Distortion Essentials Bundle

Distortion Essentials Bundle

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Distortion Essentials Bundle

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J. Johansson

June 30, 2018

Great, but expensive.

As most other UAD products; Just great. But paying about the same price (on a sale) as a physical tube screamer costs, for three digital simulations... feels kind of strange. However, the products are great. The TS Overdrive pedal also works amazingly well with bass guitars, just turn down the distortion to 0 and you will have a hell of a nice boost!

K. Kaspersen

May 22, 2018

3 distortions that covers all your needs

These distortions are incredible, achieve your sound with these 3 different distortions, they'll make it possible for you. I have tried these distortions out after i bought them and i was suprised about the range of the varieties you can get buy using them. And the good thing about them is that they fit good to almost any amps in the store. Pick them up and don't miss the great opportunity to sound good.

M. Filowitz

May 20, 2018

Distortion bundle

Turns out I like the Free Raw plugin the best. I have an original tube screamer, which I would prefer to use after trying the plugin but I guess the plugin might be a good runner up if you don’t have a real one.

J. Hoover

May 12, 2018

Love RAW

Nailed the sound we needed for a project quickly.

M. Biniaz

May 2, 2018

Distortion !!

These are sick sounding distortion plugins sound amazing on my analogue synths : )

n. john

April 16, 2018

Awsome sound

I use this to distort everything


April 12, 2018

Good options to play a mix.

Pedals to play the guitars and find the sound you were looking for. Very good!

R. Pustina

April 10, 2018

Sounds great!

This Bundle of Distortion and Overdrive works perfect with my UAD - Fuchs Train II
It makes my guitar sings!

J. Lorentzen

April 10, 2018

Make my day easier !

It sounds just right.

a. giuliana

April 2, 2018

Suono stellare

Ho un nuovo rig. Uso il MacBook Pro con una Arrow connessa per le registrazioni di chitarra e tastiere. Niente da dire sulla scheda (qualità e materiali eccellenti ), i plugin di distorsione (questo pacchetto) sono identici agli originali. Come avere sempre dietro una valigia di oggetti tutti compattati su un portatile. Un sogno! :)

j. van den berghe

March 17, 2018

Very realistic and super fun

I never owned a real rat pedal, so I can’t comment.
But I do still have the other 2 and the UA versions are very realistic in their reproduction.
Really like the ts and the fuzz!

C. Rivard

March 6, 2018


These three are absolutely awesome with the Fender '55 Tweed. Had not cared much for distortion for the past 40 years (near 60), even when viewing the pedals in action on YouTube. But now all of that's changed, can't be without them. On thing discovered by accident is there is almost no pedal hiss if the UAD-2 card is moved to a x16 PCIe slot. Besides that I look forward to more UA guitar effects.

R. Marant

March 6, 2018


Estos tres pedales conforman un abanico de sonidos imprescindibles para un guitarrista. Si no tienes los originales en hardware, no te arrepentirás de estas versiones de UAD, las mejores!!.

W. Glotzbach

March 5, 2018

Great sound: No MIDI control???

These pedals each have a unique character. I especially like the Raw pedal, but I'm really disappointed that there is no MIDI control. In fact, I think ALL UA plug-in parameters should be capable of being controlled from any external MIDI switch.

R. Invernizzi

February 25, 2018

Good sounds pedals

I must admit that these are good emulations for this 3 pedals. But i don't like too much the RAW pedal. I like the Bermuda a lot especially for his very long sustain. But i really love the Tube Screamer!!! Amazing emulation for this great pedal.

This is my personal opinion especially for my personal style of play (blues & rock)

Good bundle!!!


February 22, 2018

Great software emulation

Nothing comes close to the real thing with distortion pedals but these are the best software distortions you can get

I. Ivanov

January 27, 2018

Not the hardware but close enough

Great sound and quite close to the originals. Great work, UA!

L. Herve

January 22, 2018


These pedals have a good sound. But the main advantage for a pedal, is to be a pedal to switch it with the foot... Why it's not possible with an easy MIDI mapping?

D. Spooner

January 18, 2018

They're not rubbish!!

The Bermuda sounds just like a big muff, especially when cranked. I wouldn't know about the tube screamer; I've never messed with an original Ibanez one before, but it's nice - even better when followed up with an amp (obviously) .
...and they all work nice on drum sends with the tones down a bit.
What more can you say, they're all distortion pedals that sound like distortion pedals... Good pedals.

张. 张

January 15, 2018

ts overdrve

I really like the sound of its antique voice!Compare with hardware,Very similar!A warm and smooth sound。

41-60 of 117 Results