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R. Guerra

October 14, 2019

Crashes and cumbersome

First, I have a 2019 power Mac with 2.4Ghz intel core 9 with 32gb ram and 1 tb drive, DAW Logic Pro x... So the computer is not the problem. Lots of crashes with the Arrow. Every-time I tried to use two f/x's (like guitar amp and a delay) the Arrow / UA software crashes. Very frustrating, also, the UA patches do not live in Logic Pro x, therefore you have to have the Arrow mixer open on your computer and it all gets very cumbersome. The constant upsetting is annoying as well, any f/x that one would want costs extra and not a little extra $$$. I returned the Arrow for a refund within a few days of receiving it.

A. Carpenter

October 12, 2019

Impossible to Find a Better Balance of Cost, Sound, and Portability

It's a good interface. It sounds good. There are better sounding interfaces, but not in as portable or cost effective packages. I'm very reluctant to enter the ecosystem as I fear vendor lock-in. However, ignoring the DSP and plugins it's still the best in it's range. Worth mentioning, Thunderbolt is about as stable as Firewire. When it works it works, but then there's all the other times.

R. Amirkhanov

October 11, 2019

Good but..

Sometimes the system cannot detect the card after sleep mode (Mac os 10.14.6),helps to disable and enable the interface again.

A. Kolomvatsos

October 10, 2019

Best mobile interface for songwriters

It's stable with no glitches dropouts etc (2 weeks of daily use). The format/size is great. You can have fast access to controls and it's easy to carry around. One good detail is the anti slip bottom and the unit doesn't slip/slide around on the desk.

With the arrow you get to open a new world to excellent plugins. The one sharc dsp chip is well enough for songwriters and for track by track recordings but... it's way far from mixing a big project. Problem can be solved though with UAD Accelerators (satelite) where you can daisy chain on your arrow.

Truth is that when you get into this world of UAD you will going to need more DSP chips eventually. Custom Shop Reverbs (Capitol) take a good % of the chip and it's almost unusable if you want to add a Marshall super Lead for example.

*** If you are tight on budget I would strongly recommend to buy the extra DSP QUAD or OCTO (Do a research on plugin % usage!!!) before buying any plugins since you can get great sounds with the free bundle plugins that come free with the arrow.

Overall it is indeed the best mobile interface I've seen

B. Singh

October 9, 2019

does not work with new MAC's running Catalina

great now I bought a device that doesn't work!

a. iida

October 4, 2019

great, clean, high quality signal.

pretty clean and amazing. interface is stylish and easy to navigate. the only thing that gets to me is their plug ins, you can only use them running on UA chips (onboard chip in arrow). I would like to see a "run on UA's processing chip/run on computers chip" option. their plug in's ARE pretty awesome though... but the UA dependability is a real turn off...

B. Lee

October 3, 2019



S. Cozens

September 29, 2019

Brilliant piece of gear!

Purchased the Arrow to add two more channels to my live touring rig and it's brilliant. Have been using in ear monitoring with my Apollo quad since it was released - the best for being able to have any plug-in I wish on my incoming monitor signal as well as my keyboard channels then route to whatever outputs are required. Having upgraded the Apollo with a Thunderbolt 3 card when I upgraded my studio, the Arrow extends the possibilities to 12 inputs (including spdif digital in). Been using it live with two Neumann KM184 mics just in front of my set-up for ambient sound - makes in-ear monitoring transparent and feels like I'm completely there on the stage with the band. Brilliant! Oh yeh, got another processor too!

J. Leone

September 25, 2019

Perfect for my live sets

The arrow is my go to portable interface for when i'm gigging. As an ableton user, it feels good to know that I can run all my guitar and vocal UAD plugins without the risk of crashing my session

V. Fedorenko

September 24, 2019


The beautiful device is very musical and inspires sound.

R. Klett

September 23, 2019

Unusable with Windows 10

Really big problems with stuttering sound and buffer problems with the WDM Driver and also with the ASIO Driver. Neither several Thunderbolt Cable as also switching through different Windows 10 Versions didnt help.
No recommendation for Windows Users - for MAC Users maybe THE Interface.

L. Cole

September 22, 2019

Best interface hands down

First let’s start by saying that I’m a professional bass player with more than 18+ years of experience. I have toured with many artists and recorded many many bass tracks. It’s an amazing piece of gear, the fact you don’t need to plug in to a electrical outlet It’s an amazing feature. Preamps are great and unison plug ins sound amazing ! Why I didn’t gave you guys 5 stars ? Plug ins are VERY expensive, so it’s actually a big downer for me. Hope you guys can reconsider this. I wish they can be more affordable.

M. Costantino

September 21, 2019

Ottima per Home Studio

Adoro la facilità con cui posso usare questa scheda, qualità eccezionale, Simulazioni eccellenti. Forse avrebbe bisogno di un po più di potenza per poter usare più plugin alla massima qualità.

M. Costantino

September 21, 2019

Ottima per Home Studio

Adoro la facilità con cui posso usare questa scheda, qualità eccezionale, Simulazioni eccellenti. Forse avrebbe bisogno di un po più di potenza per poter usare più plugin alla massima qualità.

T. Hakala

September 9, 2019


I have been recording just for my own purpose riffs and song ideas. So far I have been using Scarlett soundcard and Amplitube as my main guitar rig. But it has always been a pain in the butt (it drains my computer having many instances of amplitube. But now I can record and print my sound right away. And the sound, it just so much better than Amplitube. I love the Marshall JMP and Engl Savage 120.

This was my main reason to get the Arrow. But once I found other great plugins (Neve Preamp and eq, Distressor, Fatso, Studer...), UAD just upgraded my whole musical palette. And gave me tons of new inspiration. Thank you!

E. Heredia

September 7, 2019

NNothing but good things from this

Sucks that it had to be thunderbolt 3 for this but I guess thats what makes the quality really high. BUY ONE!

C. Maier

September 2, 2019

Apollo arrow

this thing sounds great and I feel more confident then ever im getting quality signals into my machine

the biggest downside is that I haven't been able to use it until recently when I upgraded my computer. it wasn't clear to me when purchasing this about a year ago, that it would be incompatible with my 2014 MacBook. granted, it was my fault for not doing the proper research, but it seems like "Check Compatibility With My Computer" would have been an easy enough feature to build on the product page. Had I known it wouldn't work with my computer at the time, I would have gotten the next model up.

Fortunately, I recently upgraded my MacBook to the new 2019 line, with which the arrow runs smoothly.

Now, my only complaint is the lack of 3/4 outputs to send signals to output gear. This is another limitation I wish was better highlighted on the product page.

Console, the program for managing the arrow's I/O doesn't seem to easily enable 1/2 as a separate signal from the headphone out. Console is designed by a bunch of old school analog console engineers and not meant to be understand by millennial, albeit technically minded, recordists such as myself. Everything is just a metaphor for how it was once done on the consoles in analog studios, and to me it's like - it's 2019, who's that really serving?

s. khardzeishvili

September 2, 2019

great product, but I would mention some topics for windows users.

arrow is really great. Sound quality is top, compared to other interfaces.
as for windows users, it is not just plug and play. you have to Optimize windows system before using arrow
1. before buying arrow, make sure that your pc has thunderbolt 3 and all technical requirements for arrow.
2. Windows system requires farther more Optimization. there will be needed some power optimization and little BIOS changes too. For this, UAD support provides several articles how to Optimize Windows. find this articles, simply follow them and you are good to go.

D. Tapper

August 30, 2019

All that I need and more

Great to be able to have the arrow bus powered it’s stable and the clarity is top notch - I find the unison pres really warm up vocals condoned with a simple Shure SM58 it’s the best bag for your buck I wasn’t happy with the ONE interface because the guitar sounded crappy at higher tones the arrow sounds beyond amazing w my guitar let’s me feel like I’m playing a tube through headphones as the plexi classic is superb I only really track with this so DSP hasn’t been a factor if your just a home user it’s all you need

S. Roberts

August 30, 2019

Great device, poor Windows implementaion

This is a really well built interface, that I've been using for about a year, occasionally for recording in Pro Tools, but generally as a playback device for my HP ZBook Studio G3 laptop.

On it's own merits, I'd give it 5 star rating. Unfortunately, as other Windows users have pointed out, I'm always getting clicks and pops coming through my speakers, and occasionally they're printed in the audio I record. I suspect this is a problem with Windows 10 Thunderbolt support rather that the Arrow, but no firmware/Bios/driver update has ever fixed the issue.

I would avoid if you're a PC user.

181-200 of 401 Results