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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

381-400 of 929 Results

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September 8, 2021

Working very well on ASUS PC/Windows 10

I had some configuration issues, mainly the ASUS Z-390A motherboard thunderbolt card (ThunderboltEX 3). But with some tips on youbube, Apollo twin X started to work excellently well and I can use all the power of this wonderful interface. The video at the link below helped a lot in setting the BIOS:

V. Basyul

September 7, 2021

Лучший из лучших

Профессиональный уровень , и качественные материалы делают карту самой лучшей среди конкурентов!

J. Henigson

September 1, 2021

Won't work with my 2015 iMac

I used my Apollo Twin X with no issues for about half a year but in the past six months an issue started where the interface wouldn't connect to the computer. I've tried reinstalling the software many times and nothing seems to help. When I contact support their response is "yeah, we know it's an issue and it's not fixed." I have now contacted them at least three times in the past six months and their answer is the same. Thanks for the $800 paperweight guys. I thought I was getting a UA product so I wouldn't have to deal with this kind of thing. Guess not.

C. Drake

August 31, 2021

Daddy’s home

Great product, user friendly, great sound. The seemless interaction between the interface and my Mac was fantastic. I had some minor issues when I used the most recent software update (a common bug apparently), but the UA customer service agent Miqueas walked me through the permanent fix. Looking forward to spending more time with the device and plug-ins.

远. 江

August 29, 2021



A. Richter

August 28, 2021

Apollo Twin x - Best gear Ever!!!

Just replaced my old gear with the Apollo twin x quad!! That’s an amazing audio interface with a solid sound. Just love it!!!!! 10/10.

C. Painchaud

August 27, 2021

Fantastic gear!

Sounds great! Easy to operate.

A. Pais Iriart

August 26, 2021

amazing sound and extremely easy to use

The title saids it all: amazing sound and extremely easy to use. I haven't yet use it much to say much more about it, nor I have a lot to compare it with, but so far it has been a fantastic and fun experience. I have also started to use Luna....I am almost certain I will never (or at least no to often) go back to Protools or Logic. FANTASTIC!

k. jooin

August 23, 2021

it's good

perfect audio interface

I. Said

August 23, 2021

apollo twin x quad core

sample rate

C. Moore

August 20, 2021

I think it would be great if I could get it to work

UA is clearly ok at pre-sales and sales …and totally DREADFUL at after-sales. It’s difficult to think of a tech company where the instructions and collateral material have been so dire, obtuse, and focused on greedy upselling than this one. I now find myself having to get private lessons from someone who has managed to get this abomination to work. If you’re not into decrypting tech manuals but eager to get on with making music then DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. So called UA instructional videos are there primarily to sell you more kit. Would I recommend this to anyone? Not in a million years. Good luck.

M. Petrillo

August 16, 2021

The Best Portable Interface Ever Made.

It's hard to find any fault here. The best performing and sounding portable audio interface I've ever used. Glitch free, quick and responsive performance. Amazing sounding conversion, and the best sounding reference-standard powered plug in collection in history. Add the Unison system for recording tracks right the first time around, and you have a unit that is world-class, road-worthy, and sounds great. Flawless Thunderbolt 3 performance, even with a 10 year old Macbook Pro. A dream come true for those of us who grew up with recording consoles and analog gear. Nothing else comes close...Not to mention the constantly evolving LUNA DAW software, which I think will become the reference standard, in time. Bravo!

A. Larmoc

August 13, 2021

Best investment in recent years

After twenty years of recording experience, I wanted to enter the world of DSP-based sound cards and chose a product from the competitor with the animal in the company logo. Long story short: After three weeks I sent it back and decided to buy the Apollo Twin X Dual.

After an hour of working with the console, it felt like I was lying on a new super comfortable sofa.

Thank you so much for this great product - I love it!

Y. Akai

August 9, 2021

It's so wonderful.

I got this and my production work flow changed completely.
I started to build all my work around the UAD.
The problem is that I want more DSP resources and need to spend more money.

G. Kingsley

August 5, 2021

Game Changer

This piece of equipment is an absolute game changer. Super user-friendly. Lightweight and portable for those out of town/cross-country session trips. Efficient and designed to work with you not against you. Well-worth the upgrade imho.

O. K

August 3, 2021

Apollo User Experience

It is very good to use, both hardware and software are very good, I also hope that the official can give me a master version of the experience of authorization, so that users can really experience the charm of Apollo

大. 人

August 3, 2021



L. Barrera

July 26, 2021

Replaced my Marshall amp.

This audio interface really is top tier I've used a few over the years and this one replaced my amp with the the Friedman plugins worth the money in my eyes.

F. Helm

July 23, 2021


Lots and lots of great looking gear out there for bargain prices. They all sit right under pro and after hookup, well below satisfaction. This Apollo is pro studio gear. Silent monitoring circuit, smooth, transparent inputs, almost creamy vibe! Operation is simple, ergonomics are silky. Game changer for my home studio.

L. Rocha

July 23, 2021

Great team

I had a little stress with registering my interface and everything was resolved quickly and efficiently. very friendly and helpful

381-400 of 929 Results