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Apollo x6

Overall Rating

81-100 of 319 Results

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P. Mulders

December 14, 2020

Best interface on the market

After working with an apollo twin for several years, I decided to upgrade for more dsp power and some extra inputs for analog devices. The X6 is a dream and I was very pleased to find that my apollo twin seamlessly works with my new X6. I now use it as a volume control remote for the X6, as well as extra preamps and dsp. Amazing how these systems work together, absolutely brilliant. Worldclass preamps and conversion, this is simply the way to go whether you're working in a big studio or a small home setup.

p. durrell

December 11, 2020

Great interface

ive been wanting one of theses for a few years now, finally brought one a few weeks back, wow what a bit of gear it is.. sound quality is amazing.. im using it to record dj mixes into and also for music production in logic x.. the dsp it great and allows me use what plugins I need without putting to much load on my Mac.. very happy! Props to UAD

M. Louis

December 8, 2020

Best Interface for a small home studio

Seriously, Just get this interface. If you don't need that much inputs, and need that DSP power, This is the interface to get. I don't regret it at all

M. Somers

December 6, 2020

Excellent interface

Fantastic build and sound quality. Very pleased with the X6. Highly recommended.

S. L'Espérance

December 5, 2020

Great upgrade

Sounds much better than the black much sharper and tighter. Knobs are a bit slack but it should hold for a while.
Great hardware and serious conversion upgrade.

A. Quesada

December 1, 2020

Apollo X6

Una maravilla de interface, previos y conversores muy limpios. Los plugins de UAD son una pasada, los previos de Neve espectaculares. Estoy encantado con la compra. Recomendable al 100%.

A. Fazil

November 24, 2020

Beast of a Device - Sound Quality and DSP Power

This device is perfect cross choice between the desktop and rack based device in terms of power and performance. This gives you the same DSP power as the high end devices. The sound quality I feel is better than the Twin X - it has a better sound when outputing from the speakers. I love using this device and got it working along side the Twin X

b. avner

November 23, 2020

2 word s “the best”

Simply the best audio interface for out there today, clear and transparent when you want, and harmonics she. You need, unison preamps make this device the best out there for
Home and professional studios. Good job UA...

D. Bailey

November 22, 2020

Great Improvement over my old interface

I really like the way this X6 works. It's also VERY quiet. If something is noisy, it's the sound source, not the interface. I’m looking forward to using it. Only thing I don't like is the external power supply and high plug in prices.

K. Køningsberg

November 21, 2020

Sometimes.. buy a piece of gear that simply elevates your studio (bedroom or pro) to the next level. This is one of those pieces of gear. The sound of it is crisp and clean, the hexa core dsp is a godsend and it has more than enough IO for the modern producer.

F. Grüber

November 20, 2020


Definitely a big step forward for me and my work. I've been using lots of USB interfaces for mixing, even for recording but now using this monster I feel my studio get bigger and more pro.

P. Maier

November 20, 2020

Simple and solid

The perfect combination for any analog-digital studio setup. Very easy workflow for live fx while tracking vocals and solid integration of my apollo x4 and additional external pre's for bigger recordings.

C. Braddock

November 19, 2020

X6 Rocks

Loving the X6. Great sound and great work flow.

F. Gaetzschmann

November 18, 2020

very good, very professional

In every situation I have a great feeling to work with a professional device. No latency at at recording and sounds great on mixing sessions. I like the guitar plugins in combination with unison.

J. Becerra

November 16, 2020


Muy contento con el desempeño de esta máquina. Sólida hermosa y con una conversión transparente.

b. hutin

November 12, 2020

Tout simplement fabuleux.

C’est une tuerie cette interface. Je l’utilise avec Logic Pro x en programmation et avec Luna en mix. Les plugin sont d’excellente qualité c’est vraiment un plus pour mon home studio. Chapeau bas à UAD.

m. benito

November 12, 2020


Great construction!! Very nice sounding preamps and converters and really easy to use! Thanks Universal Audio. So happy!!

P. Murphy

November 10, 2020

Awesome Product

Made 3 other peices of rack gear redundant

N. Singh

November 9, 2020

The Most Top Class A2D conversion

I am in love with this Unit and the quality it has to offer is unparalleled. Planning to buy the Uad 8 bundle to go along with it soon.

M. Kerlin

November 7, 2020


Big upgrade from my Apogee Element 46. Very satisfied with this investment.

81-100 of 319 Results