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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

261-280 of 923 Results

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J. Bedrich

April 5, 2022


I cannot be happier with this Apollo Twin X. Amazing sound quality. Extremely user friendly and plugins are worth every penny. I have so much to explore now and am thrilled that UA has taken my home studio to the next level.

A. Silverman

April 4, 2022

Very nice hardware, a few nitpicks...

Hardware is great, sound is awesome. It's clear why this is an industry standard for users trying to hit a new level of quality with their work.

There are a few things that seem silly to me, though:
* Can't disable direct monitoring from the hardware
* LED lights are bright enough when deactivated that -if I haven't been looking for a while- I can't tell if phantom power or the low-pass are toggled on or off
* When you install the console, every plugin comes with it - regardless of whether you have a license. When I started to play around, I couldn't even tell what I had access to or not. Eventually I found the "hide/display" settings, but even that goes 1-by-1 despite 100s of plugins and only hides them from the UA console (not my DAW). The plugins I got with the device are great, but this felt cheapening overall and not very welcoming for my first UA device.
* Would love a tuner plugin

G. Rosa

April 3, 2022


This product is amazing voice clear, plugins that they provide amazing also for live shows, I recommend for every new artist instead of studio time invest in this and don't get headache again.

V. Stien

March 29, 2022

Works flawlessly

Great quality and materials. Easy to set up. Working flawlessly on Windows. Video tutorials are very good when you wan't to learn about the features and plug-ins. The sound is of course 10/10.

D. Aiello

March 27, 2022

Not intuitive but sounds amazing

Windows 11, thunderbolt 4 and Cubase 11. Installed 4 times and finally think I have it working. It is very bloated and is geared for the intermediate to advanced engineer. I/O set up is confusing. Should have canned preset I/O set up for beginners to start workflow immediately. It will suck the artistic life out of you and most videos are just more marketing. With that said it sounds freaking Amazing!!! I see many of these apollo units on the used market and I'm not surprised. Ocean Way and Studar tape plugs are excellent. Hopefully it will continue to work flawless. Company needs to improve customer experience and product workflow development.

P. McNally

March 27, 2022

Can’t recommend enough

I pondered for months before pulling the trigger, to expensive, plug-in price but when you hear the difference, you only get what you pay for but didn’t expect it to be that much. Taken my projects, mixes and recordings to the next level. Well worth the extra.

W. Cichocki

March 22, 2022

Good choice .....

Very good sound quality. Good - high quality plugs, but there should be more price promotions for UAD hardware owners. The lack of a Thunderbolt cable is a shame - it greatly undermines the brand's reputation. A few bucks more is no problem for UAD buyers. A complete kit should be sold. In general - a good choice

P. Tyler

March 18, 2022

Almost perfect

Fantastic sound quality. It really lives up to reputation and expectations. But it was hard to find a thunderbolt cable, usb C didn’t cut it. It would have been so nice having this included so it didn’t delay my using it. Also the knob wobbles a bit. But I’m seriously nitpicking, it’s great kit.


March 17, 2022

Worth the money

I bought a £110 USB-C Audient ID4 and was happy with that thought it was great, then I wanted UA plugins, so I thought I will get the Apollo Twin x, I am working on headphones currently and when I got the Apollo connected up, wow what a difference. It was worth the money just for the sound quality, let alone the plugins!

m. malto

March 15, 2022

good but no great

i wanted to really, really like the apollo twin x. and if i was exclusively using a mac i probably would. unfortunately, my primary computer (right now) is a windows desktop. the drivers just arent there. too many clicks, pops, firmware switches and software hacks to make this work. ua has excellent support and so does sweet water. both tried to help get this going. in the end i returned it for an rme.

J. Ay

March 13, 2022

Solid and Well-made

I upgrade Apollo Twin from Windows USB Version to Twin X. I loved the new AD/DA which present a more crystal sound for me. The thunderbolt bandwidth also improved the workflow. Very NICE!

A. Droegemeier

March 13, 2022

Interface on steroids!

Upgraded from a MOTU audio express and I have to tell you this thing has definitely lived up to the hype. Everything just sounds clearer and more defined. The uad plugins are just so much higher quality than anything I’ve ever used before but be prepared because they are super addictive and pricey. My only gripe is that my thunderbolt port seems a little wobbly, hopefully no issues come down the road from that.

V. Kumawat

March 8, 2022

Selling as Thunderbolt Edition & Thunderbolt Cable is not included*

Lol ! How would it feel if you buy a car and you come to know have to buy tires separately?
The product is selling on the name of thunderbolt and they are not giving the cable with the product. if you guys are not able to give, you should give us another option to connect with hardware like older options. if a guy is purchasing it on instalments, its very difficult to buy the cable that is worth approx 130 $. maybe the hardware and plugins good but can't even test the product without cable so i'm going to return this. never expected this from UAD

J. Dearness

March 7, 2022

Fantastic piece of kit!

Connected up with ease, instant step up in quality from previous setup and a treat to use with LUNA

S. Parker

March 4, 2022

Game changer!

Big step up from the previous interface I was using. Paired with a couple Satellites and I have no complaints. Intuitive to use, sounds great, no complaints!

f. li

March 3, 2022

Apollo sound card is very easy to use, thanks UAD!

The Apollo sound card is compact and portable. It is very convenient for us to do music work. The built-in mixer is also very convenient to use, and the plug-in is also very excellent, which can achieve no delay state. Very good, very good.

L. Macher

March 1, 2022

Good choice

Very good build quality, professional!
Good converters, unison preamp a really nice gimmick. The only problem with Unison is that (at least with logic x) to use the unison preamps with logic I am forced to switch from UA console, if it were implemented within logic it would be really great!
UAD plugins are of high quality and good that there is an internal dps in the board. Quality / budget ratio is the best

C. Kanouni

March 1, 2022

Game Changer

It's a game changer ! My producer life changed after getting an Apollon Twin X !

R. Renatunes

February 26, 2022

Hardware is Good, Software is buggy. Cable not included.

The software has lots of bugs and keeps freezing and crashing. If you're using the interface with a laptop, expect it to go crazy when plugging and unplugging it. Sometimes I have to restart everything to get it back to normal.

They don't include the USB C cable in the box. That's a joke with a interface at this price point, because you can't just use any USB C cable, it has to be a specific thunderbolt cable. So after I received it, I had to keep buying cables until I got one that worked. Only then I could use the interface.

Good part is: the hardware is really, really good. If they had the same standard to software and package as they have in hardware, I'll certainly give it 5 stars.

G. Akashkin

February 26, 2022

Amazing sound card!

Excellent and high-quality. The idea of having your own processors is very cool and adds functionality. I use it for my home studio-enough for all my tasks!

261-280 of 923 Results