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Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Customer Reviews

Cambridge EQ

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J. Sarta

December 29, 2014

Clarity and Control

This is a great little EQ, The response is quick and it is so easy to make changes on the fly. Very intuitive and simple interface. My new go to of all eq plugins

Y. Chistyakov

December 26, 2014

Cambridge EQ

Wonderful equalizer. Without coloring the sound, well-used in any way. Very easy to use and very effective. Apply both on the tracks, subgroups and master- all excellent. Thank you UA

D. Kane

December 25, 2014

Not sexy but absolutely necessary!

The perfect replacement for the dreaded EQ7 ;) Totally does what it says on the tin and that's pretty perfect.

J. Harris

December 22, 2014

Killer EQ!

It's pretty awesome when a plug-in does exactly what you need it to do, and it does it well. I was in desperate need of a transparent EQ that would allow me to carve and sculpt very specific frequencies. I bought this EQ to use on a Mastering project and it really made a difference.

E. Noonan

December 22, 2014


Great eq . Easy to dial in the sound i'm looking for .Compared to other eq's i have used in the past the detail and clarity of the cambridge is heads above the rest.Its goes most of my track.

M. Chan

December 22, 2014

What an EQ

Almost every track in my project are fed with one of these. Just another UA quality go-to plugin.

L. Lindsey

December 21, 2014

Cambridge EQ


P. Alves

December 19, 2014

EQ with personality

This one is a great multiple use parametric EQ!
Great price - Great Sound

Thank You

C. Perez

December 18, 2014

Fantastic EQ

Very sensitive with great musical response.
Cambridge EQ is very similar to Sonnox’s
Oxford EQ.

It is a highly recommended purchase!!

K. Jardine

December 17, 2014


This eq sounds good on everything...... I have been a user since the UAD-1 and I always over looked this plugin because new ones were always coming out and I figured they must have something this one doesn't. Finally after a few coupons I decided to take the plunge.....glad I did, this thing sounds great on vocals, bass, drums....anything that needs some help to fit into place. tons of Filter points and great GUI make it a must have.

J. Holt

December 15, 2014

The filters, alone, are worth the price

An eminently useful EQ. The term "surgical" is often used to describe it. I would agree. I trust the results and absolutely love the HPF on this thing. Very handy and quick to use.

R. Maloney

December 13, 2014

Nice EQ

This is a very good EQ, nice & smooth. One of my favorite parts of this EQ is the filters. They have very steep slopes, which are great for carving out space in the mix for your instrument.

Z. Swain

December 4, 2014

I use this damn thing on everything.

Very musical and smooth. Simple way to add subtle tweaks to the mix and remove specific troublesome frequencies.

V. Maitre

November 26, 2014


Equaliser de qualité, ça sonne, et c'est ce qu'on demande
Merci encore à Universal Audio, pour la qualité de leurs emulations

M. Stockdale

November 20, 2014

Lovely ...!

I use a variety of different eq's and this one was recommended by a colleague. My original intention was to use it for a specific purpose but frankly I've ended up using it all over the place - it's as at home on a channel strip as it is on the output bus. It's one of those plugins that seems to have its own sound - a warm & slightly tubey hifi quality. Wherever I've used it it just seems to make everything sound ... well, nicer. I know that's not a particularly helpful technical analysis, but it's the best way I can describe it. Things just sound nicer.

Highly recommended ...!

N. Palmer

November 14, 2014

A surgeons scalpel.

This compares to well to SSL's Duende EQ.
I could write a lot of blurb but suffice to say it is a very sharp knife.
Excellent for cutting deeply into any sonic material - without the need for stitches afterwards!

R. Doerfler

November 14, 2014

Amazing low-cut filters!

The EQ comes with a lot of low and high cut filters. The E6 is by far the best low-cut filter i've ever heard and makes a clean and strong lowend much easier to achieve.
The Cambridge is also a very nice solution when it comes to surgical usage, even if there is no notch filtering option available.

R. Oda

November 13, 2014

Does amazing things

UAD has a lot of sexy vintage eq replicas, but honestly, sometimes this thing just smokes all of them. It's like a dependable friend. When the others can't do the job, you can always turn to the Cambridge and it's like, "No problem, buddy. I got that for you." And it's not merely "sufficient". It can handle boosts in a sweet, musical, non-harsh manner.

N. Botto

September 10, 2014

baller EQ for the price

A nice little tool with a good array of low/high pass types and is smooth and transparent when at null settings. My only improvement would be a live spectrum/spectrogram on the display so you could watch yourself sculpt the sound.

J. Battle

September 2, 2014

Dope EQ!

Well i got the cambridge and I may not be doing something right but I love how ridiculously sharp/low of "Q" i can get on the waves REQ and the cambridge cant qive me that razor precision sharp Q im looking for.... :/ Great EQ but im disappointed in the Q aspect.

261-280 of 517 Results