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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Century Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

161-180 of 212 Results

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b. boyd

April 22, 2019

U.A.'s masterful blurring of digital and analog realms makes Century Tube Channel Strip a joy to use!

I first put the C.T.C.S. on a drum buss, and immediately I was blown away with the realism of this plugin. The tube warmth it adds to otherwise generic midi instruments is the difference in night and day. Vocals at once receive the Universal Audio famed "sound", with just the smallest of tweaking a good track becomes a great track with all the sonic goodness a real high end console imparts, without the added expense or real estate needed. I've just recently got into U.A. via a UAD2 PCIe solo card, and I have to say I'm already working out which of my less used studio gear can go in order to fund an Apollo interface. I have a feeling U.A. is going to be the centerpiece of my rig very soon....


April 11, 2019


Voici un préampli, parfaitement convaincant, qui amène sans rien faire, de suite, la touche magique. L'étage, tube préamp, à lui tout seul, vaut déjà le détour. L'équalizer est tres sympa à utiliser meme si j'aurais préféré un peu plus de réglages. Le compresseur n'est pas en reste lui non plus, il fonctionne très très bien. Il me manquait ce genre d'outils, parce que dès qu'on l'essaye, c'est fini on ne pourra plus s'en passer, vous pouvez me croire. Je l'ai surtout utilisé jusqu'à maintenant, principalement sur de la voix.
C'est top, c'est magique , ça apporte tout de suite le Truuuuuuuuuuuc.

R. Busch

April 4, 2019

Century Channel

Ein absolut Modern klingender Channel... Sehr gutes Pondon zu Neve, SSL... U. S. W. Top plug-in Thanx to Uad & co


April 4, 2019

Fun to use, lots of flavor

This is a great tool if you wanna hit a signal pretty hard on the way in and commit to something dirtier and more compressed than you might have otherwise. Use something else to refine, this is for broad strokes and in-the-moment inspiration.

J. Jordan

March 20, 2019

Almost brought me to tears....

I put this on my B3 tracks, distorted it to taste and color and vibe it gave totally made me forget it was a plug-in I was using. A very rewarding purchase.

C. Reinel

March 9, 2019

Colourful, fast and easy

Set the gain / drive, if you want give some more colour with the EQ and dynamics and adjust the recordinglevel. You're done.
Sounds great anyway.

H. Fisher

February 25, 2019

Love it

One of the easiest and best sounding pre amps I’ve used this far!!! Might be my fave UA go to for a pre.

G. Herrera

February 14, 2019

Default magic

Surprised at how polished sounding this is, I really like it and use it on all my sessions one way or another, but for sure on Vox and bass guitar!!

M. Mastrojanni

February 14, 2019

real plug in fantastic *****

This plug in is really fantastic amazing and real
If you compare the hardware within this plugin you can't recognize the plugin and the hardware.
extraordinary for acoustic guitar and voices !!!

M. Mastrojanni

February 14, 2019

real plug in fantastic *****

This plug in is really fantastic amazing and real
If you compare the hardware within this plugin you can't recognize the plugin and the hardware.
extraordinary for acoustic guitar and voices !!!

N. de Leon

February 10, 2019

Warmth Transients

Yes indeed! UAD did a wonderful job on this plug-In. Warmth transients sounds for vocals, saxes, violin and acoustic guitar! Easy to use! The colors on those plug-ins are magnificent. The highs are silky! Love it!!!! AAA+

A. Londero

February 2, 2019

Century Tube Channel Strip

This channel strip is AMAZING !!!! I love the warmth it gives on my vocal and acoustic guitar it's a winner right in the box

A. Lopes dos Santos

January 31, 2019

Simplicity = Sophistication

CTCS. Classic. Tasty. Creamy. Simple. And “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, as Da Vinci taught us. Use everything on a “light mood” and it culdn’t be easier to setup a real nice basic sound to work with later on, throughout the recording process. I just love it. Highly recomended.

M. G.

January 18, 2019


Tengo todos los Plug-In Unison de tira de canal. Este es un Plug-In fácil y rápido para hacer grabaciones rápidas y fáciles. Lo tengo en mi arsenal. Recomendado

R. Kremer

January 14, 2019



D. Thierry

January 10, 2019

Merci UAD

D’une simplicité, Ideal pour mes Mix

T. Lockett

January 3, 2019


It sounds good and is simple to use, and it is DSP friendly, great go to channel strip, check it out if you have not, great for tracking live

R. K***

December 22, 2018

Simple = Good

Clearly this is a trend for the future of of plugins. Rather than have 100 separate plugins you need to learn and experiment with individually, a smart channel strip that offers the best of. Waves Schepps channel has a good product, but a bit of memory hog. Console1 does this the best implicitly and easily thru customizing your own UA based channel strip thru a controller interface.

The Century Tube is better though for ease of use. Just select if and go.
UA, give us more smart plugins please.


Simple is the name of the game, I Love it’s warm sound. Excellent for tracking. I have all the UAD strips and I find myself using this one for capturing quick ideas

W. Slaughter

December 21, 2018

Another great channel strip !

Own LOTS of plug-ins so this had to be in my collection as well and it gives me a new flavor to choose from .....very warm and quick on setting and forgetting ! LOVE universal audio !!

B. Chapman

December 19, 2018

Easy to use. Very musical sounding.

Great on bass, vocals, acoustic guitar. Great tube warmth if you push the front end. Very able EQ with musically pleasing curves. Compression is an opto style. This is my new favorite Unison strip.

161-180 of 212 Results