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Capitol Mastering Compressor

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R. Jacobi

May 26, 2023

Sounds and feels great but no Apollo / Satellite compatibility?

The Capitol Mastering Compressor sounds and feels great on busses and the sum. It can provide more weight and add saturation. It offers yet another color and character during mixing and mastering. What is missing, however, is the regular Apollo/Satellite version. Why only provide a native plugin? Many of us have invested heavily in the Apollo/Satellite ecosystem and the benefits are still tremendous. So please UA add Apollo/Satellite compatibility!

J. Frazier

May 23, 2023

Smooth and velvety....Emmy-honored voice actor / audiobook narrator here

Love this in my few days working on personal presets for my material... My other Mastering Compressor was the API 2500 -- love that one too, but this adding that Capitol touch is proving to edge it out just a bit, sonically, to my ears.... Glad I have it in the toolkit ;) Best, Jason Frazier

P. Perfetto

May 20, 2023

Top notch

Wow just wow. This thing is awesome at adding low end thump without distortion to your mixes or masters. It really gives a radio friendly character to your mixes.

J. Brown

May 20, 2023

It brakes

It sounds amazing but you can't push
It hard before it get digital clipping.

W. Bright

May 18, 2023

Something doesn't Smell Right UA!!!!!

Hi Ian how are you hope all is well. When I saw the advertisement from UA about the Capital Mastering Compressor Plugin I said to myself "Magic Death Eye" didn't the guy who did this Plugin have something to do with The Capital Mastering Compressor, so I went to the UA Website to see what there saying about and it was like reading the Last Part of a Brochure and I thought wait a minute UA Loves to give the history of the equipment that they model the plugin after and nothing, so I went to the Magic Death Eye Website And There It Was All Of The Answers About This Compressor!!!! Not One Word About Ian Sefchick the Person who MADE ALL 4 OF THE CAPITAL MASTERING COMPRESSORS NOT ONE WORD ABOUT THIS MAN NOT ONE. What's up UA you don't take the time to talk to this man about Something That He Had MADE and NOT ONE WORD ABOUT HIM IN THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE CAPITAL MASTERING COMPRESSOR PLUGIN!!!!!!!!
Mr.Ian Sefchick I don't think that's right what UA did to something that you made!!!!!!!!
I wish you continued success happiness and blessings with your family and company.
Fuji Bright

C. Natoli

May 17, 2023

Please make a real version of it.

I reckon it would sell like hot cakes if you did.

M. Cafeo

May 17, 2023

I was on the fence before....

My purchase date will be May 23 or 24. (don't laugh! I keep an eye on the Budget :)
You see, I found a review today, May 17 that did the deal.
by Mitch Gallagher at Sweetwater.
Hope this helps for you too.
*We can't wait 'til the end of this week !!!

R. Carvalho

May 17, 2023

Fucking A

Texture, depth, warmth, separation. Everything you ever wanted.

m. linett

May 16, 2023

Great New compressor from UA

I had no idea this was in the works, and have been auditioning it all morning on some mixes I've been working on . Really adds "glue" to the mixes and a subtle amount of the saturator is bringing out additional detail. Going to try it on various submix busses next...... A+

W. Shanks

May 15, 2023

The Greatest Mastering Compressor You've Never Heard Of

What do Capitol, Motown, Geffen, A&M, Virgin, Interscope, Island, Def Jam, Blue Note, EMI have in common? These label's catalogs have all been elevated in the mastering stage with a compressor you probably had no idea existed. Custom designed and voiced inside Capitol Studio, the CM5511 has been employed to master some of the world's most beloved music from classic to current. You'll just have to trust UA got the sound of this incredible custom unit right, since only four units were ever made! It's a safe bet...

10 Item(s)