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A. Persson

February 4, 2020

Great sounding interface

I really like the sound of this interface and the headphone amps are also enjoyable! It reminds me of an old analog working process but with the modern fast and invaluable flexibility.

M. Cazaubon

February 2, 2020

Amazing interface!

I’ve notice the difrence from the very beggining!
Major leagues sound!

B. Lena

January 27, 2020

Creativity in the equipment

All the UA system, interface and satellites, is great. We all love creativity. There is a lot of creativity in having conceived this system. The x8 sounds great but also the previous generation was great in therms of sound quality. The "Cherry on the cake" is the on/off button on the front panel. The Console app is also cool and don't forget the "Console recall plugin" for sync Console and DAW and the "SampleRate Convert" function on the SPDIF. I wanted an AES I/O actually only on the x16.

C. Lee

January 24, 2020

Amazing Interface

Love it still waiting on my satellite tho...

T. Oludare

January 23, 2020


I love the sound card and the pre amp are so awesome

T. Oludare

January 23, 2020


I love the sound card and the pre amp are so awesome

J. Vest

January 17, 2020


Sounds amazing - Great software - it even smells good 8-)

K. Nelson

January 14, 2020

Apollo x8

Well..it's exactly like everybody says..EXCELLENT...coming from apollo 8 silver face...it's more open or clear..3D sounding for sure..totally different sound from my silverface..remixing songs is approached totally different because of the upgraded converters..and whatever other improvements made..High end for sure..And a BIG THANKS to Jonathan Casarow at Sweetwater for your knowledge, guidance, and patience..LOL..But I needed to make sure this purchase counted..As far as I'm concerned, I purchased the best interface for what I do...Thank you Sweetwater for doing business in a more than timely manner..

D. Conti

January 12, 2020

Unique Quality

The Sound from the Apollo is incredible...
DSP Plugins work perfect...

T. Penn

January 9, 2020

Sonic Perfection

This is my 3rd UA interface and I continue to be amazed at how each generation sounds better than the previous generation. Same easy to use format, great plug-ins and fantastic support if you ever need it. The perfect tools for any studio!

V. Territo

January 9, 2020

When you want the best.......

The Apollo x8 and its family is without a doubt the best gear upgrade I've made in many years. Once you get past the upgraded converters, its dual clocks, the unison pre's and about a million other industry leading specs the thing that keeps jumping out at you is just how good it sounds. It just sounds better then everything else I've tried, period. Theres a reason you will find this gear in the biggest and smallest studios around the world.........It Works!!!!!!

J. Gellis

January 8, 2020

Not my first Apollo - my family just got bigger

I added the x8 to my system which includes an 8P and a satellite. More Pre's more outputs, more processing and.... on the way is another satellite. If you don't already know, these units combine into one ecosystem as if they are all one unit. Love, love, love this interface!

F. Colmán von Lücken

January 8, 2020

Muy satisfecho con el producto, espero mejoras en la interfaz.

Enamorado de:
1. La calidad de los componentes electrónicos.
2. La utilidad de los circuitos (Signal flow, especialmente en los DSP).
3. La capacidad de conversión del sistema AD/DA, fantástico.
4. Unison es genial.
5. El aspecto exterior es bellísimo y fácil de interpretar.

Para mejorar:
1. Podrían integrar un sistema de Re-Amp.
2. Agregar herramientas virtuales como parte del kit, como un afinador, un espectrómetro, entre otros que puedan ayudar en la labor inicial con el producto.
3. Mejorar la interfaz virtual con respecto al OSX en la capacidad de expandir la consola a la pantalla completa (verde en el "ícono semáforo").
4. El diseño del transformador exterior me ha generado problemas con la instalación del mismo en mi rack, al menos agreguen algún accesorio para su instalación.

T. Ameloot

January 7, 2020

Beyond my wildest expectations

I really love this interface. Top specs, amazing sound quality, and above all: the Unison preamps are nothing short of amazing. Good stuff!

S. Alcala

January 5, 2020

Beyond amazed

Best interface I’ve ever owned. I am definitely sticking with universal audio for life.

UAD User

January 4, 2020

Superb audio quality

Major upgrade from my previous audio interface.thank you uad

m. leblanc

January 3, 2020

Carte parfaite

Uad est synonyme de qualité. Carte de son Apollo 8x. Parfait

S. Ra

December 31, 2019

Nice appearance and perfect specs

It's an audio interface with the best specs and a nice appearance.
It has some scratches on its appearance and it's a pity that Windows WDM doesn't support multichannel surround, but it's still very nice and efficient audio interface.

C. Chrysogelos

December 27, 2019


I've paired my Apollo Twin (Silver) with an Apollo x8 and i'm more than happy i did that. At first i thought it was a placebo of the new gear but the truth is that the sound is has more depth and it's tighter on the low end. The converters and mic pre's are amazing and super clear. Amazing work UA!

D. Chapman

December 25, 2019

Not quite as I'd hoped for!

Console 2.0 is so far behind the likes of RME that it makes the routing side quite difficult for live use! Only 4 stereo busses in Console is less than most analogue desks from the 70s, and the converter clarity (to my ears, at least) wasn't an improvement on my current RME UFX. Indeed, I've gone back to RME for this purpose.

21-40 of 160 Results