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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

641-660 of 923 Results

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H. Negre

October 6, 2020

Excellent !!

Facile a utiliser, on peut enregistrer les idées rapidement avec un super son. J'ai pour l'instant les plug-in de base qui son déjà bien. Hâte d'essayer une tranche neve, API...

K. Frost

October 5, 2020

Love it, upgrade from an Arrow

More DSP, Talk Back Mic, another set of outs for 2nd monitor set.
Not sure yet, but seems to record better, one of my Mic’s seems to track better. Had an Arrow and Satellite Quad. It did ok, and to be honest I could have stayed with that. But now I have adat ability to add more ins, which at some time I will do. So now have 8 dsp cores, for what I do, should be plenty.
Printing while recording is the only way to go for me. Then its just some eq and or compression to sit in the mix better, not get the instrument or vocalist right, and then mix, its done. Printing tracks with EQ and Comp, sounds so good at times go straight to mastering.
Watch the UA videos, especially the Luna ones, so much info on how to do it right.

一. 森

October 4, 2020


あと一歩手に届かないんだよな。って答えがここに全部詰まってます!change your world!!!

L. Carestia

October 4, 2020

Apollo Twin X

The best one, really. I used a few audio interfaces...and this one make the difference. Thanks!

D. Poznaks

October 4, 2020

Best audio quality!

I am very glad that I now have such a device. Brilliant sound and quality!

D. Poznaks

October 3, 2020


The best one!!!

D. Poznaks

October 3, 2020

Apollo Twin X

The best one!!!

a. singgih

October 2, 2020


Been using apollo 8 since 2016, never disappointed .. bought this new baby last sept, and satisfaction as always! Awesome gear! Thank you!

С. Денисов

September 30, 2020



S. Ivanov

September 29, 2020

Best audio interface!

I fell in love with it from the first minute, the best audio interface in this size.


September 25, 2020

Nice for mobile situations

Appreciate the quality of this piece of gear.

R. Kim

September 25, 2020


its my one of best audio interface!!!!

s. lee

September 22, 2020


I love it ~~~~~~~~~

M. Dahlbacka

September 20, 2020

Stellar Audio

I've owned my Twin X Duo for well over six months now. Looks and feels like a precision machine. Fantastic audio quality. UA reputation of excellence inspires confidence. I am primarily a guitarist and recently purchased the '55 Tweed Unsion amp sim to go with it. I must say that it is a sweet and toneful instrument that's a real pleasure to play. For electric guitar players, the amp is an extension of the instrument, not just a speaker. The sims I've played in the past don't pass as an instrument and ultimately don't make the cut. This one kinda does. I don't like using computers for my performing rig as an ever-present worry that the computer is going to screw something up is an impediment to my creative process. Wonderful hidden bonus with this hardware interface is that you can setup your channel strips and routing in the console software then disconnect it from the computer and it will just run like that as long as you leave it plugged in. For me, that removes the computer from the equation and allows me to create and perform without having to even think about all of that. To hear my hardware-based looper run back EXACTLY what I played with the same pristine audio quality as the first go-around was truly a delight for me (in fact, it's what inspired me to write this review). Surprised and delighted here. Thank you to all the good folks at UA that pour their passion into these products. I can definitely hear the results! I am very happy with my Twin X Duo.

S. Scarcella

September 15, 2020

Minkia what a sound!

Apollo twin x It's another sound, it's small but big, it's simple to use, in short, it's my favorite.

P. Wyer

September 14, 2020

Couldn’t be happier

Sound quality and build of the unit is excellent. Set up is quick and painless running on MacBook Pro, I really like the UA console and works seamlessly with Logic X. Included plugins are fantastic, gives you everything to get a good sound straightaway, I have to recommend the Fender Tweed plug as an extra purchase its mind blowing and with the discount on sign up was a great add on.

J. Park

September 13, 2020

Great product!

I have used lot of digital audio interface. Among them Apollo is very unique, it has crisp clean DA, and, specially I never expected headphone output quality but it is amzing. It has punch in low and brillant in high.

C. Devine

September 11, 2020

Perfect for MacBook

Купил для домашней записи гитары, отсутствие задержки при игре с мониторингом обработки это нечто.

M. Bilderbach

September 11, 2020


I bought one of these earlier in the year and it's so much of a step up from what i was using before that when the opportunity came up to get another one i had to jump on it. I mainly work with singer/songwriters and being able to get their demo's out of their voice memo's and out into the world, with some more class, has been so helpful and so inspiring. I'm so thankful for everything UAD puts in the box already and it just helps you get great sounds almost instantaneously! So stoked on this product!

E. Grebeznieks

September 10, 2020


This is my best purchase for my Studio. When I turned on the Apollo I couldn't believe my ears, the sound was so clear that I immediately became a fan of Universal Audio

641-660 of 923 Results