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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

861-880 of 907 Results

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P. Sviyazov

January 2, 2020

Great workhorse

Use it with macbook pro 2019. Very smooth and user friendly tandem. All I need is understand how the console works, and everything falls into place. Use it at home studio and at live performances - all great.

G. Jo

January 2, 2020

Simple Quick Perfect

It's clean and simple to create excellent quality
So Cooooooool!!


January 1, 2020

I would give this a 0 star if I can

This is the worst audio interface I used ever. Playback is distorted when I play system sound and playback in pro tools.

L. Retes

January 1, 2020


I upgraded from the Apollo twin USB Windows only To the Apollo twin X on Mac.
The Apollo twin X is a next level interface.
I’m totally blown away!

J. Diaz Romo

December 30, 2019

La mejor interface de audio formato escritorio

La mejor tarjeta de sonido en formato escrito. La calidad de previos y convertidores son impresionantes, y poder llevártela para grabar grupos o directos, pudiendo ademas cargar los plugins en el dsps de la tarjeta a tiempo real es increíble. Recomendada 100%

L. Vargas

December 29, 2019


So i just had to get this. Have the apollo 16 in the studio but working towards a mobile setup to bring on travels and this is it!

J. Way

December 28, 2019


I’m a windows user and I found this to be underwhelming in every possible way. The Thunderbolt ASIO drivers are not universally detected by software that supports ASIO unlike every other device I have ever used. Voicemeeter is an example of such a program, but if you search the forums you’ll find similar complaints for other software. Oddly the USB and FireWire ASIO devices did show up everywhere - not that this is helpful. I’m also not sure why those are even installed since I don’t own an interface compatible with those drivers. The WDM drivers are buggy and laggy, so that left me with no options for software that wouldn’t detect the Thunderbolt ASIO.

The latency was underwhelming too. It barely outperforms the FireWire device I intended on replacing with this. In my tests I was able to get a very large/complex project that would only run cleanly at 1024 samples on my old FireWire interface down to 512 samples with the Twin X. Not nearly enough to justify the cost. The control panel software also seems clunky and unsophisticated.

For $200-$400 this would all have been potentially acceptable. For $900... I returned it one week after purchase.

B. Schultz

December 28, 2019

Amazing next level Apollo Twin X

Amazing next level with lower DSP in my ableton DAW with the Apollo Twin X. Also entering the world of the rollsroyce plugins to buy. All the tracks I ways stuck on because high latency of my DAW is gone, and I can go to finish them.
The only way is up! Cheers Bart Schultz (DJ/Producer House Music)

y. williams

December 27, 2019

Very impressed

After using a few Apollo’s in recent sessions , I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the twin x .. I’m totally blown away. My vocals have never sounded crisper .. and I’ve never felt more confident tracking at home .. Salute to you guys..

M. Oliveira

December 27, 2019

It's great but also disappointing

The disappointing part is: the big knob on the middle doesn't feel high quality / on Windows, the ASIO driver can't be used in 2 programs or more at the same time. My previous 90€ interface didn't had these problems.

Apart from that the interface is great. The other buttons feel high quality, the console works well and the plug-ins are top quality.

A. Lausch

December 27, 2019

As pro as it gets

Small footprint. Perfect for the road. Editing at home is fun with this little thing. And all the direct guitars i've done so far over the twin x are ending up in the end-productions. Love the simplicity of the console. Build quality is perfect, too.

I. Quero

December 27, 2019

The best Desktop Audio Interface

Powerful, compact with very high end components. I Think I'm going to buy a bigger apollo very soon. Great job UA !

W. Cody

December 26, 2019

Smart, capable and sonically superior

The unit itself is well-built and performs flawlessly. Sonically, I have obtained the best results I've ever encountered with recording and playback.

The standout part of the system is the Console software, which brilliantly replaced the functions of my standalone monitor mixer.

R. Wagner

December 24, 2019

Apollo Twin X DSP Leistung?

Ich habe mich sehr auf das Teil gefreut, Qualitativ sehr Hochwertig. Auch die Aufnahmen damit sind wirklich gut. Das einzige was mich stört ist das die Rechenleistung der DSP zu niedrig ist, packt man paar Plugins in die Inserts ist ruckzuck die Rechenleistung am Ende. Einen Mastering Channel Strip schafft man damit kaum. Erst recht nicht wenn man im Logic ein paar Plugins von UAD einsetzt. Im Großen und Ganzen ist es zum Aufnehmen super, nur Musikverarbeitung im Mix geht damit kaum. Ich finde es mit 900 Euro dann doch zu Teuer. Ein Thunderbolt Kabel wäre auch toll gewesen bei dem Preis.

R. Kristensen

December 24, 2019

Compact and Powerful

I have the Silver Apollo Quad interface and decided to add more power and be able to monitor everything easily from my desk. Perfect choice. Quality product.


December 21, 2019

Amazing Interface

Just switched from a popular interface and this is hands down the best recording interface for the price. What a great product!

G. Powell

December 17, 2019

A $900 device should come with the proper cables.

Don’t get me wrong. This machine rules. However it’s a disrespectful slap to the face when i opened the box to find out that it doesn’t come with the thunderbolt cable (which is REQUIRED). I then had to make a separate trip to the store to buy a $30 cable seperately. This is a $900 machine, please do not be cheap in distribution. The Apollo twin x does make a difference in sound though. The conversion is amazing, as are the included plug ins. I mean seriously, the plug ins are dramatic.

M. William

December 17, 2019

Best Interface ever!

As a long time UAD satellite user, I've been wanted to get an Apollo Twin for the longest, finally UAD finally convince me with this new Apollo X model and now my recording creativity are endless the choice is yours. #Unison

C. Du

December 12, 2019

Compact but yet powerful

Perfect for tracking live vocal & acoustic guitar with UAD plugins.

A. Buit

December 12, 2019

Best invention since the wheel...

You’re not only buying a product, but a complete ecosystem. Sublime audio quality, a magical app ‘control’ and the best plug-ins money can buy. Having a Manley Voxbox Quality for 1/5 of the price. If a woman could do all these things, I would merry her for sure :)

861-880 of 907 Results