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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

721-740 of 901 Results

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R. Montero

May 30, 2020

Wow Amazing sounds!!!!!!

Just can said is amazing sounds, 5***** plugins!!!

J. Bru

May 27, 2020

Gran interface

Llevaba mucho tiempo trabajando con otras interfaces y siempre he tenido el problema de la latencia y decidí dar el salto a la Apollo Twin Quad para tener más libertad a la hora de agregar plugins de UAD, llevo tres semanas con ella y estoy encantado. Por cierto, no noto latencia.

J. Garrett

May 26, 2020

Great sounding plugins, but crashes

This this crashes and I have never had this problem on this iMac. Before anything 2017 iMac quadcore i7 3.6ghz 32gb ram Thunderbolt 3.... so it’s good enough to run audio programs. It’s never, ever, not once, not even once crashed. Now Logic X just updated on the exact weekend that I installed the Twin X Duo, so that could be the issue.... but UA software installation is strange, having to override permissions in OSX, it’s unnerving. If UA plans to stay atop the interface/plugin mountain for long they’ll need to go ahead and pay Apple the licensing fee to have their installation software run on OSX without the security override. That’s just second rate really.

Sounds great, but let’s be honest there are several manufacturers in this space that all sound great with excellent AD/DA conversion, near zero latency, and plenty of features.

Unison preamps sound good. Really good. But not like a real Neve, or a real Manley. The Avalon is closer to the real thing, but the Avalon is one of the least colored preamps to begin with.

In summary it’s 2020. Products that crash because of outdated drivers were a thing of the past... I thought. But here we are trying to weigh the trade offs of a really good sounding interface with the reality that crashes don’t work in any workflow or any professional application.

I’ve actually produced less in the two weeks since I received and installed this because it just isn’t inspiring to be singing a great sounding vocal, and have the thing crash.

C. Schneble

May 25, 2020

Apollo Twin X Duo

Tested and used different Interfaces in the last years and the Apollo is by far the best.

- Hardware (Knobs, Buttons, Plugs) are rock-solid and sound is awesome.
- Software -> great Plugins + and on the first look Luna is great too
Very intuitive workflow and lots of things to discover

M. O'Connor

May 22, 2020

Sounds amazing!

It sounds amazing and using plugins like this has allowed me to get rid of a stack of gear! My room is much neater and my terrible songs sound so much better

F. Ruiz

May 20, 2020

Apollo Twin X

Years I have spent in and out of studios and have tried to build my own home studio, but after having used the Twin X I am so convinced about the hardware that I've decided to get the Apollo 4X as well to enhance my home studio and mobile applications.

N. Bowers-Broadbent

May 20, 2020

Apollo Twin X Duo

What a piece of gear! I had done a lot of research about my next audio interface as I needed it to have a pro spec, I needed to be able to record guitar and bass well and it needed to record killer vocals. It does all of this and more. Yes it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Great pre-amps (Unison), superb AD/DA converters and access to the full range of UAD Plugins (for a price - although they are quite generous with their discounts). The duo is enough for me at the moment, but I am looking to get a Satellite Thunderbolt 3 Octo Core once my plugin collection expands. I'm even considering moving from Logic Pro to Luna (I've been on Logic for more years than I can remember), simply because of the integration of the Apollo into the software and the quality of audio on offer. If they could create a plugin that reads EXS24 samples, I'd be completely sold. For the serious musician/composer/producer I can't recommend this product enough. Just ensure that you buy the unit that can deal with the processing capacity that you need. If you plan to put Neve preamps on all your tracks along with reverb, compressors and EQs, go for the Quad or consider a Satellite.

J. Bac

May 19, 2020

Top Shelf

I started with the Arrow and was impressed once I got through the learning curve. Well I started to really get into it by downloading all of the apollo line manuals, console sw, etc. and read them all. I learned a ton and began to wish I had the Apollo X Quad. Fortunately my retailer allowed me to exchange the arrow for the quad. Once I began working with the quad, I was (and still am) super impressed. All the plug-ins run on the onboard processors and the fidelity is incredible. Disconnect from the Mac and all is still functioning - which is cool. The I/O capability is flexible and powerful. I've been using it for playing with other musicians live on-line. I've also been recording tracks with it. Yes, it's expensive but this is a top shelf item and it performs like a top shelf item should. If you want to reach up that high, you won't be sorry. Nothing wrong with the Arrow - it's great. But the Quad has that "WOW" factor. The duo is the same machine for $500 less. If you don't jam up a ton of processor hungry plug-ins, you can save some dough.

G. Nuñez Oviedo

May 19, 2020

Big improvment!!

Upgrading from silverface Twin, like it a lot!

G. Dagnino

May 17, 2020

Excellent Interface

Great sound, and plugins. Very intuitive, works great with both PT and Luna

J. Cillo

May 17, 2020

Just Amazing!

The sound, build and technology are amazing. I still can’t believe my ears. Thank you for creating such amazing products.

M. D'Amico

May 17, 2020

It’s the one!

If music is your passion and what you want to do for the rest of your life this purchase is a no brainer! Get set with the industry standard top grade equipment for under 1k! I love my UAD! No problems, like ever, and very easy to connect and use!

T. Whibley

May 14, 2020

Don’t think buy it!!

I was introduced to Luna a couple of weeks ago,
Now have an Apollo Twin X Quad and Octo Sat..
The sound is incredible.
Thanks UA

B. Horvat

May 13, 2020

Nice sounding interface

If you need a nice sounding interface and if you don't need that much of i/o options then look no further. This little thing is packed with really great features and of course, that extra Dsp processing is just a cherry on the top. Unison technology provides top not sound while recording and as you may already know, the plugins are one of the best out there. I recommend.

S. Jones

May 12, 2020

Don’t wait like I did!!!

I waited and waited to jump on the UAD wagon and I really should not have waited so long. The X series sounds great, crystal clear preamps and the alt monitor function is a great addition. The unison plugins are just magic and the rest of the UAD plugins that compliment the Apollo purchase have been world class for me so far. Very happy with my purchase.

I. Kornilov

May 10, 2020

Welcome from Russia, developers and users of APOLLO X and Universal Audio plug-ins!!!

I think I don't need to say many words of thanks for the Universal Audio devices and software! The sound and convenience of working with Apollo twin x, the sound and operation of plug-ins..... everything speaks for itself!!! LUNA, I only study ! But this is a very interesting process!!! I have been working with Apollo twin for five years and I really like it!!! Thanks !!! And I wish everyone to try it!!! SINGER, COMPOSER and SOUND PRODUCER, IGOR KORNILOV! Good LUCK and a PEACEFUL SKY OVER your HEAD!!!

R. Coggins

May 8, 2020

Well, Well, Well, great just became even better!!

Better everything. Better Pre's. Combine this with LUNA. Killer !!....even a better power supply! HAH!!

S. Gordon

May 7, 2020

This box is Amazing !

For a quarantine rig or any other purpose under the sun the apollo twin/x is incredible . Packs so much punch into a small package . UA plug ins are without a doubt my go to and the Apollo handles the load with ease . Really easy to navigate the controls right out of the box . So Intuitive. Beautiful design . Mic pre's sound great and have all the parameters that you need for recording just about anything . Hi Pass filter , Pad , phase and phantom power. One big beautiful knob I love this box. 5 out of 5 .

F. Rinicella

May 7, 2020


Stupenda scheda audio, ottimo controller per la mia apollo 16 mkII w Apollo X8p

F. Rinicella

May 7, 2020


Stupenda scheda audio, ottimo controller per la mia apollo 16 mkII w Apollo X8p

721-740 of 901 Results