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Customer Reviews

C-Suite C-Max Limiter

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K. Kim

July 13, 2024

왜곡없는 사운드를 들려줌

가격이 비싸지만 잘 사용하면 충분히 가치있습니다.


July 12, 2024


Nice sound! Favorite plugin!

J. Harris

June 17, 2024

Replaced precision limiter

I've used the Precision Limiter for years as a somewhat transparent end of chain limiter on the master bus. After closely comparing it with the C-Max on a recent project, I'm replacing the P-Lim in the chain with this plugin. This is much more transparent. As long as the "aggression" setting is at 0, I can't hear a difference in the original source until it's pushed to very squashed levels. Not sure what some of the reviewers are hearing in saying it is colored. It isn't.

Only taking away one star because of the hefty price and the need for better "sticky" metering that holds the max reduction amount.

M. Wells

June 3, 2024

nope. garbage.

i see the other reviews and I don't get it. Is it possible these people have never used any other mastering limiter? This thing is horrible. I usually love UA did this thing get released? The most colored, over-compressed mastering limiter I own.

M. Schneider

April 19, 2024

It's new and bright and powerful

A clear recommendation for this plugin. It works very well on the masterbus. Test it, use it and get it. It's so simple, but you'll love it!

S. Tanner

March 31, 2024

Very good and modern

The C-Suite C-Max Limiter is a very modern and nice Piece of software. Sounds from subtile to max. I'm using it more often in the last time.

M. Jäckel

March 19, 2024

Really worth to be owned

I was not satisfied with the loudness of the output and tried different plug ins. This one gave the best results and satisfied my wishes. Highly recommended!

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024


Super transparent limiter I've ever had.Highly recommended!

Q. Bello

February 22, 2024


I wish there was a way to turn off the Display. I think the display can be deceiving times. I want to be able to add gain by ear and not be deceived by the reduction display.

J. Jegu

January 31, 2024

Simple usage and great !

I love the graphic to see essential peaks and transparent.
Take a lot of ressource of DSP usage for a limiter...

A. Little

January 17, 2024


This thing is so simple to use but gives amazing results

h. Shin

January 14, 2024

For louder

For Louder !!

D. Puzia

January 9, 2024

Sonically one of the best!

With only three knobs I thought it might lack some tweaking options, but it appears to cover most if not all your needs when using the presets. CEDER is the developer who has a long standing reputation of being one of the best! After using about fifteen top limiters I found it to sound great and can hang with any of them. The sound is fantastic and if you know what to listen for it will get you there. It’s a true gem!

C. Bruce

January 2, 2024

New drum bus contender

How many limiters out there with a drive setting. Love it. It lives on my drum crush buss now

J. Gruensfelder

December 27, 2023

Max Limiter with Nice Color

Hi guys,

I recently treated myself to the C Limiter.
The result shows great success.
The mix becomes incredibly stable and yet transparent.
Now a great alternative to mine for me
Breakwall limiters. Must have.


December 21, 2023

This is one to have.

This plug-in gives your mixes that extra polish that lets your mixes sit side by side with all the other commercial recordings . It does seem to have its own color be sure to check your levels before you master. A great tool to have at your fingertips.

Š. Kominko

December 20, 2023

Absolútna špička

C-Max limiter je pre mňa absolútne vynikajúci. Nutnosť pri masteringu.

M. Cook

December 17, 2023

Does what it says on the tin

So far so good. Quite impressed. 4* as not had it long enough for 5

S. Myers

December 14, 2023

Call me impressed

C-Max is a top-notch tool that combines ease of use with stellar sound quality. Super impressed.


December 8, 2023

Another Cedar/UAD winner

Great plugin! The three controls make it easy and fast to dial what you need with the typical Cedar quality.

1-20 of 23 Results

  1. 1
  2. 2