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K. Hercules

August 17, 2019

Great Product the Apollo x6

This is a great product like all Universal Audio Plugins/gear! But heed warning if your studio rack is behind you, be prepared to shell out $300+ For an Optical Thunderbolt cable, prices vary by feet!

M. Bryant

August 13, 2019


It sort of works okay I guess

J. Metzger

August 12, 2019

Quality workflow

This is my first uad product and I went ahead and went with the Apollo x6 . I really love the workflow when I’m using the Apollo to track instruments , and be able to take the load off my cpu . Definitely worth the money plus the uad plugs in are top notch and making tracking a breeze . The quality I get out of this unit is amazing!


August 6, 2019


Very nice i love it

b. kim

August 3, 2019


This Audio Interface is very cool
great sound and DSP also good.
And design is very nice

T. Bauer

July 23, 2019

exceeds all expectations

Using unison preamps and sim simulations in Apollo x6 makes the project work very easy. The whole thing with no latency. The sound of the SVT 3 Pro, for example, is outstanding. A mute function of the cues in Console and Apollo would be desirable. And the volume controls of the cues are too close for my taste


July 19, 2019

The Future is here!!!

We have to admit that we go forward, into the future, where all the things they have to be simple and practical and Universal Audio they know very well how to do it!!!
Apollo, an amazing line, simple and intuitive, warm and very good in micro-details.

D. Fornes Berenguer

July 3, 2019


Primero Arrow, quedé impresionado de la robustez, calidez, y calidad superior, así que le he sumado X6, equipo increíblemente versátil, sonoridad brutal ... Plugins incluidos top level. El X6 para producción y en mi caso guitarra. 10!!

M. Courcy

June 23, 2019

Apollo X6

Love it! Seems pretty solid overall. The conversion is really good and sounds amazing. I also love the headphone amps. Haven't tried unison yet. Every plugin I've bought impresses me very much.

e. rivera

June 15, 2019

The Best

best thing ever love it!!

J. Park

June 14, 2019

The Apollo X6..

The Apollo X6 has the most complete AD/DA converter I have ever used in the audio interface. It's literally the best.

F. Thomander

June 6, 2019


We just installed two Apollo x6 at Palma Music Studios on Mallorca. Since we have a lot of clients that work with UA hardware in their own studios, it´s great to be able to offer them to just connect the cable and be up and running with their own system settings in no time. And the AD/DA is a big step up from previous interfaces. /Thanks!

J. Sivusalo

May 31, 2019

I like it!

Not a bad decision to jump on UAD wagons. Only the midi I / O is missing from the complete package.

S. Falk

May 31, 2019

Everything I love about this interface and the few things I don't;

When I plugged my new Apollo X6 into my 2013 MacBook Pro, my expectations
where somewhat muted.
Thinking that computers age much the same as dog years, I was expecting
(potentially) stability issues, error messages, etc.
I was happily proven wrong, as the Apollo has been rock solid (on fairly large projects.)
I replicated then same project and opened it up on an even older Mac mini with thunderbolt 1.
"Here we go" I thought.
Now the shit's really going to hit the fan.
Nope..everything ran perfectly.
Then one final test;
I plugged the Apollo into a Lacie thunderbolt hard drive, then the Mac mini.
Again expecting something to go wrong, the only message I got was to increase
the input delay compensation.
After doing so, everything again ran perfectly.

So why aren't I immediately mentioning the converters, then
pre's, unison, etc etc?
None of that matters without a stable platform for this to run.
Happily UA supplies exactly that.
Oh..the pre's, and converters are fantastic. ;)

My few negatives?
1. No thunderbolt cable/with adaptor.
IN 2019 with an interface of this quality not supplying the cables
and needed adaptors is inexcusable.
I'm not concerned about the additional cost, but its like buying a Porsche without
getting the keys.
Also please ..no talk about choosing your own cable or something..
that's utter nonsense.
2. The plugins are MASSIVELY overpriced.
Sorry, but after performing a few null tests between the DSP powered
ones and the native ones, (when, to be fair their are equivalents)
there's no difference.
I understand that coding for specific hardware is potentially more time
consuming, but some of the price points are really outlandish.

I purchased this interface primarily for the A/D D/A's and improved clocking
Happily The X6 doesn't disappoint.

i. majaru

May 29, 2019

Power and Sound

Great dinamic sound and more power to your plugins.Easy to use,nice design and work great with pc.

T. Marin

May 24, 2019

UAD Quality

Well its like you open the sky from this cloudy ceiling and the sun shines into your eyes ;-)
Thanks UAD you made my life rich .

Best regards Mega Nrg Man

S. DJ Freedom

May 21, 2019

The Best audio interface on the market!

I have been using Universal Audio products for about 5 years. From the Apollo Twin Usb series, then I switched to Apollo 8 and now I have Apollo x6. Reproduces stunning sound, microphone preamps are excellent, Unison technology is very pleased with its quality! I advise everyone to buy this equipment!

M. Heffernan

May 14, 2019

Very Nice.

This was my first buy into the UA products family, so far I’m very happy! The speed at which I can get ideas down and recorded, along with sounds I am happy with, is really cool! For me recording with a little bit of EQ and decent compression on the way in, with the Fairchild or la2a is really inspiring! It drives my enthusiasm! My monitors and my headphones sound better, so in turn I guess I will be able to make better decisions while tracking and then mixing! The quality of the pre amps and the AD/DA seems to be excellent! The Di sounds great with my bass guitar along with the UA 610-B Tube Preamp using the unison technology! Very cool tones! The presents on the plugins are really nice to quickly click through a few tonal options and then tweak to taste!
I also contacted Ua costumer service when I first received the X6, they replied quickly and were very helpful! All in all a good experience using the X6 so far.

J. Gray

May 9, 2019

Just what the Dr ordered

Should have brought from UA years ago.
Have wasted money on cheeper devices over the years. The plugins and super low latency make everything I do easier and faster.
The quality of the pre amps and the AD/DA are clear and musically pleasing from di guitars and bass with active and passive pickups.
Very happy with my decision.

于. 杰

May 2, 2019



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