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bx_subsynth Subharmonic Synth

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81-100 of 150 Results

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C. Kim

March 17, 2018

Cool stuff

you need to take cake when you use it. If you know how to use this stuff properly, it would be killer weapon

S. Ali

March 16, 2018

Makes everything better

Use this in a subtle way on a full mix, sub mix, or a bass-heavy instrument to add deeper sub bass extension, adding an amazing amount of power that you feel more than you hear. Or add it more aggressively to a single instrument, drum loop, synths, strings - practically anything - to radically thicken the sound. The ability to dial in different sub bass octaves means you can tailor this to work with almost any sound in any mix. There's a lot of low-end specific tools out there, but none of them match the utility and creative potential of this one.

R. Cote

March 15, 2018

Nice plugin!

Listen to the UA video about this plugin and you will find very interesting things you can do with this software. Yes i recommend it.

G. Scuderi

March 15, 2018


A very well designed tool for sweetening the low end. The parameters allow for flexible and precise control and the effect can be set to very subtle to "mega", as needed. Very useful and properly designed.

O. Nissim

March 15, 2018

Amazing plugin!

You need to be careful not to over do it, but once you hit the spot it's so powerful!

a. clark

March 15, 2018

Big Red

Excellent sound

C. Paschall

March 14, 2018


A little complicated to look at but the best subharmonic generator out there. Feels very focused and adds weight without adding mud. Really dig it.

S. Jazrawy

March 2, 2018

My last tuck secret

Yes this is one of my secret mastering and mixing weapons.
Just insert it there and get you bass to be more professional way.

B. Luyben

March 2, 2018

Nice to tune in and easy to layer under any sub lacking material.

Got this with 5 plugins =50% deal plus march voucher 50 dollar great value again.
Got BX subsynth, AMS upgrade, MooG filter upgrade, bx eq v3 upgrade, and that awesome U2 delay KORG SDD-3000. Only 172,50 euro for 3 awesome upgrades all bringing extra use and function to the table plus 2 excellent brand new ones. 50% was nice to get but the 50 euro bonus left me no choice. Great marketing UAD !!!

D. Chonka

February 2, 2018

Bass in the place

I dig it.

D. Chonka

February 2, 2018

Bass in the place

I dig it.

D. Kirsch

January 17, 2018

brilliant plug in

love this plugin.....using it on snares and various sounds gives so much depth and's superb

D. Nelson-Ashley

January 14, 2018


wow. amazing power. it brings weak drums to life

A. Miller

January 13, 2018

Love it

Gives new dimension to boring tracks

J. Sillanpää

January 13, 2018

Big punchy lows

Loving this on bass and drums!


January 13, 2018

Great addition to the UAD platform!

You can write in any key now without losing the low end in your bass parts!




January 13, 2018

Great addition to the UAD platform!

You can write in any key now without losing your low end on your bass parts!

H. Toapanta

January 13, 2018

Excelente BX Sub

Realmente si funciona jejejeje

M. Monn

January 8, 2018

Easy to use, a great tool

Perfect for any bass instrument, drums, mixes or mastering. I use it all the time. A favorite!

D. Silantyev

December 7, 2017

Amazing Colors of Sound

I've been looking for a plug-in that saturates harmonics in drums and synths. This was especially true for the lower middle and low frequencies of the spectrum range. This plugin creates incredible power for any instrument. I like it.

81-100 of 150 Results