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Brigade Chorus

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R. Paasche

September 23, 2016

Sound is good like the original!

It sounds impressively similar to the original Boss stump pedal, but I've always missed the possibility to adjust the chorus rate on the original pedal, not only the vibrato rate, so I suggest that UA would give us this opportunity, (e.g. a switch for chorus on the rate button). I have a newer Boss CE-3 stereo chorus with rate, depth and stereo mode (Left=Direct, Right=Effect or Left=D-E, Right=D+E) which sound quite similar, but with the "rate" adjustment set to slow rates it sound quite similar to the Dimension D and to up-speed rates more like a fast Leslie-rotor effect.

A. Tsirliagos

September 14, 2016

Very Good but not a generic chorus..

If you like this kind of vibe-sound is excellent.I like it on many sources.I don"t like that it doesn't have a mix control.
For a cleaner sound try stilwell is fantastic.


September 4, 2016

Old classic

Classic chorus, good for my Taylor guitar, and thanks 50$ coupon!


September 3, 2016

Old classic

Classic chorus, good for my Taylor guitar, and thanks 50$ coupon!


August 19, 2016

brigade chorus

the best chorus pedal i have used
thanks uad

I. Papagiannidis

August 19, 2016

fantastic chorus!

fantastic chorus!

for guitars vox almost all instruments that want to spread of give them pulse

D. Kane

August 18, 2016

Amazing vibrato!

While i do use the chorus, the vibrato is what I love about this plug in. So rich and thick - it's an aural milkshake!

UAD User

August 18, 2016


great stereo width!

Loved it!

R. Gun

August 18, 2016

Distinctive sound

It is a one trick pony but does his trick very well.
Definitive not a clear modern sound, some people might call it analog.
I like it but don´t use it a lot because it gives easily too much character.
Darth Vader of Studio D.

P. Winstanley

August 18, 2016


The pedal is emulated so well in this plug-in version that I have official retired my original...

M. Olsen

August 16, 2016

Tastes like manna from heaven. Mind = blown.

Chorus is notoriously difficult to use in abundance without major correlation (phase) problems. This plugin just blew my mind in a test for mono compatibility. This may be my new go-to chorus effect. It has a beautiful analog tone and saturation as well as in impressive width. It sounds good in Classic and Dual Mono modes. Classic mode seems to pass the source to one side and the modified sound to the other, while Dual mono is a gorgeous modern full-bodied effect. I am REALLY impressed with this plugin, which is saying a lot considering the number of chorus plugins available.

R. Beld

August 16, 2016

Great warm chorus

Since it's exactly the same code as the old Roland ones, I again like this one. It gets a lot of use in our mixes in the studio.

M. Gustafson

August 16, 2016

Excellent update

Keeping the beautiful sonic character of the peddle and the original plugin, this update brigs a great look that feels easier to use. My one complaint with the original plugin was always the look so this is a welcome update.

C. Palmer

August 16, 2016

It makes me feel sick!

It makes me feel sick, which is exactly what I expect from a chorus pedal. I love it!

I can't tell the difference between the Brigade and the original. The Roland is still in the list and functioning, but I can see no reason not to use the Brigade. Fab!

M. James

August 16, 2016

Top Marks

Beautiful sounding chorus, brilliant on guitars and synths - easy to use. Set up like a vintage chorus pedal means dialing in sounds is simple to do, it does what it says on the tin and you don't need to be a guitarist to understand it.

U. Borjesson

August 15, 2016

As a chorus is supposed to sound.

We who play guitar knows the chorus sound, that sounds as chorus sound should, famous on many recordings.
The Brigade is that sound, easy and ready to go, needs no compare it is just the best!

C. Paschall

August 15, 2016


This thing makes any mono synth HUGE!! Love it.

P. Degen

August 15, 2016


This is thé plugin (pedal) to go for a great fretless bass sound. Don't touch anything, the initial program does the trick!

S. Tib

August 15, 2016

easy to use !

I got it in second with a whole bunch of other UAD plugin

I am not a guitar player and never find an appropriate use for it, I prefer the studio D for synth when I need a chorus effect

C. Albright

August 15, 2016

Classic shoegazing

I feel like Kevin shields when I hook my guitar up and drench it is chorus/reverb. I don't know if he used this pedal but I can emulate the sound quite easily with this pedal.

741-760 of 767 Results