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The Bill Putnam Mic Collection

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N. Singappulige

January 12, 2023

Great plugin!

Amazing emulations of some amazing microphones

C. Kim

January 6, 2023

A bit of magic in the air!

The Mic sets are really amazing!

R. Borkar

January 4, 2023

Fantastic collection

I'm really enjoying this pack. Pick it up if you are able.

D. Bubien

December 31, 2022


Love the classic fat full sound from this mic. Worth it alone!

A. Vasilyev

November 18, 2022

The Bill Putnam Mic Collection - fantastic

A set of classic sound fiction, who are not with us yet, join us and be happy with a large suitcase of microphones, with patristic fantastic noise reduction,

A. Pasco

September 7, 2022

What a difference

This definitely increased the ability to record amazing vocals. I'm really excited to try other mics for my project.

p. Skrade

August 26, 2022

Sounds like a beetle farting.

Not that I actually can speak to this comparison from experience, but, sounds like a beetle farting. Ya know?

S. Broderick

December 30, 2021


Really nice collection. All of the microphones are good. The 251e, U67 and U47 are particularly good in my opinion. They do sound different from the stock Townsend mics but without a doubt well worth the price. All of the mics have different flavours, the 251e really full yet cuts through the mix. The U47 is really smooth and airy and the U67 just sounds perfect and open. Five stars from me.


December 15, 2021


It is a nice to have Collection if you have the Sphere Microphone, but the diference is not far different from the standart Sphere Mic Collection , i think, i will try the Ocean Way Series also to compare.

M. Martel

October 29, 2021

World class mic locker at home

The best mic I’ve ever recorded on is a specific ELAM 251 at Blackbird Studios. Knowing I could never justify buying a real 251, especially a vintage one (and they do all sound different), I looked into the Putnam collection to get me close enough. The 251 E gets me pretty close. But I discovered that mixing in about 30% of the C12A in dual mode gives me the extra sparkle and compression that one at Blackbird has. The Sony mic is also unbelievable. For me, the Putnam U47 doesn’t beat the OW47 though. Owning these two mic collections makes me feel like I own a studio like Blackbird. Or at least, close enough for my ears!

b. stock

August 21, 2021

Closest to real C37a's.

I'm still blown away by this mic. I recently purchased a recording studio, and 2 vintage c37a's were included. I did a shootout with the real c37a's for what has been their main job here: Drum overheads.

I positioned the Townsend in stereo 180 mode right with the 2 Sonys, fired up the stock Townsend models, and they...Fell flat on their face. TOO dark, the magic was missing. I was a bit disappointed. But then... I loaded Bill's models, and VOILE'...Dead on! I was hard pressed to tell the difference.

The C12 model sounds BETTER than the Avantone C12 here, to my ears. I will be testing the 47 against the Pearlman 47 soon.

Bottom line...If I get 3 Townsends I won't need much more to run this studio than dedicated close-mics for drums. They are amazing and I'm still discovering uses for this swiss-army MACHINE.

K. Kofron

July 21, 2021

Great Collection

I am very happy with the mike emulations in the collection. "Dylan 67" is my new go to for vocals.


July 1, 2021

Very usefull

for various voices.

B. Nicholas

May 28, 2021

Another great collection

I have been running this collection, along with the Ocean Way and Townsend Labs, through some recording and listening sessions. All produce some really impressive results. While there are C12's, U47's etc. in each collection they sound different. Imagine that, vintage mics that sound different (he said, his voice dripping sarcasm). What I'm saying is that you could just do with the Townsend plugin and have some great stuff to work with but don't overlook the Putnam mic collection. There are some real gems here, at least for me, like the BP-12A. Don't take my word for it though, if you've got a Sphere mic then demo this collection as well as the others. Compare. Go back and forth between the same model mic from the various collections and see what I'm talking about. Do you need all three? How should I know? Maybe. I got all three and am not looking back.

P. Wahlund

May 28, 2021

Just buy it!

For me, the value of this collection of microphones isn't first how close to the originals they are (they sound absolutely great) but that you as a recording engineer, recording artist or home studio entusiast get a whole pallet of great microphones using a mouse click, yes, that adds great value for me. Owning the Ocean way Collection this now adds more flavours of sound. I love the workflow the Sphere creates and it is great to be able to change a microphone in post but be ware these microphone emulations are so good they interact with the singer the same way as when you change an actual microphone. The singer sings differently and interacts differently with the microphone using different typ of emulations (beautiful, if you ask me). I do not think of this pallet of microphones as better than the other packages rather they add new flavours, colours and vibe. It is a luxury to be able to switch between three different U47s (owning all three emulation packages). The U47 (BP-47M) in this collections is smooth like silk and has a beautiful top end, it takes EQ well and sometimes I am astound by the fact that I only used a high-pass filter and it already sounds great. The two 251 emulations (BP-251E and 251A) have great top end and a full sound each with a bit of different character. They shine on acoustic guitars and vocals and adds both sparkel and body to the sound. The Putnam U67 (BP-67) emulation is another gem, a guitars sits beautifully in the mix before you even reach for the EQ, it just sounds "right" and very natural to my ears. Great mic for guitars, electric guitars and vocals. In my opinion whether you buy it on a sale or at full price this collection is worth every dollar you spend. Don't take my word for it: try it, then, you'll probably end up just buying it!

R. Perez

May 19, 2021

Make a good thing even better

I've beem eyeing these expansions for a while but never pulled the trigger until I realized that they can be demoed! I've been loving the Sphere Telefunken 251 model, and this collection includes two more flavors of it.
I actually didn't like the U67 in Sphere, but the U67 in this collection is pure rock and roll. When I sing 90s rock songs through the Putnam U67 it's instant gold.
Very recommended.

C. Bruce

May 12, 2021


Their is overlap with the other plugins but my favorite is this one. If I had to start a studio today I’d buy the Townsend sphere and these plugins

R. Jason

April 29, 2021

Putnam Sphere collection...a bit of history

Perhaps I'm biased here...OK, I'm biased here. That's my daughter Hannah's voice you hear on the Putnam Sphere demo page! Anyhow, I'm a very early TL Sphere owner, and love the provided mic models. Still, after auditioning the demo for the two week period, I only needed a day to fall in love with several of the Putnam models. Sphere owners, do yourself a favor and give this collection a thorough listen. Disclosure, I paid the going price, not a penny less. 5 stars! (Well, 6, counting my baby)

J. Manness

April 15, 2021

The best U47 and 251E models

Get this over the Ocean mics. These BP mics sound amazing.

G. Lovett

September 29, 2020

bill Putnam excellence

Just an amazing collection if mics and great for getting that vintage and clear sounds while tracking.

1-20 of 52 Results

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