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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

841-860 of 933 Results

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D. Uznik

March 1, 2020

All this for just the price of a moderate HiFi solution and I love it

I bought this instead of Hifi components and I love it every day. Using the plugins with virtual outputs on my Mac OS system(s) I do have a new hobby collecting HiRes Audio Files and its amazing. Not want to miss it again, safely recommended. Plug-Ins so well done, presets on point & when required many, many options for painting the color of your mix or listening experience.

J. Menendez

February 27, 2020

Very good product

Working with this since Months and ir Work amazing.

R. Adams

February 27, 2020

Hardware issue

I was excited to get my hands on my first Apollo Twin X interface because it is highly recommended. Mine didn't work out of the box, contacted customer support which is why I rate 3 stars for now and not 1. Conclusion I have a hardware issue without even using it. I invited people over to record, some from out of town, and it didn't work rite out of the box. Very embarrassing and unfortunate. Now I have to go "thru my retailer" since my purchase is so new to go about getting a replacement which is thru Amazon so now I'm going to have to wait even longer and deal with a separate entities customer support. Just one big headache for $1,000 so far. Looking forward to hopefully getting a working unit.

L. Moreno

February 27, 2020


Im extremely happy with my purchase, the sound and performance of this thing is phenomenal for the price, Its PERFECT for what i do and im sure youll fall in love with it too.

L. Rok

February 26, 2020

Wow, just wow

AD/DA is just perfect.
And nothing to talk about plugins, it’s goat

A. Kontsevich

February 25, 2020

Yan Space

Amazing and maximum comfortable device!
Happy to touch and use it! This one is for musicians who want to create using the unterstandable settings and plugins!

J. Correa Lopez

February 24, 2020

Apollo Ready For Takeoff

A good friend and gear junkie recommended the upgrade, small spaces like the one I am in are fun when it comes down to making music. Love the controls and go-to's for instant playback featured in the Apollo Twin X. I have to admit I haven't had it for long, but all I can say (as I prepare for landing) starting from the UAD Plugin's, incredibly fast response and compatibility with new platforms feels totally worth the shout.

J. Daranowski

February 24, 2020

Best interface ever!

This gear is amazing. Unison technology is superb and the investment is well worth it. Console and routing helps excercising. Guitar amp plugs makes me wanna play more guitar ;) Great buy; highly recommended.

M. Wall

February 24, 2020

Happy Apollo Twin X user

The Apollo Twin X is everything I’ve dreamed about when it comes to sound quality and workflow. It’s really a game changer when talking about audio interfaces. To be able to switch preamp with unison and track with compression is gold. My only regret is that I didn’t get one earlier! I highly recommend this interface.

G. Singleton

February 22, 2020


This gear is amazing. Unison technology is a game changer, and the investment is well worth it. Once you learn the console and routing, everything else is a breeze. I bought the Townsend Labs 22l and Sphere plug-in as well. I’ve never worked with the actual emulated mics except for the U87.....But good is GOOD! Idk if it sounds EXACTLY like the originals, but my recordings sound amazing so I don’t care. Great buy; highly recommended.

G. Kirez

February 21, 2020

Apollo X Duo

i am very impressed by the product

D. Kim

February 18, 2020

This product is used for the first time.

Wow ~~~! Huge product ... It's a series of surprises while using.
Thank you for making such a product.

People who are hesitant to buy this product are the only ones they can trust and never regret.

p. attajat

February 18, 2020

Love it!

Love all of your

C. Maggioni

February 18, 2020

Cool sound!

In my home studio I have used Mackie, Solid State Logic, RME and Yamaha sound cards over the years and have finally reached my goal with Apollo Twin X Duo! The hardware, the software Console and the plug-ins are very powerful and easy to use. The result is a wonderful sound. Thak you UA!

E. Asch

February 15, 2020

Apollo Twin X Duo - the missing link to perfection

Easy to use, great plug-ins (though they could have added a few more in standard configuration), fantastic sound. Very happy with this purchase.

J. Rosenthal

February 13, 2020

Love it

i love this interface. thank you so much

J. Rosenthal

February 13, 2020

Simply perfect

I love this interface in every way! The plugins are simply mindblowing.

S. Endemann

February 11, 2020

Apollo TWIN X with APOLLO X8

Ich use them both cascaded over Thunderbolt - simple controls, sounds great, cool plugins. Just a dream.

S. Endemann

February 11, 2020

Apollo X8 with TWIN X

Perfect match for my work. Great sound, intuitive controls. Absolute simple cascading.

E. Sunay

February 10, 2020

This sound card and uad plugins are awsome!

This card adorns my dreams. The sound character closest to analog sound is definitely a feature of this card. Really great

841-860 of 933 Results