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Customer Reviews

Apollo x8

Overall Rating

41-60 of 294 Results

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T. Phan

October 28, 2022

Now I Know Why

Now I know why so many people love UA interfaces (and UA plugins). It’s because of their phenomenal sound. I used to think UA is just a hype, so I stick with RME for so long. As a Windows user, I also hesitate when I thought UA is made for Mac. But everything started when Sphere L22 is on sale. I got the mic and tried with my RME. It was a huge disappointment for me because it sounds awful. But I still believed in the mic and wanted to give it another try. When UA has the promotion of getting the L22 with any rackmount UA interface, I went ahead and bought the x8. At the same time, UA also has the promotion of Ultimate Bundle 10. So I bought that, too. And it did not disappoint me. Sphere L22 is made for Apollo. When I connect these two devices together and insert UA plugins on the track, it sounds beyond my expectation and imagination. The warmness of the sound is so pleasing to the ears. Though you may think it adds color to the sound because of Sphere and UA plugins, it is in fact very natural sound. The warmness is just like it is from the hardware. For my voice, I like the combination of the 800 mic in Sphere, routing through Neve 1073 preamp and eq and ending up with Avalon compressor. I put UA plugins on the DSP console and Sphere on the track in Pro Tools. Next time I’ll try to put everything on the track in Pro Tools and see if it makes a difference. The super low latency makes tracking so comfortable. This product will not disappoint you. In fact, I’m buying the second Apollo soon after trying it. The product is also a solid build. In short, I really love it and am very happy with my purchase.

S. van Servellen

October 7, 2022

Pricey but top quality integrated hardware/software

TOP quality hardware / software integration that now sits at heart of my workflows,


July 19, 2022

Low Mic Input levels

Very Solid build, but a bit concerned with the very low mic in put level I am getting from the preamps. I usually have to turn up the gain almost 2 thirds. And with that it still peaks at about -18db. In addition I get a lot of ambient noise. This is the same situation when I use the unison preamps. Getting a bit frustrated more so that I saved up to get my dream interface.

A. Byallo

July 15, 2022

What's there to say? It's simply the best.

I've wanted one for years and now I have it. Best thing I ever did for my music was get into the Apollo UAD ecosystem. That and my Focal monitors but this isn't the forum for that ;-) Get an x8. You need it. Even if you don't need it you totally need it. It's simple science.

C. Lennon

June 29, 2022

Absolutely Worthwhile

I had the first version of the Apollo racks and then got two Apollo desktops. This is a world of difference sonically. The first thing I noticed was the clarity and detail. I thought about the X6 but this gave me more ins and outs and really made my setup more flexible. I send my tracks to external hardware and the console makes things so much easier. I also like that I can now work in standalone mode without having to do anything extra. When I'm ready to switch to the computer to track out it does so seamlessly. I have had a chance to run my bass through the Hi-Z inputs without any issues at all. It is really a great all-around interface.


June 10, 2022


Incredible! I’m loving my new Apollo X! Thanks UAD

S. Patterelli

June 9, 2022

Pro quality interface.

With all the features and options available, the x8 has integrated well in my home studio. Blends well with Pro Tools and the tutorial videos are a real help. I hope to add more UA products in the coming months....

C. Wolf

June 3, 2022

Sounds great

Sounds great. Luna has not been released for Windows. (2022) The Thunderbolt drivers work for the DAW, but you have to switch sample rates when using other Windows programs. The USB Apollo had a sample rate for the DAW and switched automatically to 44.1 when you went to windows. Still, it sounds great and works well enough.

M. Schmidt

June 2, 2022

x8 game changer

I went from "consumer level" pro-audio to "pro-level " in deciding to upgrade into the Apollo series with the x8. I was not prepared for how noticeable the difference is. I have been chasing this sound for a long time, "Houston, we have landed"....

M. Makki

May 13, 2022


I’ve had, and still have an Apollo twin MKII since 2018 and it did me justice. I didn’t really think the new converters would be THAT much of a difference, but they really do! Super clean, and the build is solid! If I had to do it all over again when upgrading the studio, I would have bought this first. Also, I love the fact that the MKII can be used as a controller AND control a third set of monitors if you have them.

K. Kelley

April 24, 2022


Sounds great and plays well with my other Apollos! A TB cable would be nice for the price.

U. Apel

April 20, 2022

Very good audio interface but sonically not at the top

A universally good and professional audio interface when it comes to having everything in one box. The Apollo x8 is professional through and through. In direct comparison to a Lynx Aurora or Metric Halo LIO / ULN, the x8 is - purely in terms of sound - a league below. However, I would also say that the Apollo x8 interface in combination with UA´s Console or also the LUNA DAW offers the best and also the most straightforward, overall musical recording package on the market.

M. Dourthe

March 13, 2022

Superb for tracking.

In 2022 we'd expect AD/DA conversion and playback to be of high quality and preamps to be detailed and sound good. The Apollo x8 does not disappoint.
Where the unit becomes incredible is for tracking, with the Unison Preamps and in line UAD effects, whether for monitoring or printing or any combination.
I did not think there was a serious contender to HDX but UA have built one. Latency is (very) low enough to not matter even to vocal performers and multiple headphone mixes, monitoring with multiple FX in the chain. Baking in the sound you want to hear with the excellent UAD plugs has never been easier.

R. Tobias

March 11, 2022

Amazing interface!

I had incredibly high expectations when I bought the Apollo X8. It has exceeded every expcatiation that I had. Amazing Interface!

F. Verjux

March 7, 2022

Exactly what was expected

I had a lot of others audio interfaces but this one is the most precise and clear in the all spectrum of frequencies. Unison is a real game changer, I like much Helios & Neve premps.

R. Aikman

February 21, 2022

Apollo X8

Great interface - conversion is stellar, the plug-ins are out of this world, albeit a little on the expensive side, and the routing software is a breeze after the first day… Would highly recommend!

J. Hecker

January 27, 2022

With the Apollo X8 i reached my destination!

Coming from several Focusrite Interfaces, i decided to do the step to a professional interface. After a few weeks of recording, I absolutely do not regret this decision to buy the UAD Apollo X8. The DSP Power, the low latency, the pristine preamps and most important for my workflow the console with all it's routing and DSP-Plugin integration was more than a game changer for me.

For now, there is no reason for me to change this setting in the future. Best Interface I ever owned!

T. Heeringa

January 4, 2022

Best interface I’ve ever owned!

This thing is incredible. The hexacore finally allows me to use a tonne of plugins for mixing, which intact is terrible for my wallet, buuuut their plugins are so worth it. Great I/O for routing outboard gear and guitar pedals. Only thing I would grumble about is how clunky the console app is still. I’ve owned an Apollo Solo for a year now and when switching between the two it gets really confused and screws up the I/O matrix even when loading presets for either interface. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly haha. Other than that I’m obsessed!

D. Batty

December 9, 2021

great recordings

I have be recording songs for over 30 years from two track tape to the first computers dedicated to recording and always felt that something was holding me back . I now know there was, I didn't have a Apollo
The plugins on the Apollo do sound like you thought they would and I have just used the Marshall amp in the unison slot and it records so well I don't know if I will us my amps again
so as a fist time user just starting to use the Apollo all i can say is wow and if this is read by someone with out one. From a ordinary guy that has to work hard for money and is just wanting to make music that sounds well recorded you really can not get better than the Apollo 8

o. brinkhurst

November 22, 2021

Great quality product

I bought this as an upgrade for my home studio from an entry level interface. The quality is instantly noticeable. The unison preamps are fantastic and the top end AD conversion really helps capture the character of my outboard synths without adding any unwanted character.

41-60 of 294 Results