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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin X

Overall Rating

921-933 of 933 Results

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H. Eriksson

November 18, 2019

I am beginner electric guitar player

This was a match in heaven for me. Works great and easy. I needed some time to understand the console, but getting there. DAW is Logic Pro. The Marshall Amps are perfect for me. But I want them all.

C. McIlvenna

November 18, 2019

A Step Above

I am coning from another great desktop interface and I honestly did not know how big the sound improvement was going to be. I was simply blown away at the sound of the Apollo Twin X. Happy producer right now :-)

G. Morel

November 17, 2019


Accurate sound, perfectly designed with perfect plugins. You can’t ask for anymore more.

C. Alexis

November 17, 2019

UAD Apollo X Thunderbolt 3 PC

How are you guys doing I’m a producer and a new user of UAD products, such as the “Apollo x” Thunderbolt 3 for PC. The product sounds amazing and brings a different vibe to the room but I was trying to find out if there is a fix for the cracking noise and slowing down or speeding up of sound on the audio card when changing the sample rate. The computer is brand new and doesn’t have latency issues or overwork the dsp chips hardly at all. I am using a (Lenovo Yoga 730 15 inch 7gen Intel 12GB Ram 250GB SSD storage with thunderbolt 3/usb3 port) .Can you guys please help me resolve this issue? I read the x was compatible with pc when purchasing and I can not find any information online about the matter.

r. virginie

November 16, 2019


En plus du design et de la qualité du produit la qualite des plugins et la qualite d intégration en fait un produit formidable

I. Lazariev

November 16, 2019

Great sound!

Today I compared my Apollo 8 with twin X and was very pleasantly surprised! Twin X sound more better! More better at all!

N. Piantedosi

November 15, 2019


Great interface, solid / reliable, great conversion, headphone quality is stellar.

K. Doll

November 15, 2019

New to UA, loving the Twin X!!

Just made the jump to a Twin X Duo, and what a jump it's been! I'm just a home hobbyist, but everything is sounding so much better. A BIG thanks to UAD for the welcome goodies as well: I got the free Legacy bundle, took advantage of the welcome discount for a 3 plug bundle - an additional r $50 off coupon was in the cart, then yesterday I got an email notifying me that since i recently bought a Twin, they added the current free plug-in promo to my nest! Looking forward to all the great sounding recordings ahead! Keep it up UA!!

L. Petracca

November 15, 2019

Great sound and super versatile with the UAD plugins

Bought the new Apollo Twin X two weeks ago, still a lot to discover about this new powerful machine but so far these are my pros:
- Great AD/DA converter
- Very nice unison pre-amps which become super versatile with the UAD plugins giving you the possibility to emulate very nicely real analog pre-amps and to shape your own sound combining all different settings.
- Easy to use and useful Console software
- I love the included plugins bundle (especially with this latest offer), they are a game changer in your productions.
- Solid construction and very handy physical control knob and buttons to have on your desk.
- The control Panel software often crashes, it's not super stable
- UAD plugins use a lot of DSP
- You can't run the UAD plugins without having your sound card connected, so it's not very convenient if you need to do some tweaks to your project while travelling.

Overall, I love it so far!

C. Williams

November 13, 2019

Doesn't Work with Catalina -- Support not Available

The Apollo Twin Duo I just purchased does not work with Apple Catalina OS and support is not available to help assist with this. Returning product. Very disappointing and you will spend lots of time wasted on this.

P. Hetke

November 11, 2019

Real-time recording is a GAME CHANGER

I had the Scarlett Focusrite 6i6 before I decided to upgrade to the Apollo Twin X. For the microphone, I use a Neumann TLM 102. I did some A/B vocal testing to see if there are any differences in quality when it comes to the preamps, and to my surprise, both vocals sounded very similar. There really wasn't a noticeable difference at all. Once I added a preamp plugin to the unison insert within the console, I was blown away by the difference. I had no idea you can add plugins to the actual console within the Apollo Twin X, to save your CPU on your computer. I also love the fact that you can record your vocals real-time within your DAW all while processing your vocal chain! Overall, I'm really glad I made the switch. Purchasing the Apollo Twin X and plugins can be very pricey, but it's worth it when it comes to the quality sound.

J. Hoon

November 10, 2019

Apollo Twin X Little Monster

First feeling felt heavy and luxurious So In the mid- $ 100s, there's no competitor Output was really good I recommend Apollo Twin X

M. Sudhakar

November 10, 2019

Best Gear for Mobil Recordings

Best Interface for Mobil Recordings.
What i like is the Real Time Autotune when im not in my Studio.

921-933 of 933 Results