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Customer Reviews

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Overall Rating

81-100 of 183 Results

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M. Biniaz

January 13, 2017


Great EQ good for most tasks I have on my inserts buses very nice for removing muddy frequencies i use it alot lol !!!

U. Gerstenmeyer

January 13, 2017

Great Stuff

This EQ mix perfectly, especially the high-ends.


January 11, 2017

the last 1%

when your mix or a source is 99% of the way there and it just needs a very gentle push in one direction or another....the Bax EQ is your best friend.

C. Plaza

January 11, 2017


Subtle and smooth-just the way I like it. Does not seem to create phase issues.

K. Gilroy

January 7, 2017

Dangerous BAX EQ Perfection

When you demo this very special EQ, go into MS mode and try settings you normally wouldn't do. You'll be very shocked at what you may stumble upon. This puppy can open up a field like to wouldn't believe and every setting on this unit sounds great. You can only make tracks sound better. WIN/WIN with this one. LOVE IT! It's on every master!

l. lyun

January 5, 2017

Natural performance Good EQ!!!

Minimize distortion of original sound source
Natural performance Good EQ.
I think it's a musical EQ.


January 5, 2017

마스터단에 거는 이퀄라이저

난 소울펑크를 만드는 한국의 뮤지션이다 믹스는 스튜디오에 맡기기때문에 마스터단에 이퀄라이저를 거는 일은 오직 데모사운드에서도 마스터링된 것 같은 기분을 느끼기 위함인데 dangerous BAX EQ 덕분에 샤방하게 열린 하이를 얻었다. 굳이 이걸 왜 이걸로 샀냐면 연말기분+세일의 자극 때문. 이것만이 주는 느낌은 아직 충분히 여기저기 써보지않아서 잘 모르겠다. 비주얼적으로 켤때마다 기분은 좋다.

A. Jones

January 3, 2017

Very subtle...

Very great sounding EQ that I use on vast majority of my master mixes. Cleans up the mix...I use this along with Maag EQ. HIGH quality EQ. Good job as always, UA.

R. Katuin

January 3, 2017

Using it on almost anything

I don't know the hardware, but i do now this plugin. Somebody wrote 1 star review and i don't understand why. Cause it's a great plugin. Good for the low and high end. Smooth and clear. Just try the demo!

L. Alin Gabriel

January 1, 2017

Those highs ...

...are beautiful.

A. Crowley

December 28, 2016

Simple to use, nice curves

Very smooth, useful for mastering but M-S EQ is also very useful in the mix

A. Hylander

December 19, 2016

Dangerous Sound

Great emulation of the Dangerous Audio equipment.
Pop it in your channel or master bus and the magic is done!

j. trammell

December 18, 2016

Great EQ Here

I use this EQ on just about every production at some point. Its very transperent and hits your ears in just the right way.

N. Dayan

December 18, 2016

My go-to mix bus EQ

The Baxandall EQ curves are very musical and allow me to give that extra shine on the mix bus without sounding harsh. The filters can also clean up unwanted frequencies on both end of the spectrum which is quite a nice feature to have.

C. Ehler

December 17, 2016

Great easy clean transparent

This Eq just cleans up mixes without ruining them. It's easy and extremely hard to screw things up . It just rocks

C. Ehler

December 17, 2016

Great easy clean transparent

This Eq just cleans up mixes without ruining them. It's easy and extremely hard to screw things up . It just rocks

J. Rüter

December 17, 2016

The One

This beast is almost able to create a stereo feeling from a mono track. It's just an awesome unit! Thanks for creating this, Brainworx and UA!

s. azevedo

December 15, 2016

Very Transparent

Just running audio thru this makes a difference, amazing!

V. Watt

December 15, 2016

As Expected!

Why be good when you can be great!

M. Chan

December 14, 2016

Make things sound more like records

It really cleans up the low end and makes the highs less harsh. Such a record maker.

81-100 of 183 Results