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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

41-60 of 933 Results

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J. Caro

February 8, 2024

Realmente fantastica

El sonido a otro nivel

F. Malagié

January 30, 2024

Great Audio Interface

Sound with a Very high quality specially with Unisson connection with guitare and amps. You really record what you are playing with exactly the right sound.
Could’ t tested the thunderbold connection with my PC laptop so for the time being this is to be improved.

m. na

January 29, 2024

love it

good converters, easy to travel with and unison sounds great

M. Rodrigues

January 27, 2024

Top Gear

Less than a month with my new Apollo Twin X baby, and i am loving it!!!
Works flawless with my Macbook Pro M1 Pro, sounds great, the plugins i got with my purchase are also very cool.
So yeah, so far so good, amazing experience with my new sound card.

n. garcia

January 25, 2024

Apollo Twin X Quad

Do not wait to order! I noticed a dramatic change with Twin X converters! From the clarity of the output to the clean preamp. Quad core processing is such a game changer I can run much larger sessions now.

A. Brattin

January 25, 2024

Best sound and lowest latency!

I run smoothly at highest quality and get down to only 5m/s latency! Kick ass!

T. Tsvetkov

January 24, 2024



T. Mangindaan

January 21, 2024

Excellent product

and so many magnificent vintage plugins included

T. Mangindaan

January 21, 2024

Excellent product

and so many magnificent vintage plugins included

A. Ogarev

January 17, 2024

Apollo Twin X


A. Ogarev

January 17, 2024

Apollo Twin X


m. stifter

January 15, 2024


Perfect, compact, clever

T. Tsvetkov

January 12, 2024


Very good I raised the quality of my production

n. koutsmanis

January 6, 2024

Apollo twin x /quad

Great performance. Clear. Beautiful.
Even though I don’t use it so much, i thought i wouldt have more power from the unison preamps. a loaded preamp with a comp and a reverb overloads the system . Only real drawback is the setup through the uad website.

W. Numa

January 3, 2024


its good

F. Hasan

December 30, 2023

I'm very happy and excited!

I was using apollo solo and upgrade it to twin x. the converter much better than apollo solo. and Quad version makes me eassier to use many plugin.
Great Job UA Team!

J. Pérez de Miguel

December 28, 2023

Best interface on the market

It's worth every penny, you can't believe how crystal clear the AD/DA converters are, they sound better than anything I've ever heard before in my life. It is built very robustly and the usability is spectacular, 0 learning curve. It is a very elaborate product and clearly has no rival on the market.
If you want to be serious and have a 100% professional gear, this is the option that takes you to the top.

V. Kulenovic

December 24, 2023

Perfect for what I do

My 13 year old interface died and needed replacement. I took my time to decide between RME, Apogee and UAD. First I thought I need to do an A/B comparison but soon as I played music through the Apollo it was a difference like night and day. The Apollo has a better stereo image and a tighter bass. So fae I haven't found anything I would complain about.

J. Martinez

December 23, 2023

Great interface, clean sound

Really good interface, I got a couple of tracks on Spotify that have been created with it!

P. Castro

December 23, 2023

Rock solid

Bought as B-Stock Heritage Edition, needed customer support to get plug-in licenses authorized. Everything went as expected: fast, reliable, solid and easy-going. Absolutely amazing value for the money, transparent and stable integration with third-party daws, staggering preamps and converters. A brilliant addition to both my software/hardware arsenal.

41-60 of 933 Results