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S. Eriksen

April 6, 2020


Easy to set ut. Works flawlessly with both ProTools and Logic Pro X. The plugins are intuitive And great sounding. Only problem I have with it is that now I want more plugins from UAD.

S. Roberts

March 24, 2020

Not a reliable recording device on a PC

I've had the Arrow for over a year now. I actually really like it, but only as a playback device and for the occasion that I'm jamming on the guitar and using the amp sims. Recording with it is unfortunately a no-go... I suspect that the A/D conversion suffers from unreliable clocking, possibly because it's bus powered via Thunderbolt, and I'm on a PC which doesn't have the most reliable TB implementation. Best avoided if you're on a PC.

R. Bengtsson

March 23, 2020


I think it sounds and flows really well!! Super satisfied so far

a. verbiese

March 19, 2020

Very useful portable UAD gear!

I play the electric guitar, with the arrow I can travel to my gigs by train, without the need of carrying an amp with me... Which was painful back in the days! Thanks Universal Audio!

L. Mazák

March 18, 2020


Great choise for me! Plug and play with my new macbook pro.

P. Music

March 12, 2020

Awesome gear, poor service

I purchase it because of the great pluggins that came in the bundle, well... They changed them, precisely the one I was longing for, it took many conffusing emails and days of frustration to receive a wacky final no as an answer: What was indicated in the box was different than what I was getting due to updates they said. They did not took responsibility about announcing one plugging and ending up giving another. Poor first impression

R. Leon Junquera

March 10, 2020


Just so good! My recording quality skyrocketed! So happy and looking forward to expanding my UA gear in the future!

S. Popov

February 25, 2020

Rock solid TB3 performer on Windows!

Moog of interfaces! Superb inputs for both analogue synth and guitars. Just need an extra fortune to buy few plugs I can't do without now.

And it keeps your coffee cup warm too :)

渉. 坂田

February 25, 2020



J. Massengill

February 19, 2020

sounds good but...

Still working with tech support on being unable to hide (by clicking the hide buttons) all the plug-ins that are for temporary trial period ( a lot of them : ) ) leaving me to have to navigate a lot of plug-ins I am not able to use ( if I could I would own them but $$$)
I think this is a quality product with expensive plug-ins, but I new that coming in just want to find my plug-ins with out a hunt.
This could be friendlier with Windows as well.
overall I would purchase again.

m. feamster

February 11, 2020

horrible DOSNT WORK

Does not work with no Mac no matter how many converters you buy don't waste your money on the shitty product WOULD RATHER KILL MY SELF THEN NOT RETURN THIS FUCK YALL

C. Santiago

February 9, 2020


I just upgraded from a Scarlett solo and it makes my vox soo much better I def get that this is just an entry into uad but def one to get you hooked best investment thus far

J. Slavin

February 8, 2020

Could be addictive

I’m an ex HD3 user, I went to logic and although in many ways it was a big step forward, in a monitoring sense it was a few steps back, enter UAD, great compression,eq, and reverb that come free with the arrow, problems solved, perfect real-time fx in logic no latency job done or so I thought....... then they announced Luna !!!!
and announced it was free !!!! I can hardly wait !!!!

J. Wilson

February 1, 2020

Under powered & Beginners only

I was excited to get the arrow and have the flexibly of a thunder bolt 3 powered device. Running just the arrow is under whelming and just frustrating. Weak mic pres, DSP that runs out with two plugins and D/A conversion the just is subpar from the rest of UADs offerings. I have owned the arrow, twin, 16 and have used the 8 so do i have experience across the UAD line. I really hate writing reviews that don't praise the developers.... in this case it was just a disappointment from the start. If you are a beginner and just want a wonderful software experience and an intro to UAD for sure buy the arrow. If you have ever used other UAD gear avoid the arrow. I Love UAD interfaces and Love UAD software just not the arrow.

M. Peters

February 1, 2020

Fantastisch Interface !!!

I love it :) ! Great to work with it and wonderfull Sound !!!

J. Zurzica

January 21, 2020

What a Beauty!

Uad arrow is an impressive interface that sounds amazing and it’s very portable. It also looks amazing on the desk.

P. prasad

January 13, 2020


Very happy for buying this UAD Arrow audio interface... Its very much useful for production of music.. Sound is good but a small issue in this is getting heat little.. Thank you UAD..

C. Zeggl

January 11, 2020


Love this interface.

K. Bauman

January 4, 2020

A Great (tracking) Device

I bought the Arrow as a way back into UAD after a years-long hiatus, and to replace a recent Apogee Duet. Ultimately, the Arrow is a rock solid interface that’s dead simple to use with great sounding plugs and excellent AD conversion. Those considering it their only interface may want to make sure the DA side works for them. In my case, the Arrow’s AD handily beat the Duet’s, but the DA was significantly worse - I was surprised how much bottom fell out of mixes, and how much less dynamic it sounded than Duet. I returned it for a Twin X and couldn’t be happier - it sounds better, is duo, appears to be built better (than the already well-built Arrow), and with added value of the end of year plugin promotion, it was truly a bargain compared to Arrow.

Ultimately, the Arrow seems to perfectly compliment a larger system. It’s marketed as a tracking device, and it truly (and narrowly) is - a convenient, bus-powered interface perfectly suited to guerilla and remote tracking that will be mixed elsewhere/on a system with better DA conversion. And for absolute beginners, who may not yet be so discerning about DA, it’s an absolute steal - not only will it impress, but could find great use down the road when upgrading to a larger interface.

T. Kitanovski

January 3, 2020

Professional (brings smiles to people's faces)

Arrow is a top level product and quite capable of delivering highest professional sound in music recording and production. It is well designed tool that combines several amazing technologies. Congratulations and thanks to the whole team behind it!

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