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Apollo x6

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H. Weber

January 3, 2020

Great Gear,

I bought the Apollo Twin Mk2 Quad a few years ago and now I bought the Apollo x6. The converters sound even better than on the Twin. The sound quality is amazing. I combined the Twin with the Apollo x6 and an Octo Card and now I have so much DSP Power to use the UAD Plug Ins. I‘m more than happy with the Apollo x6 and would recommend it to anybody who wants great sound quality and plug–ins and a great interface.

H. Shin

January 3, 2020


Ang gimozzi apollo x6

M. Andersson

December 31, 2019

Best investment

I'm so glad I choose this interface. The stereo image, left-right, height and depth is the best I have ever heard. I can hear every detail in the mix. Now it's easier than ever to make right decisions during recording and mixing session. Best of all I run it on a PC, windows 10 computer. It runs so smoothly!

B. Schultz

December 28, 2019

Next level with Apollo X6

Amazing next level with lower DSP in my ableton DAW with the Apollo X6! I use it in combination with the Apollo X Twin Duo. Also entering the world of the rollsroyce plugins to buy. All the tracks I ways stuck on because high latency of my DAW is gone, and I can go to finish them.
The only way is up! Cheers Bart Schultz (DJ/Producer House Music)

M. Konstantinidis

December 26, 2019

One of the best!

Is one the best Interface that i ever tried! My last one was RME Fireface UFX+ and Apolo X6 just made my life easier! Great Software & Harware.

B. Kim

December 26, 2019

지금까지 구입했던 어떤 장비보다 만족도가 높다.

아폴로의 매력에 빠져서 결국 랙형 장비까지 오게 되었다.
지금까지 상요했던 어떠한 장비보다 더 만족도가 컷으며, 가성비 제품이라고 느꼈다.

s. ahlers

December 26, 2019

Apollo x6 - An Amazing Bit of Kit.

I have been on MOTU 828mk3 Firewire for a decade... love the product; however, MOTU's ability to keep up with firmware and driver revs is dismal. Further, even when MOTU does get the package out, it is generally full of bugs and for the past year has been crashing my consoles and comms.

Frankly, I was done with it, as I could no longer work on projects producing music since I was constantly rebooting the console or the 828 itself.

Moving to the x6 has changed my workflow, it sounds more precise and crisp than the MOTU ever was and with the promo I am supposed to be getting the Satellite QUAD Thunderbolt loaded with plugins.

Now, if only UAD would send me the promo bit, I'd be good to go.

S. Wang

December 23, 2019

Everything is good but the price of plugins

I switched X6 from MOTU AVB. X6 is great, Definitely recommend trying the neve 1073, it will make ur vocal sounds like grammy singer. everything is great but the price!

T. Boćkowski

December 22, 2019

Amazing Gear

the time of analog equipment has come to an end thanks to Universal Audio, dozens of cables are leaving. X 6 is amazing equipment. It gives you everything you need in one box. Universal audio the best Audio Company on the world

T. Boćkowski

December 22, 2019

Time of analog equipment has come to end

the time of analog equipment has come to end , thanks to Universal Audio, dozens of cables are leaving. X 6 is amazing equipment. It gives you everything you need in one box. Thx Universal audio . You are the best Audio Company on the world .

J. Moreira

December 21, 2019

Lo mejor

La verdad el Apollo x6 es muy excelente interface la mejor de todas las interfaces del momento por eso yo la he comprado para tener el mejor sonido cómprenlo el x6 x8 x8p y la x16

F. István

December 20, 2019

Best upgrade what I did

Amazing sound quality, high end preamp. Plugins do what they should ! The guys at UA done an excellent job ! Thanks

S. D’Kay

December 20, 2019

Great quality.

This is a very good equipment. Nicely built with great sounding components.

B. Yu

December 20, 2019

Good product.

Good hardware and plug-in.
I finished my gear tour this year satisfactorily.

B. Yu

December 20, 2019

good product

Good hardware and plug-in. I finished my gear tour this year satisfactorily.

j. lee

December 19, 2019

I really love this

This is crazy powerful plugin im

M. Garcia

December 19, 2019

Great audio interface

Yes, the x6 is one of the best thunderbolt audio interface on the market. Unison technology amazing and plugins work great.
1- One of the problems is that when you buy a second audio interface they don’t give you the option to exchange plugins since you already have some from a first purchase.
2- The satellite quad that came with the interface as part of the promotion they have take to long for delivery.

G. Daddio

December 19, 2019

It’s very neato

I like to look at it

B. Reuter

December 18, 2019

x6 =Upgrade

I had bought and been using a first gen Apollo 8: love it and all the plug-ins. I added a Thunderblot 3 card partly to get the additional aux/cues for tracking (using a popular 8 channel ADAT mic pre and the Neve or API plug-ins for 12 excellent mic ins). Picked up an x6 which seamlessly integrated into the system to pick up 2 more Unison pres plus the latest converters, dual clocking and additional processing power. It is truly brilliant that the technology advances AND that the original Apollo is still in the game, can't say that about other interfaces.......

R. Capra

December 16, 2019

Apollo x6

I have no words! I couldn't have expected better, the quality of the converters is superb, UNISON and the pre emulations are of another level! I'd never go back

181-200 of 312 Results