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Apollo x8

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k. mcintosh

March 15, 2019

Skeptic to believer.

I originally had the Apollo 8 duo and upgraded to the Apollo 8x. When I first hooked it up the sound sounded too clean for my taste because the older Apollo I had added this padding and warmth to the sound that was so perfect its hard to describe. The shiny and bright sound of the new Apollo was hard to accept. I tried different settings of cue mixing, went back to re-mix other projects and everything. Then somehow after I had clicked +24db and something else I did, the warmth came back, but this time with depth, clarity and space! So now I am extremely pleased with the sound! But, the only other issue I had was, the processing power seems weaker than my Apollo duo for some reason, and it wasn't until I hooked both of them up together that the power returned. If I could open up all the cores I would rate this a 10!

S. Røssaak

March 12, 2019

Worth every penny

Chose to upgrade from a Apollo 8 and a Twin to this beast. I run it together with a Blackface 8P for more preamps, and it is the heart of our small studio.
I was surpriced that I actually could hear a difference in sound. It's not a groundbreaking difference from the Apollo 8 (gen 2), but audible none the less.

Love it!

K. Volpe

March 11, 2019

Wonderful Interface

I had an Apollo Quad for the last few years, which I loved. The new x8 is at an even higher level..I know it sounds like a cliche..but it really is more open on the top end and the sound field appears wider. Really happy about having an increase in DSP power. I also love some of the new function features. I can't say enough good things about the x8.

R. Peters

March 4, 2019

Very statisfied !

Love the low latency, ease of use and streamlined workflow in any situation. Be it mixing, recording or creating.

J. Anaka

February 26, 2019

replaced my hd system

great clean sounding interface , console app takes a bit to get your head around. The unit is quick, transparent and smooth . Selling off my older HD system now. I am going to buy another soon .

J. Reinholdt

February 24, 2019

A great update

I used an Apollo 8 / Satellite Quad combination before and was sometimes frustrated that I could not use the DSP power of both units combined. Now, that has been fixed with Apollo 8x which has all DSP power I need in one spot.

K. Kiive

February 23, 2019

New Apollo X8!

I’m coming from an RME UFX and wanted to upgrade mostly to thunderbolt from FW because i felt like FW was disappearing... put the Apollo X8 in my system and just cranked AC/DC Thunderstruck! The DA was not just a subtle experience. It sounded much more 3D. Made my Dynaudio 5A’s sound like very expensive monitors.

C. Garchitorena Angulo

February 19, 2019

Apollo x: Present and Future of the recording and the musical production.

I am very happy with the extreme audio quality obtained with my new Apollo x8.
In the Studio we also have an A/D & D/A converter (Symphony I/O from Apogee) and in the tests we have done comparing the conversion in real time with 24Bits / 48Khz files the result is surprisingly similar.
Only for this update in the converters, I consider it a winning horse.
It is also worth mentioning the four Mic Preamps (with the advantage of the Unison™ preamp emulations), the fantastic quality of their emulations in their plugins and how stable is the software (Application) Console + UAD Meter & Control Panel.
Good work Universal Audio !!!
Apollo x: Present and Future of the recording and the musical production.

R. Jason

February 15, 2019

Happy I upgraded!

Though a happy 3 year+ owner of an Apollo 8 Duo, I decided to "upgrade" from what I thought was already a terrific interface. Well, after a couple weeks with my new Apollo X8 I can honestly say I am NOT disappointed. Having more UAD DSP is great, and there is, to my ears a more transparent audio quality. I call it an extended dynamic range. As good as my Apollo 8 sounded, the X8 just seems more open sounding. Having the talkback is useful, and just overall, I couldn't be happier with my decision. 5 Stars.

I. de la Riega

February 10, 2019

simply AMAZING

an AMAZING improvement over my Apollo twin setup. it sounds amazing, loving the hexa and the talkback! GREAT JOB !

W. Khin

February 6, 2019

Great product with more I/Os.

I use Apollo | twin for the past few years. Decided to add this Apollo x8 to do Audio Post mixing. So far so good. I have not tried 5.1 setting though. However, Apollo x8 should do fine.

j. roe

January 24, 2019


Love this thing!!!!!!!

R. Stephenson

January 24, 2019

A hit.

I use this to Record My Rolaind TD50 Drum Seet I Bring in all of the Drums and Cyembles non there on track. Work well.

P. Jonsson

January 22, 2019

Simply irresistible

Just got the Apollo x8. Had the black Apollo 8 - and the Silverface Apollo 8 before that - but i find the x8 simply irresistible

M. Little

January 6, 2019

I love my son.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so in love with a piece of gear, but I love this little fella. Finally took the plunge and stepped up my interface game and have been pretty amazed by the level of detail I hadn’t even realized I’d been missing. The only issue: I just want to keep buying plugins. The only way I could see loving it more would be if I was able to use the plug ins without the hardware. Even just the legacy version.

D. Ponti

January 5, 2019

Great Interface

I had a Twin, and I upgraded to the X8 cause I needed more channel! This Interface is Amazing! Great sound, great converters and easy to use!
It’s just what I wanted!

A. Etienne

January 1, 2019

The best interface right now.

I got this interface to improve the quality of my music. And man I am not disappointed. UAD have alien technology In this thing. If you can afford it, Buy it. I won't go into details.

p. renan

December 30, 2018

Une excellente surprise!

J'ai fini par me décider pour l'achat d'une carte Apollo X8 après plusieurs années d'hésitation. Je suis tout simplement impressionné par l'ergonomie du logiciel de la Console logicielle, les propriétés des convertisseurs et les possibilités de traitement grâce aux différents pluggins. Bravo aux ingénieurs universal Audio pour ce travail remarquable!!!

C. Bevins

December 24, 2018

Like having new ears!

My trusty old 003 finally kicked the bucket, and the new Apollo X series came along just in time. Wow! I knew it would be better, but I'm stunned! 10 stars! Seriously, the audio quality is exceptional, and so is the stability and workflow of the UAD platform. I didn't realize how much I would enjoy tracking through UAD plugins, but I love that part of it about as much as I love the sound quality of the box itself. Lovely work, UA!

C. Prey

December 16, 2018

Not from this planet

I have never seen a piece of audio gear that was so sophisticated as the Apollo x8. That doesn't mean it's complicated - contrary, everything works so flawless that you can only guess about the designers effort on usability and clarity - for the hardware and the console app as well (that includes the new surround monitoring features and the integration of the Twin - it's so easy). What really surprised me was the improvement on the D/A converters. Those of the Twin MKII were already great - but the Apollo x8 is on another level. Monitoring the same song, switching to the x8 suddenly revealed details i didn't know of before. Awesome. I'm not paid for this, but i must say - i've never felt better with any other hardware or interface especially. There has never been a point of feeling lost or like the developers won't care (hello RME). The UAD support is as excellent as the hardware - many, many thanks.

221-240 of 267 Results