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Customer Reviews

Apollo x8

Overall Rating

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A. Giroux

June 11, 2024

Absolutely great unit

Quite the upgrade from my previous rig. Happy with my purchase

F. Buitrago

June 2, 2024

Apollo x8

I just upgraded to the Apollo x8 from my old Scarlett 18i20, I made this decision from using the volt and loved the warmth from it so I decided to upgrade. Definitely like how all the inputs and outputs L/R channel monitors are separate and the 2 thunderbolt connections! Unlike the Scarlett, a smoother interface overall and nice quality sound while mixing, bouncing files. Most of all enjoying all the realtime plugins that I’m able to use with the UA Console & DAW. Totally Satisfied, I believe I made the right choice…

J. Planinic

April 21, 2024

Worst customer support service in a world

I'm having issues installing my apollo x6. To be honest I wish I never bought it. Didnt know it was such a pain in the ass to install this sound rack. And on top of everything its easier to contact Donald Trump, than UAD customer service. I dont want to speak with your AI bot, I want to speak to a real person, to someone who can help me with my problem.


March 8, 2024

best sound ever heard

i used to work on Rme fireface 400 for almost 20years and i wanted to change it cause i heard the volt seires at a friend's house and i was so suprised by the precision of the sound.. but i needed more inputs and outputs so i choose the apollo X8 and i'm really happy to have it, the sound is so clear,with details i have never heard on my last soundcard..
A great product for those who wants to level up their mixes or mastering.

T. T

February 26, 2024



J. Kim

February 15, 2024

Perfect gear, perfect company.

UA apollo x8, it’s a wonderful gear.
DSP, converter, preamps, everything is perfect to me.

P. Tarján

February 14, 2024

Stardestroy of Interfaces

Definitely audio quality both on A/D and D/A side outshine other interfaces. It is very convenient to use the DSP effects. Personally my most favourite is to put C-Suit Vox on my vocal recordings to help me the imperfections of the home studio that I haven been built and suppressing unwanted noises.

The mixing console is all in all good, mimics a physical console however I feel in 2024 that imposes limitations on how you can use it and also not the most intuitive for those who are not having hands-on experience with hardware mixing consoles. I hope that the I/O matrix will have some re-work in the future.

Being able to control phantom power supply per channel individually is really nice. On many interfaces it is grouped like 1-4, 5-8.

For me it is really a feature that gets me to be able to not only link mono channels into stereo, but to be able to also control their volume together. With many other interfaces even if on the mixer they can be linked you still have to calibrate the knobs manually which is painful.

WDM driver is a bit clumsy as only the UNISON slot effect is applied, but not the whole track and unfortunately I cannot select which inputs to "expose" towards to WDM (like some other interfaces). Most typical use-case would be that I want to use only one of my MIC with C-Suite Vox and LA-2A towards to other applications such as Teams or any conferencing application. I hope in future this will improve!

All in all buying Apollo x8 was the best decision, no regrets at all!


January 13, 2024



M. Magerkurth

December 21, 2023

In der Arbeit in der DAW Hammer.

Eins vorweg, arbeite ich nur in Cubase 13 Pro funktioniert das x8 wie gewünscht. Glasklarer, knackiger Sound. (Windows 10)

Außerhalb der DAW funktioniert es als Mikrofon grauenhaft. Weder über Skype, noch zB Adobe Audition, noch bei OBS/ Nvidia Shadowplay lässt es Aufnahmen ohne Pops, Klicks, Distortion und leichtem Hall zu. Ich habe echt alles versucht. Driver updates Mainboard ect., Consolen Einstellungen, ect. Da es in der Dawn läuft, tippe ich auf Treiberprobleme im zusammenhang mit Windows. My guess ist dass die Samplerate nicht passt. Leider kann ich sie in Systemssounds bei Windows nicht umstellen. Es wird 2 Kanal 48khz 32 Bit angezeigt, jedoch ist es ausgegraut, sodass ich nichts anderes auswählen kann. Da wäre wie vorher Mono 48khz 24 Bit sicher die beste Wahl. Es ist frustrierend, da ich so zwar Musil machen kann, jedoch ist Gaming erstmal vorbei... die Recherche im Internet zeigt, dass es einige mit den gleichen Problemen gibt.

Ich möchte dennoch festhalten, dass die Qualität des Interfaces wirklich spitze ist. Einzig der Windows Treiber Support scheint nicht zu klappen. Ich hatte zuvor ein Apollo Twin USB und hatte nie Probleme. Dies stellte sich nach schließen der DAW immer automatisch richtig ein. (Hörte man) . Ich werde weiter nach Lösungen suchen und hoffentlich klappt es irgendwann, denn dieses Interface will ich auf jeden Fall weiter nutzen.

B. Rodgers

December 9, 2023

Worthy upgrade

Have now daisy chained this with an Apollo twin and it has substantially increased the power of my home studio. I now have the ability to add more DSP heavy plug ins, more inputs and more outputs. It is perfect for my workflow which mainly revolves around recording guitars and vocals. Very happy

B. Harrison

December 6, 2023


I needed additional I/O for my studio and added the x8 to my existing Apollo 8 Quad. Integrating was seamless, and managing all of the routing is simply glorious in Console. The sound quality is incredible, and with both interfaces running my UAD plugins I couldn't be happier with the reduced load on my CPU. I purchased the x8 while on promo with the Sphere mic, which I haven't received yet, but look forward to trying that out soon! Thanks, UAD. Now stop taking all my money for a little while, ok?

K. Kessler

November 27, 2023

Incredible conversion and sound quality

I have moved from Apollo Twin to the Apollo X8. First very noticable difference - the output sound quality is way cleaner - the low end is smoother, the high end is extremely detailed, compared to the Twin. Even the headphones output sounds dramatically better! The stereo image is very clear. Headroom is just enough for working with loud and modern music. I/O is perfect for a hybrid setup (production and recording / mixing and mastering). It's probably one of the most important purchases for my studio.

J. Schroeder

November 14, 2023

WDM audio in Windows STILL BROKEN after 2 years

WDM audio is still busted as of November 14, 2023. What does this mean? Anything outside ASIO playback, like YouTube, Spotify, video games, etc. is glitchy. Pops and crackles.

Universal Audio is aware of it and still has no solution. I’ve been using their products for almost 10 years now, and I absolutely love the plugins and hardware itself. Very well made. Heck, the tech support around this issue was top-tier as well. However, I cannot fully recommend this product with how obviously busted it is outside of your DAW integration. Which may be a non-issue for you, but it’s absolutely a problem for myself and many others.

If it wasn’t for this issue, I’d give the product a 5 star review. It’s a wonderful tool for the studio. It’s just a real pain in the @$$ and embarrassing every time a client wants to reference a YouTube song, or something on Spotify, or literally anything outside my DAW.

Do better, Universal Audio.

V. Ciesielski

October 22, 2023


Incredibly powerful addition to my work space. Plays well with my X4 and LogicProX. Easy set up. The information from UAD and YouTube makes the entire process easy and seamless

S. Cordingley

October 6, 2023

A Worthy Upgrade

Pretty easy to install and connect, which is great. It definitely is a step up from my previous Apollo Twin X Duo. More inputs, two independent headphone jacks/pots, and push button to alternate monitors. Impressive routing flexibility, which does require some mental effort to grasp fully. Improved my plugin potential when recording . It meets my current needs with ease. I can confidently recommend it for an intermediate home studio (and more!)

S. Burgan

August 8, 2023

Top notch quality x8 Apollo with sphere mic

So glad I took the plunge and upgraded to the x8 Apollo and got the sphere mic thrown in for free. Sound quality is awesome and plenty of options with inputs. The Sphere mic is an absolute game changer too. Things just sit in the mix without having to tweak and stack up plugins. Great stuff UAD!

K. Krause

August 2, 2023


Für mich als Amateurproduzent ist es mit der Apollo x 8 und den verschiedenen Plugins eine neue Welt, die zu erkunden jetzt noch mehr Spaß macht. Es gibt aktuell nichts Besseres für mich.

天. 赵

July 22, 2023

apollo X8 Essential for live performances

This X8 is used for live performances and uses 480 reverb and noise reduction, which has greatly helped me with my work. I deeply love it and cannot do without it

A. Ayer

July 17, 2023

I don’t know what I’d do without Apollo

I did a lot of research before deciding on Apollo. It did not disappoint. I have 2 of them now. When I need another it will be a no brainer. Clean and clear. Easy to use but with all the routing options that you’ll ever need. Brilliant. Thank you UA.

M. Lattimore

July 1, 2023

Top Notch

This unit will take your studio from novice to professional.

1-20 of 294 Results

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