Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®

Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner®


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Dytronics® Cyclosonic Panner

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September 9, 2017

Great creative tool....

When you will find idea to use it creatively...you will never come back....you can give life ans swing to a lot of things..... lead....snare...hat....anything....

S. Chahley

September 3, 2017


This unit has been on my wish list as a plug in for over a decade - dreams do come true! Completely worth the wait - there is nothing else like this. Thanks UA for resurrecting a true classic that was well ahead of it's time...

W. Brown

September 1, 2017


After getting the feel of the Cyclosonic Panner I am now thinking of things to write for the sole purpose of processing through the Panner.

UAD User

August 30, 2017

Only panner you need

Incredible panner with unique and powerful controls. Only panner I feel that gives a edge to a mix.

M. Eliot

August 28, 2017

Very Useful Panning Tool.

This is a great panning tool. It is open to interpretation as a very imaginative tool for mixing. It can be both very subtle and dramatic. I have been missing a quality soft tool like this and am made up this has been released. It is being used in all my mixing instantly and I am only just beginning to appreciate what it can do applied creatively. It is a valuable addition and I instantly recognized it as such. Thanks.

R. Graterol

August 25, 2017

This thing wraps the sound around your head

I thought this would be just another panner, but it's not. You literally feel the sound all over your head and it also imparts certain warmth to it. I think this is a useful tool in your arsenal if you want to add some psychedelia to your music.

H. Zwarts

August 24, 2017

Prima Panner

Leuk om in je plugin assortiment te hebben. Niet overal voor inzetbaar maar kan soms voor interessante resultaten zorgen.

H. Zwarts

August 14, 2017

prima ander soort panner

Leuke panner die echt iets anders doet dan wat al bestaat. Klinkt wel snel onnatuurlijk dus vooral interessant voor elektronische danceproducers en soundenigneers.

C. Witt

August 11, 2017


Wow... a new dimension! I get lost in time and space. Now it is easy for me to put a new dimension inside my songs, in just a few seconds. A straight buy!

A. Whiting

August 10, 2017


The Cyclosonic Panner is perfect for my electronic productions. Love the workflow and how easily it is to dial in interesting panning patterns.

21-30 of 30 Results

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