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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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V. Souza

January 2, 2015

great compressor!

Compressor extremely versatile! Loved it!
The sweet sound to the rougher
Very nice!

V. Souza

January 2, 2015

great compressor!

Compressor extremely versatile! Loved it!
The sweet sound to the rougher
Very nice!

V. Souza

January 2, 2015

great compressor!

Compressor extremely versatile! Loved it!
The sweet sound to the rougher
Very nice!

S. Tib

December 30, 2014

Great on Kick and Bass

I use a lot the 1176 AE on almost everything, the fairchild on Bass, moog synth and LA2-A on Vocal

But Since I tried the dbx 160 Compressor, It became my one to go for Kick and bass. What I like the most, it keeps the low end present and punchy more than the other one. It's a most try on kick and bass !

L. Martin

December 29, 2014

Good bass compressor

I used the "fretless bass" preset, made some minor adjustments, to a track I recorded with a Godin fretless bass. Sounds fat and burpy - definitely worth the price. I look forward to future uses.

P. Lordo

December 24, 2014

Definitely Worth Buying

I picked this up cause it was on sale. I got to tell you this is an awesome compressor. Especially on guitars and drums. Can't beat this especially for the money. Well worth the purchase.

F. Morisset

December 17, 2014

160 Forever

Perfect sound....The exact same color than the real one. A perfect tool to distress discreetly the acoustic guitars......Thank you UAD.

J. Holt

December 14, 2014

Wish I could give it a 6!

I've had experience with the hardware going back to its introduction in the 70s. It's part of a sound that is at the core of my preferred production genre. To me, this plug is about as close to having the hardware as I can imagine. For old funk and soul productions, it's perfect. Great on bass, keys and drums: it just WORKS!

T. Rittmann

December 13, 2014


Yep, I'm an idiot for not getting this one sooner. if wou want banging drums, up-front vocals, or bouncy bass, this is a very quick, very effective, and great sounding tool. Now, if only I could remix those sessions I did before I got this. Dammit.

C. Park

December 10, 2014

dbx 160

Great !!! Higher utilization.

Good for drum and bass.

P. Giacalone

December 10, 2014

One of the BEST!

I've had this little plug for years and it's still in my "every mix" collection. There is simply no better plugin compressor for bass made by anyone. You'd have to be a fool to have any UAD system and not own this plug.

See the settings in the picture - that's all you every need. 4:1 - adjust the threshold so the light is blinking back and forth and maybe +4 output. It's a killer!

M. Sudhakar

November 4, 2014

Like the real one

The dbx160 got a very nice attack time and a nice sounding. Great for Drums ob Gutiars.

D. Ollivierre

October 28, 2014

Great Plugin

I love this plugin in parallel on drums and on bass

E. Ramazanoiglu

October 15, 2014

Nailed it AGAIN!

All the character of the original, the great familiar interface and metering! LOVE THIS! My drums are getting pasted as I type!! The grab and thump is perfect and is a go to for a lot more than drums also!

B. Bulmer

October 14, 2014

Simple is always best

Just work from left to right.
It's that easy to get a good sonics.

C. Zellman

October 7, 2014

Welcome back, old friend!

I missed my stack of DBX160s. The Crush - The Crunch - The Speed! This emulation is fantastic. The attack and recovery rate are just as I remembered. Blazing fast like only the DBX160. If you are looking for massive squash and huge thick make-up gain, the 160 is your box. Use it wisely! A+

C. Powell,

September 12, 2014

Lives up to the legend!

Simply put, this plug-in gets the job done like few others do. My drums have gotten a much needed lift. Punch, snap, power, girth, clarity is all achievable with the dbx 160. get it now cause I'm mad I took this long!

H. Ugo

August 27, 2014

160 basse

c'est Plug-in que j'apprécie tout particulièrement, il apporte un grain au son qui est propre a ce type de compresseur.
il est très redoutable.

H. Summers

August 11, 2014

DBX 160 wins shoot out!

So... I decided to demo the 160 on a drum recording. I had a Coles 4038 out in front of the kick drum and I wanted a good solid chesty thump. I ran the track through every UAD compressor - matching setting as closely as I could and ensuring the output level was identical, then bounced out all the alternatives for comparison. While the Fatso Snr came a close second for what I was looking for, only the dbx retained some air and definition in the 2-5kHz range while still punching out the 150Hz I was after. Now my kick drum sound is sorted, I'm going to have to purchase the dbx. Can't live without it now! Another win for the UAD guys. Top work chaps! - Harvey Summers.

F. Filho

July 13, 2014

My best partner.

In all the channels. Excelent for simple compression. Low ratio associate a high gain reduction.

221-240 of 344 Results