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Apollo x8

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J. Bac

January 22, 2021

x8 is xGreat

I had no AI at the beginning of this pandemic. I bought an Arrow cuz I needed a simple way to interface with my computer and decided it would be better than the $200 units. It was for sure. But then I graduated to the Apollo Twix X Quad. It was a leap forward. But then as I got more into needing additional inputs plus ADAT and SPDIF, the x8 got the call. While I would like the 8 xlr ins of the x8p, it doesn't have the ability to have both spdif and adat at the same time. So x8 is the solution. I do get the 4 XLR ins, and I have an ADAT 8 XLR unit so I get 12 XLRs. Plus the spdif for my UA OX puts me in fat city. UA gear is awesome.

R. Vickers

January 20, 2021

excellent device!

This is the best sounding recording device I have ever owned. I have used a lot of analog gear and I am amazed at the depth and clarity of these converters. The plugins that emulate the outboard gear that I have do it really well. For instance, I forget if I tracked with my actual LA2A or if I tracked with the Unison plugin. The mixes I have been doing come together more quickly and I get to spend more time on aesthetics than problem solving. I give this unit an A+. Thanks UAD!

E. Vivante

January 14, 2021

I love Apollo but...

I just upgraded my Apollo silver TB3 to the new 8x Heritage edition.
In got only 5 old plugins while I own most of the Heritage edition.
And worst than that 1 of the headphones output is not function well.
The reseller already bought me a new 1 but I was very disappointed to be in that situation.
In that price I except to perfect condition Apollo and more plugins for those who already own most of the heritage bundle .

A. Gurulawela

January 11, 2021

Apollo x8

Added Such a great feel for my all recordings using UAD
Preamps with Unison. I highly recommend all UAD sections instead of Realtime Plugins, Routing, Summing. Thank You UAD for Make My Journey More Easier.

F. Lamarre

January 10, 2021

The new deal

Recording through unison preamps, everything comes to life as soon as you hit the rec button. Every sound blend so easily.

F. Lamarre

January 6, 2021

A game changer

I've been using RME and Waves pluging for about 15 years.
Switching to Apollo and UAD plugins is a real game changer for me. I'm thinking about selling half of my analog recording equipment.
Ok, it's expensive but it's worth every dime I spent !

C. Ramirez

December 29, 2020


Pretty happy overall, I'm still learning to use it though. I do believe there's an improvement in sound quality from the focusrite clarett I was using . I wish they give us a promo code for plugins considering all the money it costs, but I'm still happy.

T. Andersson

December 29, 2020

Apollo X8

I exchanged Apollo 8 to Apollo X8.
I have had my old unit for 5 years without any troubles.
I used my old unit a as digital mixer for my hardware and software synths and for my guitars and I thought this should be the ultimate tool for creating music.
I was able to test Apollo x8 and I was surprised that the soundquality was so much better than the old unit. I decided to get Apollo X8. I was lucky to get a good price for the old unit .
I Have had Apollo X8 for three weeks now and I am still surprised of the soundquality. The build quality is exellent, it will last for many years.

R. Pelletier

December 24, 2020

Love my Apollo X8

La meilleur interface audio que j'ai eu depuis le début de mon studio.

The best audio interface I have had since starting my studio.

T. Gol

December 17, 2020

Perfect for anything

It’s not my first Apollo. I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s very flexible interface. Also with 6 sharc chips it’s very powerful. I also combined it with a Satellite. Dynamic range and coverter quality is really good. If you have a budget don’t waste your time by overthinking about pulling the trigger :)

R. Vallenari

December 11, 2020

The best interface I know for serious production

Title says it all, extremely well thought and incredible sounding piece of goodness

P. Duville

December 10, 2020

Universal audio get 3000 dls and dont give a free plugin

I cant believe
I buy the new x8 and no free plugin?
Just a shitty attitude

P. Chatchaturian

December 9, 2020

Cool but there is something MISSING

Cool interface, cool sound! But to me it is far away of understanding why it can handle only 8 channels of ADAT at 44,1 kHz. This is quite an show stopper to me.
Let's say you own some other interfaces you still want to use. In order to use the console features (e.g. using the inserts only for tracking but not for writing) of the UAD you have to have to choose the UAD as the asio driver in your DAW. I now expect an interface at this cost with two ADAT IN/''OUTs to provide me 16 channels at 44,1 kHz for connecting my mic ins of two ohter interfaces for recording.
Another thing making my head shaking: when using this interface along with other interfaces (one of them is the clock master) and setting the UADs clock source to ADAT (because it is connected via ADAT to the clock master), you still have to set the right sampling frequency MANUALLY at the UAD device.
Both, lack of ADAT-IO and sampling frequenz syncing seems to be very old fashioned. Please give me 16 44,1 kHz ADATA IN/OUTs! I do not need to treat them with UAD-plugins, so no horse power is needed here.

D. Arroyo

December 8, 2020

so glad

I'm so glad I purchased I purchased this... the best interface I have worked with. The plugins are superior to any other.

M. Apata

December 7, 2020

Fantastic Interface

Absolutely fantastic interface with great plugins attached!

J. Delgado

December 4, 2020

Awesome sound and quality

Universal Audio Apollo it's a game changer, being able to use de Unison technology and the analog sound of UAD plugins it's amazing. This is my second Apollo, I have never had any type of problem with he interface or the software.

N. Merkas

December 2, 2020


I saw this. I bought this. I'm happy with this.

S. Rother

November 30, 2020

Love my Apollo x8

analog sound in a digital world.

B. Lindley

November 30, 2020

Broken Apollo and no assistance

My Apollo, which sits safely in my rack far from anything that could damage started malfunctioning for no apparent reason and customer care did next to nothing to help. Beware if you buy this and anything happens UA will not stand behind their 3,000$ product as they should. Now I am shipping mine back to Sweetwater, who generously offered to fix it out of warranty (still for $$) because they sold it to me and felt bad. Unfortunately that means a six week turn around time and cost of shipping so now i have to buy a new interface so my studio doesn't have too much downtime and i lose income. I'm incredibly frustrated having now had to pay the money to ship and repair the Apollo and now potentially buy a new one when i did nothing wrong in the first place. And still no one from UA will return emails or reach out to me. This is a fine interface but you may want to seriously consider buying from a different company, one who makes an interface that doesn't break out of nowhere and then won't help you

S. Rother

November 30, 2020

Eierlegende Wollmilchsau

Love my Apollo x8! Perfect for every situation!

61-80 of 265 Results