I have now contacted them at least three times in the past six months and their answer is the same. Thanks for the $800 paperweight guys. I thought I was getting a UA product so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing. Guess not.

C. Drake

August 31, 2021

Daddy’s home

Great product, user friendly, great sound. The seemless interaction between the interface and my Mac was fantastic. I had some minor issues when I used the most recent software update (a common bug apparently), but the UA customer service agent Miqueas walked me through the permanent fix. Looking forward to spending more time with the device and plug-ins.

221-240 of 786 Results