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Customer Reviews

Brigade Chorus

Overall Rating

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J. ter Borg

March 30, 2022

Thick, unique character chorus!

Nice chorus for highlighting BG vocals or solos in a "thick" and warm way.

A. Kaley

March 28, 2022

Excellent but pricey :(

Very nice effect

J. Marley

March 27, 2022

Brigade chorus

Not subtle but wonderful for a free plugin!

A. Ponomarev

March 27, 2022

great for guitars and synths

super easy with great sound and two modes of chorus — vintage one is great.

M. Gutierrez

March 22, 2022

The best of the best

I love it, I'm satisfied and happy with this brigade chorus pedal.

J. Dearness

March 7, 2022

Sparkle to recordings

Another fantastic plugin!! Great work

G. Akashkin

February 26, 2022

Interesting chorus pedal

Good device for special sound tasks!

P. Gunn

February 21, 2022

Brigade chorus

I'm not a big chorus user but it was offered at a great deal so I took it. It delivers as promised.

V. Baranov

February 14, 2022


Great chorus!!! Used on guitars. I recommend it to everyone!

K. Fabich

January 23, 2022


Nice Chorus soft

V. Vlodarchyk

January 13, 2022

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Very cool plug-in

M. Ferreira

January 13, 2022


Amazing Chorus.

G. Tull

January 11, 2022

great chorus

great chorus, classic, no suprises

J. Rowland

January 8, 2022


Excellent sounding chorus. I'll get some use out of it for sure.

N. Dogu

January 2, 2022


So warm and a bit like rotary too
Loved it

P. Pro

December 29, 2021

Cool !!!!

Sounds good !!!!

D. Jurovski

December 25, 2021

Cool Pedal

I try and continued using it

M. Perno

December 22, 2021


Le range des potentiomètres est étrange et c'est le genre d'effet que j'utilise jamais! Lol.

R. Dann

December 20, 2021

Great Chorus

Sounds awesome

T. Carlsson

December 20, 2021

Not so great

I own the original CE-1 and this software is a little bit different. The hardware is creamy, warm and noisy. It adds life and love to my Korg Poly-61. This is soft, digital and way too nice.

41-60 of 767 Results