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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

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October 26, 2020


Coming from the days of having digi 001 , 002, 003 and the mbox, the apoll twin x blows everything out of the water. The twin x does all the processing which is great for taking load of your computer. Never had plugin out of the box on digi line ups like this... Todays technology gives more for less. Now, you can do more and not worry about toooo much...GREAT!!!! JOB

C. Hauser

October 25, 2020

I wish I had one

All of the UA hardware is magic. I wish I had one. They sound amazing. I wish I had one. The build quality is second to none. I wish I had one.

R. Martinez

October 22, 2020


I've been in the music industry for more than 30 years and being a studio/live bass player has given me the opportunity to test a diverse amount of gear, including preamps and audio interfaces and this guy (Apollo Twin X) has been definitely a revolution piece of gear, a next step in quality, a strong upgrade to any home or state-of-the-art facility. Simply an amazing machine!

Z. Duff

October 22, 2020

Amazing interface minus the manual removal of 175 demos

This interface is amazing. The only negative is having to manually remove 175 unwanted demos. Please just give the option to not download them OR at least have ones you own highlighted in bold or coloured text.

L. Santander

October 21, 2020


I own apollo twin x and it's amazing.

H. Jaaved

October 19, 2020


Love it its amazin.g

W. Schwanke

October 19, 2020

Windows WDM still not working

I am not giving this one star because if you are able to us ASIO drivers and don't need your computer for anything input related using the WDM drivers, it is awesome. If you're like me and need your computer for Zoom and other programs that require a microphone on Windows, don't buy it.

B. Walker

October 17, 2020


This is the best audio interface I have ever used. Dumped my Apogee Duet for it. Easy setup and use. Haven’t fully explored the software yet but am getting there. I prefer their vision of offering the software for free and buying the pro plug-ins as needed in tidy bundles. I am beginning to hate any software that forces an annual membership fee to use it. Keep up the good work!!

M. Egizi

October 14, 2020

Amazing Gear and Plug-Ins

I was a little hesitant to switch from my Protools set up to the Apollo X Quad for my interface but as soon as I put Audio through the Apollo X, I could absolutely hear the Clarity difference. So Glad I made the Change!! Thank you UAD!! Keep up with your Outstanding products.

I. Corradini

October 13, 2020

twin x duo

In my opinion 5 stars because hw components and plugins are amazing. This is my first AU interface. I found it very easy to install. Great documentation. I like a lot guitar amplifier emulation with unison. The best experience never tried. I agree with UA about the choice to have in this little interface same hw and features as the bigger ones. Is just what I was looking for. The price is adeguate to this features. Nice idea the block system implemented on the power connector. To make the most of your product i found the advice on your youtube channel very useful. The support seems to me very adequate. The interface must be placed on a hard surface to allow dissipation of the heat generated. After hours of work the max temperature measured was 36,5°C on the right side. The opposite side was at 33° Celsius (environment temperature at about 20°C)

C. Peters

October 13, 2020

Un cambio real

The spanish comment you're looking for . Compre esta interface por que pensé que seria un cambio , un upgrade en mi producción , pero honestamente fue mas que eso , realmente es un cambio en todo aspecto , puedo escuchar una mejoría en todo sentido. Si puedes ahorrar para comprar una de estas , HAZLO. Con los Pre Amps , Avalon , 1073 , 610 , la mejora es abismal en términos de grabación , un nivel que anteriormente no logre jamás con mi antigua interfaz ( la roja ) , interfaz que por lo demás no es para nada mala . Estoy feliz con esta interfaz 100% !

G. Gorordilov

October 13, 2020

Best audio interface

I am glad I bought this interface. It is a pleasure to work with this device. The Twin X has exceptional sound quality and ease of use impress.

D. Hill

October 12, 2020

Best choice in my life as a musician

nothing more to say. i'm in love with the twin x. best buy everrrrr!
recordings do sound much better and fuller, it's easy to install and use. and even just hearing music over it sounds much richer somehow. it's a no brainer! just get it, you wont regret it! =)

V. Ramos

October 12, 2020


Incredible and amazing! It has always been my dream to have the analog gear UAD has produced over the years, with the Apollo Twin X now I have access to the most amazing gear I've always wanted!

P. Rosado

October 12, 2020

It worth

A worthwhile purchase, good build and sound quality.
If I had to put a downside, it would be that it gets hot after long periods of use.

C. Alexander

October 10, 2020

Nice to see you nice

Great pres .loving the having a code _38 error I don't know what that means.other than that I'm happy with my purchase

L. Min

October 10, 2020

Its nice gear

Its nice gear ever


October 9, 2020

Great interface

But too expensive for the amount of dsp it gives. Oh well

H. Bristow

October 9, 2020

Excellent Interface

Very happy with my introduction to the UAD universe. The Twin has exceptional sound quality, especially compared to my previous interface. Easy to use, concise and clear user interface, great build quality, talkback and extra monitor capabilities, plus bundled with some great plugins too. Looking forward to getting more involved with all the features and the hardware emulations.

Y. Jouini

October 8, 2020

Great interface

But too expensive for the amount of dsp it gives. Oh well.

621-640 of 923 Results