The Bill Putnam Mic Collection

The Bill Putnam Mic Collection


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The Bill Putnam Mic Collection

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G. Lovett

September 29, 2020

bill Putnam excellence

Just an amazing collection if mics and great for getting that vintage and clear sounds while tracking.

A. Nicolaas

July 27, 2020

Amazing models

The Putnam locker is my go-to. It feels warmer and a little more top friendly than the others. No regrets here!

D. Hampton

July 16, 2020

Love the Sound of Townsend Sphere Mic

This Collect has it own sound very unique in the quality of the sound its produces. Everyone who comes to the studio, Love this mic it a makes them feel like they are in high end studio recording.

A. Rodrigo

May 10, 2020

Love it.

Bought this to Compliment my Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Microphone Modeling system and it has been an Amazing Addition to my Audio Productions.

P. Duffy

March 25, 2020

Even more flavours for the most versatile microphone I own!

I own Ocean Way as well as this, and the ability to give things a different vibe by changing the different models is mind boggling. You can even do this after the fact of recording! These are amazing emulations - buy it!

H. Zimmerman

February 3, 2020

Even more Sphere power

A no brainer if you own a Sphere L22. Now that I have all three L22 plugins, this one appears to be my goto collection.

J. Auguste

January 27, 2020

The best out of all 3

This is one is my favorite Mic modeling collection. This has more character and warm tone to it. Ocean Way collection and Townsend collection are great too but this by far sounds the best to me.

K. Volpe

January 15, 2020

Amazing Collection

Love this collection for the Townsend L22. Awesome colors and options.
I have all 3 sets and I use them all. The L22 mic is one of the best studio purchases
that I've made in the last 10 years. The Putnam Collection makes it even better.

k. vincent

December 22, 2019

Bill putman

Amazing emulation

J. Smith

July 22, 2019

For the finicky but smitten owners of the Townsend Sphere L22 microphone

First of all, there is a great deal of overlap between the Townsend software, the Ocean Way software, and the Bill Putnam, Mic Collection, all designed to work with the Townsend Sphere L22 microphone. That's a lot of overlap, so I tried out the Ocean Way and Putnam collection, and there are subtle differences. And subtle differences are important in a microphone. I don't have a default plugin or setting for voiceover; depending on the subject matter, I use different styles of speaking, and some of the settings are better than others. Truth be told, there are several hundred ways to get immersed in when using these three plugins, but I still don't regret laying down the $$$ for them. If you buy the Townsend Sphere L22, you'll have one of the plugins that came with the mic, and functional trial editions of the Ocean Way and Putnam plugins. Play with them for a while. Do some comparisons. If the Townsend can do everything you want, stick with it. But you may find a setting in Putnam that you just cannot get it the Townsend plugin. Then go for it! I love being able to sell off all of my other mics and just use the Sphere.

P. Pendlebury

June 4, 2019


A stunning addition to the Sphere universe. Absolute vintage magic.

I. Andriotis

May 15, 2019

Excellent Vintage Sound

This collection adds a wonderful vintage sound to the Sphere family.

The 44 is just extraordinary. Especially on vocals and grand pianos for classical music recording. The 251s of the PT collections are by far my favorite - does not sound like the other 251 found in other collections. Both Small Diaphragm have a unique way to highlight transients/percussive materials that I haven't heard with other mics. Attacks are just there. Clear and nice without being louder necessarily and without overpowering other elements in the mix.

Each single mic in this collection worths every single penny.

智. 竹内

May 13, 2019

Better than the ocean way

I like the sound of the U47 in this plug-in over the Oceanway plug-in.

J. Albritton

April 1, 2019


Great tool to get a completely different sound... I love the flexibility

A. Heinzelmann

March 31, 2019

Great microphone collection

This is a perfect Collection of great sounding microphones for my sphere L22 microphone.
It´s very usefull to change the type of microphone after recording to get the best sound u can get.

R. Kirk

March 14, 2019

Best Sphere Models Yet

Both the original and Ocean Way models are excellent and highly versatile.. but to my ear the Bill Putnam collection goes a bit further. I can't speak to the exact authenticity but I know I love the new mic models I've tried, in particular the Putnam U67. It's a keeper.

J. Rachansky

February 14, 2019

Soooooo much sweetness!

I thought the ocean way was gonna be more than enough emulations but I am glad I picked this up. The demo shows just how much of a difference there is between some of the classic mics. Now i need to learn them all!

S. Sine

February 12, 2019

Best Townsend Mic Locker So Far!

I’m not sure if Townsend emulates better microphones lately or if they get better with time at capturing and emulating the essence of these famous microphones but everything sounds better with each new release. I have all three lockers (Townsend Factory Mic Collection, Ocean Way Mic Collection, Bill Putnam Mic Collection). I was excited with the Ocean Way locker but I just bought the Bill Putnam one and it sounds even more incredible.
The true star of this locker is the BP-47. It sounds unbelievably amazing. The Townsend LD-47 sounds muddy next to it, and The Ocean Way OW-47 sounds good but still not quite like the Bill Putnam one. As soon as I put the BP-47 on my lead vocals, everything magically opened up, it tamed the chest resonance and the slight nasality that the other two failed at as well as lifted up the high frequencies without harshness or sibilance. I switched back to the other two and suddenly it felt like “the picture was out of focus again”. Or “going from HD definition to VHS definition”. Also, the BP-47 sound is 3D-like compared to the other two.
I’m trying not to write a novel here, so I’ll be brief with the rest. The 67 was equal to the Townsend 67 NOS one, although slightly brighter. Between the three lockers, I found that the version of the famous C12 from Ocean Way sounded best. Keep in mind that I tried them only on vocals, so it might not apply for other instruments, and actually depending on the vocal characteristics as well. I liked both 251 from the BP Collection, the 251E being slightly warmer than the 251A, they are still both better than the Townsend 251 but not by a lot. The 37A sounds amazing as well. Nothing to compare there as this model is only in the newly released Bill Putnam Collection. If you can only afford one locker, I would recommend the Bill Putnam one.

K. Lima

December 21, 2018

amazing tones...

more, more and

R. Marant

December 14, 2018

Tecnología que cambia conceptos.

Es genial!!.
Es un placer disponer de este armario de micrófonos.

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