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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

261-280 of 358 Results

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A. Aniper

November 23, 2019


Купил Apollo X6 на замену своего Apollo FW (Silver с картой Thunderbolt 2).
Первое и главное, что поразило меня - это звук! Он стал намного чище, прозрачнее, честнее, детальнее! Такое впечатление, что я поменял мониторы! :)
6 процессоров HEXA работают гораздо быстрее чем 4 старых процессора! А вот разницу между Thunderbolt 2 и Thunderbolt 3 я не заметил!
Очень удобно, что добавили Talkback, теперь не нужно использовать дополнительный микрофон!
Использую карту с микрофоном Soyuz SU-17 Tube и мониторами ADAM A8X, звук просто бомба, как на входе, так и на выходе!
Всем рекомендую к покупке! :)

R. Datall

November 14, 2019

Y'all A-holes corner the market like Apple

1. I bought an x6 and unreasonably need to wait 8 weeks for the promotional quad 4 satellite.
2. You have the best plugins but we are forced to rely on over priced, outdated sharc ships.
3. Other then that best interface/plugins I've ever used, union pre's are amazing.

J. Frei

November 14, 2019


It really lifted my studio int a new dimension, I love iz

R. Invernizzi

November 12, 2019


Amazing interface! Perfect for product music. Works perfectly with my Apollo Twin. And now, connecting both interfaces I can have huge DSP power for UAD plugins

p. yong

November 8, 2019

The best audio interface

Stand out with reliable UAD plugins

w. tiezhong

November 8, 2019

The sound card of Apollo X6 is very good. Many people around me are using it. I recommend you to buy it!

The sound card of Apollo X6 is very good. Many people around me are using it. I recommend you to buy it!

C. Pere

November 5, 2019

Just great!

My job has gotten so much more fun since I got my X6. Even my friends and client has noticed the difference in my Recs and Mixes. The console is great though I would love more affordable plugins especially for us Students. Thank you UAD.

s. Thomasson

November 4, 2019


It sounds amazing but I can’t stand the knobs the way the feel when they turn are just yuck


November 4, 2019

Apollo X6 is better

The X6 sounds warm and nice. This is my second Apollo and the converters in the X6 are better than the fire wire Apollo, and worth the purchase. I am glad a talkback mic is included, very cool feature, still learning the console etc. Overall am happy with the X6.

D. Nave

October 28, 2019

Next level. Really feel the difference

I upgraded from the Apollo Twin mkII and the moment I plugged the x6 I could feel the crazy difference between the two. The conversion is x10 better than what it used to be and the clocking is also very noticeable. Great piece of gear! absolutely recommend it.
Couldn't be happier. Thanks UAD for raising the bar again !

D. Warren

October 21, 2019


The best investment I have made to my studio. Looking forward to getting another one to daisy chain for my rig!

K. Smith

October 18, 2019

Solid hardware, sounds great, and powerful

Upgraded from a focusrite 2i2. I had issues with loading plug ins and pro tools crashing. Really limited my production. Now with the X6 i feel like i cant get it to crash, which is a good thing! Unlocked the ability to get as creative as can be. Highly recommend. Great customer support and service as well! Cant go wrong with that combo. Will be an advocate for Universal Audio as they seem to have a great business philosophy and practice.

D. Traxl

October 16, 2019


Ich hatte bereits ein Apollo MK Twin 2 im Einsatz, aber das Apollo x6 hat mich noch mehr beeindruckt. Ein Sound der Oberklasse der seines Gleichen sucht. Top Qualität und ausgezeichnete DSP Power machen dieses Gerät zu einem Highlight in meinem Masteringstudio.


October 11, 2019


I practice music and recording as a hobbyist since thirty years. I’ve used many audio interface from several manufacturers. Apollo X6 is an amazing device ! Never heard such a clear, rich and beautiful sound recording electric, acoustic guitars and voices. Unison tool is fantastic ! My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.

v. ymele

October 5, 2019


I upgraded from an antelope discrete 4. The drivers are way more stable. It's day and night. And the sound quality of the converters is prestine.very happy

D. Pezzati

October 4, 2019

Best class unit

A dream came true: finally the artists who record in my studio can hear the processed sound and not only the dry one, without any latency and with the greatest quality...
The only con.... you can never get enought of UAD plugins... and you end up buying all of them, one after the other ;-)

T. Rogstad

October 4, 2019


This is it! There's not much to say other than this is simply just the most fantastic sounding interface I've ever heard. Such a pleasure to work with! Easy to use + I've been using UAD plugins since they first came out in the early 2000's with the big Pci cards:) Just love it!

马. 马

October 3, 2019



马. 马

October 3, 2019



o. fashanu

October 2, 2019


Great products Apollo x series ... it a must for every recording studio to own this piece of gear on their racks if u value good production ...amazing plugins ..

261-280 of 358 Results