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K. Nygren

August 17, 2019

RLM - Swedish rapper

I love it, it is awesome! BUT i’m kind of sad that i didnt manage to get my mac and thunderbolt 3 in time so i could get autotune for free for it. And i was hoping that the neve 1073 preamp was included. Other than that then i love it with my sontronic mic

D. Willis

August 10, 2019

Definitely worth the money for mobile recording

great for mobile recording. not so much for mixing on the road as the single dsp won't handle very much in the way of plugins. The unison plugins especially the preamps for recording make this worth the money. It is bus powered so that is 1 less power cord to deal with when on the road in tight spaces which is a plus for me. Great sound quality to the recordings especially the vocals.

a. marshall

August 9, 2019

Arrow is amazing but Plugings don’t work without it being plugged in

If you own the Plugings why restrict people from using without having the arrow plugged in that defeats the process of being portable when I go to a difference setup they don’t work

s. sun

August 8, 2019



s. sun

August 8, 2019



G. Gallegos

August 5, 2019

How to fix sound issues.For static popping sound on windows 10.

My experience was a hassle at first. After a few days of intense trouble shooting several hours a day. I found out the window security updates was part of the issue. After I uninstalled the updates and adobe updates it works great. I still get static popping from audio playback if I don’t plug my laptop in and have it charging. This device needs your laptop to be set to best performance. So forget about saving power and keeping your laptop balanced or you will still get slight popping. The arrow is not mobile at all. Bios is not the issue or aleast not for me. Also it has nothing to do with the laptops sound card. It’s about all the power your laptop can deliver to keep this interface running at 100%. My charger is 65w. I got a Lenovo 730s. The way I found out it was the updates my laptop was fresh out the box . I skipped all the updates and connecting to WiFi. Then after setting up the basics i plugged In my arrow and it work just fine. But I did register my arrow on a different laptop and had static popping issues. I had origanlly thought it was a sound card issue because that laptop had WiFi connectivity issue.
This was not the case. I had to eventually connected the new laptop to WiFi to download google chrome and after it powered down it performed its updates. I was back to the popping sounds after rebooting. That’s when I came to realize it had to be the updates. I had nothing else installed all my audio software downloads are transferred from an external hard drive. I turned off the auto updates and have not had any issues anymore. The near zero latency is great. Your probably better off with Apollo twin usb interface if you can’t over come these obstacles.

D. Afanasev

August 1, 2019

Arrow has very bad Windows support.

I use it in Windows 10 to record voice thru mic and would say it's worst audio interface I ever had.
Audio record crackling with this card. Guys, I expect match better from $500 interface. Contacted support and they couldn't fix it after 2 months. Now it even worse as after installation: I force to re-enabme Arrow in device manager before use.

Guys , fix your Windows drivers !

V. Veselinov

July 28, 2019

Lackluster windows support

If you want to use this interface on Windows for streaming, recording your screen + voice with Nvidia Geforce Experience or voice-chat. Forget it. It's crackling really bad like this:

I contacted support, we couldn't fix it after several back-and fourths, updating drivers, sending diagnostics and tweaking settings. It's been three months and there's no progress on this. It's literally unusable for my use case which is primarily recording real-time through apps that only support WDM drivers.

Please, fix your drivers :(

J. Addo

July 25, 2019

Quality piece of gear

Exactly what I researched before I bought. Does exactly what I need for my mobile setup.

D. Johnson

July 17, 2019

Great Interface

The arrow is a great interface with really good, clean pre amps. The thunderbolt 3 connectivity is great and very easy to take with you on the go. I also love the whole UAD platform and don’t plan on switching to anything else. If anything I will be upgrading to a more advanced interface like the Apollo. I highly recommend this item for basic recording and mixing.

R. Miroshnichenko

July 16, 2019

Sweet home. Oops. Sweet gear.

Прекрасное умное устройство для дома и семью. 5/5

S. Pack

July 15, 2019

Arrow Review

What a cool piece of gear for remote recording or suiting the need of a compact, dedicated channel for critical tracks like vox. The DSP allowing for a virtual LA2A is worth the price alone.
There’s a few shortcomings inherent with the proprietary hardware requirement. First the Apollo has to be connected to utilize the bundled and purchased plug-ins. That’s restricting if you hit the road and need to mix/playback with plug-ins. Secondly, the single DSP gives up at 5 or 6 units. (My experience). Thirdly, it requires quite a bit of power and when I drive a monitor off my laptop (hdmi) I get an inconsistent power consumption alert. Tends to not be an issue when I start up my computer with everything plugged in. I don’t know why.
So, I can say that it’s value packed. Easily worth more in plug-ins alone. Oh and the most important part... it sounds good. I’d also say that’s a 10 rating. If it sounded more than good on vox, it would sound terrible on drums, etc. it has no color and it’s clean. Next time I’d buy the twin just for extra DSP but I wanted USB-3 Thunderbolt.

裕. 玉田

July 14, 2019

Good Item!


V. Savecs

July 10, 2019



M. Disseldorp

July 9, 2019


Like that its very straight forward. The manual is quite lengthy and I still need to understand the software better, specifically Console. Device gets pretty warm/hot on my desk, but seems a good build. Love having a big knob to control both the preamp and monitor. Realtime monitoring is great. Almost as easy as turning on a guitar amp. Alway a it of a guess if it pays off to switch from another setup, but sofar liking it!

J. Eadeh

July 9, 2019

Too big got a little interface

The build, like most UA hardware is fantastic. But that’s where my positive review starts down the dark path of whoa . As a registered owner of four UA interfaces, I expected to get the opportunity to swap out my packaged software bundle with different plugins. UA’s answer to that was NO! So the value of this so called portable interface was immediately cut in half. No biggy I thought, at least now I can bring my plugins with me on the road. But there is only one thunderbolt three connector and I cannot loop through. That is a problem with my Dell XPS which also has one connector. Ok I thought, just use my newest MacBook Pro. Well that’s fine but that one is limited with soldered storage and my road ready laptop has thunderbolt two. Easy to use an adapter right? NOPE. Apparently thunderbolt two can’t provide enough power to run two simple preamps of the Arrow. The Arrow seems to be a power hog. After all it does get hot, meaning the hardware designer is probably living in an analog world. No problem, just plug in the optional power supply I’m thinking. NOPE! This guy is only thunderbolt three bus powered and has no way to plug in a wall wart. I understand the convenience of bus powering, but if that’s your only way to get juice to the box, then there is a dependence on a computer manufacturer that is fragile at best. I know that power on data busses go out all the time. Even presonus knows to throw in an external power supply, just in case. UA thinks that their hardware won’t fail, which is probably right. But puts way too much dependency on other manufacturers.
I can use this Arrow, don’t get me wrong. Just lugging around a brick, and weighs as much as one, adds to all the other stuff I have to carry. As an interface, ok, I get it. Nice preamps, cool design, ok price if I got some new plugins. But It’s not an apogee.

I need access to the software, and have them on the road. So having access to that is cool until you think about how so many companies realize that a simple dongle or a cloud based system would make everybody’s life so much simpler. After all, the software resides on the computer, and to use the interface as a stand alone mixer is just not possible without a computer. To get to use UA software, you have to buy UA hardware seems a bit 1990’s to me.

R. Warren

July 9, 2019

Professional & Portable

Had it for four months, sounds incredible. Went with this because of power over thunderbolt; no bulky adapter. Perfectly fine for a few plug ins per line. You will max out DSP after that, as others have reported. This is the trade off for no adapter. I love how portable it is, build quality is fantastic.

D. Martineau

July 5, 2019

Great addition.

I have a full studio at home in Toronto where I normally do all my recording and mixing. As I transition from an engineer to a producer / songwriter the Arrow is the perfect addition to my collection. It’s something I can toss in my backpack, hop on a plane and be confident that the quality won’t stop my creative process. This unit is letting me expand my client base all over the world without requiring me spend money on expensive studios wherever I go.

N. Rowse

July 3, 2019

++++ but a couple negatives

Great device. It's exactly as prescribed. Easy to setup, use, and sounds great! However, it's pretty dumb that it doesn't come with a TB3 cable in the box... Just a bit more DSP capacity would have been swell. Also, if there was a TB3 Satellite for expanding the DSP, or a way to daisy chain without an adapter... sadly not yet, at least...

P. Hazen

June 29, 2019

Buggy windows 10 support

Crackling audio is my experience with this card. I followed every instruction and no matter what i do the audio crackles randomly both in my DAW and Windows 10. Razer Blade Advanced 2019 with all updates to windows, bios and thunderbolt. All power settings as asked by UA.

Exchanged it for an Apogee Duet and everything worked perfectly right away both for DAW software and normal Windows apps. No special instruction needed either.

Sorry, but this seems like a Mac product with experimental Windows support IMO.

1-20 of 197 Results

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