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Customer Reviews

Brigade Chorus

Overall Rating

701-720 of 785 Results

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M. Fletcher

March 15, 2018

Subtle Beauty

Sounds absolutely lovely on the Aux bus (with the slider around 40-60 %) when running my strat thru the Fuchs ODS on clean setting with the gain up enough to just barely make the amp break up. Add some Lexi reverb and it's unreal. I'm achieving tones that I would have never been able to afford before. Thanks UA for providing these awesome plugins!

A. Ebker

March 15, 2018

Great little Chorus

Nice on analog strings!

M. Martin

March 15, 2018

I hate chorus

I'll never use this.

R. Comitz

March 13, 2018


close to the original....not 100%


February 2, 2018

Nice Sounding Chorus

It comes close to the original (CE-1) not 100% but a good sounding chorus nevertheless.

S. Svishchev

January 24, 2018

Great chorus!

Easy to use, but good result after processing.Be sure to try it. Thank you UAD!

R. Salay

January 17, 2018

The best Chorus plugin !

After I touch Brigade Chorus pedal plugin I was in heaven!:) really warm deep beautiful coloring chorus / vibrato effect,wich coloring all of my instruments when i need chorus or vibrato ! Another good work UAD ! thnx :) Richard

-. Trips

January 15, 2018

Does whats its intended to do!

Reminds me alot of my old Boss pedal I had as a kid. Great on guitars, bass and synth.

n. mendez

January 12, 2018

The Vintage Box worth experimenting with...

A little tool with a big chorus effect,Looking foward to experiment with it...


January 10, 2018

Fucking perfect!

Sounds lovely no matter hos you work it

M. Hernandez

November 22, 2017

Excellent emulación of a Classic pedal!

Well a few months a go I decided to but this because I want a special Sound for Guitars, and this was the best option For me!

m. Steimer

November 21, 2017

one of the best chorus pedal I know

I still have ( but not use since a decade ) the TC electronic Chorus pedal I bought 25 years ago. But since I tried the original Boss Chorus I knew it was far superior (to my taste) than the TC. And its UAD reincarnation is absolutely gorgeous. Very nice done UA !

A. Avelin

November 21, 2017

Fun chorus

I've been looking hard for a chorus that sounds more interesting that just your ordinary chorus, so to speak, and I found it in this plugin. Thanks UAD!


November 19, 2017

Best chorus plugin ever!!!!! Samtrax said so

Im a big fan of chorus effects and ive used alot. Brigade Chorus Pedal by far is this best plugin ive used. Im gonna use this on everything. Thanx guys for this one

R. Ben Shmuel

November 16, 2017

great! but...

the sound and resolution is great but there is still something a bit plastic in the motion of the LFO in my opinion

I use it a lot as an AUX for widening and deepening certain elements and less as an effect

great product

. Zivanovic

November 7, 2017

Just wow

This is the best Chorus FX I have ever used so far.

So far I've used it on vocal FX tracks, bass guitar, synths, vocal synths, and what it does both in mono and stereo is incredible, I love the interface, so simple yet the results are so huge.

Lovely stuff.

E. Enger

October 9, 2017


just sooooo smooth. sounds great.

S. Tanner

October 2, 2017

My number one ChorusPlug-In for clean Guitars

My friend ROLAND and I like this plug-in very much!
It is my first choice when it comes to Chorus for a Clean Guitar. The Tremolo I use not so often but it is nice to have.

E. Ruzavin

September 16, 2017

Very good instrument for sound design

The quality is great. I found that it works very well on some sounds.
But I am going to purchase Studio D Chorus also because in some cases it fits better. I think Studio D is more suitable for guitars.
They give different sound. It is worth to have both (if possible) and try one or another in every particular case.

C. Horsethief

August 12, 2017


Like all my UAD plugs this fits into the mix seamlessly. Simple and straightforward. It's always the last effect on my guitar channel strip.

701-720 of 785 Results